Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quotes about Psychic Powers (Clairvoyance, Telepathy, etc.) and Witchcraft

I promised some posting this week, didn't I? Well, here's some quotes on psychics and witchcraft at least (I know they're not the same thing from a practitioner's point of view, there was no malicious intent to lumping them together):

We are always mentioning people, and in that very instant they appear before us. We laugh and say, 'speak of the devil' and so forth and there we drop it. It is a cheap and convenient way of disposing of a grave and puzzling mystery. The fact is it does seem to happen too often to be an accident.”
(Mark Twain)

I was brought to a realization of the seriousness of trifling with the hallowed reverence which the average human being bestows on the departed, I was chagrined that I should ever have been guilty of such frivolity and for the first time I realized it bordered on crime.”

(Houdini, on preforming medium acts)

. . . things that did not really happen . . . which only took place on some boundary between real experience and fantasy. . .”
(Blake, “The Poison Tree”)

Innocent lives are taken, and by a new alchemy gold and silver coined from human blood.”
(Cornelious Loos, on witchcraft trials)

I'll readily speak your wine [aka desire].”
(Jacotte Colin, offering to confess to witchcraft)

God's death witch, if you budge I will smash both your eyes with my stool.”
(Demenge Grand Cole, to a supposed witch)

. . .relatively few correct predictions are heralded and therefore widely remembered, while the much more numerous incorrect predictions are conveniently forgotten or de-emphasized. . ."
(Prof. John Allen Paulos, on the 'Jeane Dixon Effect')

Even the dark side of the human imagination demonstrates our unity.”

(Dominic Alexander, Spellbound, on accusations of black magic)

So far as we can see, all that is proved is that some record of life on Earth is laid up in some unearthly archives, and that under the right circumstances, this record is accessible to the minds of the living.”
('Review' on spirits and psychics)

Magic was a kind of technology to control the supernatural.”
(Dominic Alexander, Spellbound)

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