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This list is an ongoing project, where I am compiling modern paranormal and mythical cases from various sources. The hope is that you can use it to get the basic information a subject, as well as find sources where you can get more information. This list is updated regularly, as I’m continually working on adding in new cases, and updating old ones.

Listing are alphabetical, with numeric entries at the end. Included at the end of each entry are notes about activity, location, media source, and investigators, as well as my personal notes if they apply.

WARNING: This list DOES contain SPOILERS for various Books and TV shows.
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Gable Films - Hoax. A series of films from 2007-2008 made to look like a werewolf attack and subsequent police investigation, from the late 1970s. It was inspired by an April Fool's prank song called, The Legend. The hoaxers came forward in 2010, when MonsterQuest used the film in their episode, America's Werewolf.

[TV: MonsterQuest - Season 4, Episode 9: America's Werewolf]

* SEE Dogman

* SEE Werwolf

Georgia Ghost Car (probable misinterpretation) - Law enforcement chases a car that accelerates unusually fast, and at one point seems to drive right through a fence with no apparent damage. Debunked as a loose fence.

[TV: Fact or Faked?]

Georgia Guidestones (aka: The Guidestones, American Stonehenge, The Ten Commandments of the Antichrist) - A mysterious stone monument that was commissioned by a person or people using the alias R. C. Christian. The slabs contain ten instructions for rebuilding the world after an apocalypse in multiple languages, and a shorter message in dead languages. The stones also align with the compass points and the sun during certain solstices. Some people believe the designer(s) to have been in contact with aliens, or involved in devil worship. Wyatt Martin, the project’s bank coordinator, however say R. C. Christian chose that name because he was a Christian, though he also says Christian mention a New World Order several times.

- Christian originally hoped other investors would come forward to finance a second set of translations in eight more languages, called the Moonstones.

[TV: Ancient Aliens - Episode 18: Alien Devastations + America Unearthed]

[Movie: The Georgia Guidestones Movie (2013, documentary)]

[Web: Wikipedia - ]

Georgia Skinstealer - Specter that drains souls/aura, leaving a incapacitated body. May be human witchdoctors? Causes nightmares, cold spots, and sulfuric smell.

[TV: Haunted Highways]

Gettysburg - Site of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, many of the fields and buildings in this area are believed to be highly haunted. Activity includes; apparitions (soldiers and civilians), strong feelings, EVPs, and photo and film anomalies.

- The PS team speculates that all the reenactments in Gettysburg may contribute to the continued strength of the haunting.

* Some specific Locations:

--Fields - The fields of Gettysburg seem to have both residual and intelligent haunting. Activity includes; orbs, apparitions of soldiers, apparitions of children (orphans looking for their fathers?), voices,

-- Tillie Peirce House - A bed and breakfast, once a field hospital for the Gettysburg battle. Tillie, 15, assisted in the amputations by throwing the limbs out the window to clear up space. Activity includes; moans upstairs, reoccurring loud banging sound at 3:00 - 3:03 am, footsteps, hair being pulled, dresses being pulled, shadow men, and opaque entities. The medium PS brought in believes a man was shot in the gut while laying in the hospital, and is reliving his death every night.

-- Jennie Wade House - Only recorded civilian casualty, Jennie was baking bread for the soldiers when and bullet came through both the front and kitchen doors, killing her. Some speculate that the bullet actually came from the Farnsworth House across the street. It’s believed the children from the nearby orphanage would hide in the house. Activity includes; children’s voices,

-- Orphanage - Orphanage was built after a photo of his 3 children was used to identify a fallen soldier. Under Rosa Carmimechal the orphanage basically became a prison. She chained children to the walls in the basement and put them in an isolation pit. Activity includes; EMF hits, children’s voices and whispers,

Farnsworth House Inn - Possible origin of the bullet that killed Jennie Wade. Activity includes; apparitions of confederate soldiers, child humming, .

[Location: Pennsylvania]

[Paranormal State - Episode 70: Ghosts of Gettysburg + Haunted History - Season 1, Episode 2: Ghosts of Gettysburg]

Gevadan Killings (aka the Lyon Wolfman) - A possible origin of the European Werewolf myth, after 102 people, a werewolf is blamed (often referred to as she). A man in wolf skin is killed, but a week later the attacks continue. Eventually a local hunter/farmer shot a beast with a blessed silver bullet, but no one could identify it. - Some speculation to this creature being a known animal, like extinct cave hyenas, or an imported striped hyena.

[Location: Lyon, France]

[Modern Investigators: George Euchar & Ken Gerhardt]

[TV: The Real Wolfman (Special)]

* SEE Werewolf Encounters

* SEE Beast of Bray Road

Ghost Haunting - When a human or animal spirit becomes attached to a person, place, or object, manifesting as paranormal activity. Unlike Residual Hauntings, Ghost Hauntings will usually involve some form of acknowledgment of the living. Activity may include, EVPs, sounds and whispers, apparitions, orbs and mists, shadows and shadow people, thermal anomalies, and electrical disturbances.

- Ghost haunting may be combined with other types such as Demonic and Residual.

[TV: Paranormal State - Episode 57: The Anniversary + Paranormal State - Episode 59: The Drowned + A Haunting - Episode 58: Dark Dreams + Paranormal Witness - Episode 17: The Good Skeleton; Hollywood Sign Haunting + When Ghosts Attack - Episode 8: Voices of the Dead + Ghost Hunters]

Giant Anaconda (aka Sookurie) - A super-sized anaconda, around a 100 feet long (33.3 meters), which locals believe inhabits the jungle and rivers. Has been said to eat several of a tribe's dogs at once.

- Explanations range from unknown species and remnant species, to exaggeration and cultural influence. Some local creation myths speak of giant snakes helping form the world.

- For reference; Anaconda have been known to exceed 5 meters, possibly reaching 10 meters, and some can swallow humans. The prehistoric Titanoboa is believed to have reached 15 meters in length.

[Location: Amazon, Brazil, South America]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 6: Giant Anaconda]

[Web: Wikipedia - ]

Globsters - Unidentified decaying corpses found on beaches. Analysis usually finds them to be of known species, but often tests are never preformed.

Gnomes - Small humanoids (child sized for smaller) blamed for noises in the night, sounding like footsteps, running, and mischievous laughter. Similar to trolls, elves, and goblins. They are said to be mischievous, tying animals’ tails together, eating pets, stealing small items, and tearing apart gardens and sheds. Witnesses have describe the creatures as ugly and child sized, sometimes wearing clothes which includes a pointed hat, sometimes mocking and laughing at them, and sometimes running away and creeping around.

[Location: Porterville, CA]

[TV: Mysteries in America - Episode12: Evil Gnomes, Bigfoot Wars, Hell Hounds]

Goatman - This name has multiple uses:

- It's the primary name of an ax wielding, supposed half-goat, half-man the roams the wooded and secluded areas around Maryland. (Maryland Goatman)

- It’s another name for the Pope Lick Monster, an evil creature who is half-man and half-goat.

- It’s another name for the Lake Worth Monster, a hybrid creature that is part goat.

- Some scholars suggest goatmen may have evolved from stories of Pan and/or Satan.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 4: Ozarks + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 8: Goat Man, Goat Sucker, and Zombie Soldiers + Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 1]

* SEE Pope Lick Monster

* SEE Lake Worth Monster

* SEE Maryland Goatman

Goldfield Hotel - A haunted hotel with a troubled past, where the original owner kept a pregnant prostitute hostage and the baby dies, or was killed. Activity includes; thrown objects, and spirit box hits.

[Location: Goldfield, NV]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94, Do Not Disturb]

Government UFO Cover-up - Area 51, Roswell, Disinformation/Cover Stories, Black Projects, Robert Dean, and failure of Mars explorer Observer. Some speculate the CIA is keeping UFOs a secret from the American people, and even some of the presidents. While Governor, Cater saw UFO outside Lions Club, fills out a Government UFO Bearu report on request, but was refused UFO files by CIA Director Bush Sr. when he became president. Bush Sr. says yeah, ‘I’ll do it’ when asked if he’ll release the government’s UFO info, while campaigning in Rodgers, Arkansas In 1971 Nixon and the Soviet leader make a Cold War agreement, that includes notifying each other of UFOs. Clinton was stonewalled when asking about Roswell. Reagan and pilot saw a zigzagging UFO during a campaign flight. White house ask web page, initiated by Obama, denies any evidence of intelligent life in the universe.

- Some speculate the US government has huge underground bases, with airplane sized tunnels crossing states even, where it’s easy to cover up such creatures. These rumors include the supposed base under the Denver International Airport.

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries, Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 1: Presidential Encounters + Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 2 + Mystery Quest - Season 1, Episode 5: Alien Cover-Up + Codes and Conspiracies - Episode 3: The UFO Cover-Up]

[Investigators: Stanley McDaniel, ect]

* SEE Denver International Airport

* SEE Area 51

Grand Canyon Treasure - Some believe a giant cave full of Ancient Egyptian treasures exists in the Grand Canyon, suggesting Ancient Egyptians may have once migrated to the Americas. Kincaid, with the Smithsonian in 1909, claimed to have found such a massive cave, complete with artifacts and hieroglyphs, as reported in newspapers at the time. The Smithsonian’s official position is that this never happened and the cave does not exist. Modern explorers claim to be harassed by unmarked government planes and helicopters when looking for the cave.

- Similar caves are rumored to exist in Illinois.

- Native Americans tell of their ancestors coming out of the Canyon, and vast rooms and passages existing within the Canyon. Others, like Burrows’, claim Alexander Helios brought the artifacts to North America.

[Location: Grand Canyon]

[TV: American Unearthed]

* SEE Burrows’ Cave

Grand Old Lotz House - Civil war era manor involved in the Battle of Franklin, haunted. The family hid in a neighbours basement during the battle, but abandon the house in terror after seeing the casualties laid out on their lawn. Activity includes; sound of drums, and the apparition of a woman on the stairs asking for Ann.

[Location: Franklin, Tennessee]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 6 + Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 7: Volume 15]

Grants House Hotel - Built by President Grant’s cousin. Believed to be haunted by mentally disabled maintenance worker, Elmer. Reported Activity includes, being touched.

[Location: Rush City, Minnesota]

[TV: My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera - Episode 44]

Grassman of Perry County - An aggressive humanoid creature, with lots of shaggy red moss-like hair, believed to live in Perry County. Said to be 9 ft tall, and 1000 lbs, and believed to eat acorns, grains, and hunting dogs. Sometimes referred to as Bigfoot's larger cousin. May throw rocks.

- Mountain Monsters crew supposedly caught a photo.

[Location: Perry County, Ohio]

[TV: Mountain Monsters - Episode 7: Grassman of Perry County + Mountain Monsters - Season 2, Episode 8: Grassman's Revengeance]

* SEE Ohio Grassman

Grayhaven Island - The island is considered a Native American cemetery, being the site of a 1000 person massacre, and is believed to be cursed so that failure follows those that move onto the island. Activity Includes; doors opening, lights turning on, voices, odd sounds, and electrical surges.

[Location: Grayhaven Island, Detroit]

[TV: Paranormal State - Episode 78: Haunted S-- Dungeon]

Great Dismal Swamp - A large swamp with many unexplored areas, and over a hundred disappearances. Though to be quite haunted. Activity includes; sighting of the Lady of the Lake (the apparition of a Native American woman, who got sick and died just before her funeral) and her Brave (who ventured into the swamp after the Lady's apparition appear to him, and never came back out), the apparitions of a couple in old fishing gear and a wedding dress (legend has it, a fisherman got lost in the swamp, and his bride got lost looking for him) or sometimes just the bride, voices speaking in French (it is believed French pirates running from the British hid in the swamp, where they were caught and killed), locations such as an old cemetery that appear and disappear (even with GPS cordinates), Bigfoot and footprint sightings,

- There are Bigfoot footprint casts for this location.

[Location: USA]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 11]

* SEE Bigfoot

Great Wall of China (specifically The Wild Wall, Jainkou) - The spirits of the soldiers that died building or defending the wall are blamed for recent deaths of hikers, possibly through possession. Locals refuse to visit the wall alone. Activity includes; possession, being spun, footsteps, being grabbed/touched, electronics being turned off mechanically, EVPs,

- Destination Truth is the first production crew allowed there at night.

[Location: Northern China]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 11: Ghosts of the Great Wall; Israeli Mermaid]

Green Clawed Beast - A creature, possibly humanoid, believed to live in the Ohio River around Evansville, which drags swimmers under the water. Similar to Kappa in nature. It is believed to be have hair (including on it’s palms), scales, and claws. It may leave bruises, three clawed scratches, and traces of cave mud on survivors. Some survivors claim they were harassed by US airforce officials after being attacked, who told them they could not talk about the attack anymore. Some believe it to be a cryptid, while other think it may have been alien.

[Location: Ohio River and Evansville, Indiana]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 14: Ohio Grassman; Green-clawed Beast; Big Mud…]

*SEE Kappa

Green Man - A leafy humanoid rumored to exist in Europe. Sometimes referred to as a deity.

[Location: Europe]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot]

Grey Man - A hairy humanoid, believed to be more phantasmal then bigfoot. May leave footprints and destroy tents/equipment.

[Location: Ben MacDui, Scotland & Europe]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot]

(The) Greys, Grays - Short grey humanoid creatures with large black eyes, often naked, and usually assumed to be aliens. While usually described and short (3 1/2 to 4 ft) some abductees have described them as taller, or as having taller leaders. Other explanations for these creatures include; humans time-traveling from the past, and creatures from other dimensions.

[TV: Ancient Aliens - Episode 39: The Greys]

* SEE Alien Abductions


Grunch (pronounced like Grunge) - A hybrid monster, sometimes described as hideous scaly dog with patchy hair, protruding teeth, and horn shaped ears. May be up to 3 ft tall. It is said to make screeching sounds. Their diet and social habits are unknown. May physically confront humans and/or cars.

- Origin stories say that Voodoo queen Maria Laveau did a ritual surgery on the devil's baby, and from two of the discarded body parts, two grunch were formed, male and female.

[Location: Slidell & St. Brenard, Louisiana]

[TV: Swamp Monsters - Episode 1: The Grunch]


Halifax - A town thought to be haunted as a result of the Halifax Explosion of 1917, when two ships collided and flattened half the town, due to one being an ammunition ship. Further death followed shortly after when the town was hit with a snow storm. Many bodies were never identified. Construction near graveyards is also said to make the activity flair up. Activity includes; apparitions (a dirty ghostly woman looking for her children, a dirty man) footsteps, whispers (including being called by name), and feeling of being watched.

[Location: Halifax, Canada]

[TV: Ghostly Encounters - Episode 114: When Parents Don't Believe, Lost Children. . . + Ghostly Encounters - Episode 111: Disturbed Graves, Haunted Institutions]

Hallow Face Child (Faceless Child) - A mom, daughter, and foreign exchange student see little girl on the roadside who turns out to be a faceless teenager.

[Location: Live Oak, Florida, Roadside]

[TV: Paranormal Witness]

Halt Memo - Lt Col Halt writes a memo to the British government concerning the events US airmen experienced in the Rendlesham Forest, to avoid misunderstandings that might cause international incidents.

[Location: Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England]

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 39: The Rendlesham Files + Alien Mysteries - Episode 4: Rendlesham Forest]

* SEE Rendlesham Files

Halt Tapes - These tapes were recorded by Lt Col Halt in the Rendlesham Forest while investigating a possible UFO landing site.

[Location: Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England]

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 39: The Rendlesham Files + Alien Mysteries - Episode 4: Rendlesham Forest]

* SEE Rendlesham Files

Haunted Item Collection/Museum - owned/managed by Lorraine Warren, demonologist and paranormal investigator.

- Haunted/Possessed Items may be collected in a dedicated location, rather then destroyed. Warren's partner, Tony Spera, Psychic Investigator, claims a woman burning an Ouija board felt like she was on fire as soon as she tossed it onto the fire (I've heard in-person accounts of a board screaming when burned). They say binding the spirit to the object and breaking it, burying it, then consecrating the ground, is a better solution. Which the State team does with a piano. (Is this partially giving up, as the object still gets destroyed?)

[Location: Connecticut]

[TV: Paranormal State - Episode 15: The Haunted Piano]

* SEE Possessed Items

* SEE Zaffis Paranormal Museum

Haunted Items (aka Possessed Items) - Items spirits are attached too, see Possessed Items for more information.

* SEE Possessed Items

* SEE Haunted Item Collection/Museum

* SEE Zaffis Paranormal Museum

Haunted Forest - ancient warriors still guard the land they battled for.

[Location: Hawaii]

Haunting in Connecticut - A family moves into an old funeral parlor to be closer to a cancer treatment center, and are tormented by spirits, especially the eldest son (Philip) who has cancer (1987-89). They tried to keep the funeral home fact from the kids and put a cabinet in front of the embalming room door, and the dad had to return to the old home because of work. Reported activity includes; whispers including their names, bleeding walls and floors, disappearing/moved crucifixes, shadow people and cloaked figures, schizophrenia like personality changes in the older brother including violence and writing very complex dark things despite his severe dyslexia which he claimed he was aided in by a ghostly man, physical violation by ghosts, bad feelings and smells. House has since been exorcised. Philip died in 2012 after his cancer returned.

[Location: Former Funeral Parlor, Hartford, Connecticut]

[TV: A Haunting: in Connecticut + Paranormal Witness - Episode 12: A Real Haunting in Connecticut]

[Movies: The Haunting in Connecticut (2009, fiction)]

Haunted Mosque (unnamed) - An abandon Mosque (and graveyard) in the jungle of Malaysia, said to be inhabited by evil spirits, including a female ghost in white clothes, with long black hair. Legend has it she is a young woman who died the same week the mosque was abandon, and that she only appears to lone men. Activity includes; apparitions, shadow figures, the feeling of a presence, mysterious lights, strange sounds, EVPs, and growling.

[Location: Near a jungle village north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 7: Yowie, Haunted Mosque]

*(Despite no name being provided for the mosque and village, I feel it to be a unique enough location for the purposes of this list.)

Headless Nun (of Brunswick) - Believed to be Sister Marie Inconnue, the youngest daughter of a noble family, who helped the local women hide their valuables from the British. A couple of lepers cut off her head when she refused to tell them where the valuables were, and her head was never found. She's often seen around Crow Brook Bridge, where she is said to ask visitors to help them find her head, and even offer them gold. She may spook horses, and is said to leave solitary footprints in the spot where she stood.

- A treasure hunter who thought he'd found the location of the stash was pushed by the headless nun, and found dead the next morning of a heart attack (presumably brought on by fear).

- One man is said to have developed white patches of hair where she touched him, and eventually gone mad, having developed a nervous tick of looking over his shoulder constantly.

[Location: Miramichi's French Cove, New Brunswick, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 3]

Heceta Head Lighthouse - Believed to be haunted by a woman looking for her daughter, who's believed to have drown in the ocean. Activity includes; apparition (lady in grey).

[Location: Florence, Oregon]


[Magazines: “Haunted Encounters” West Oregon Ruralite (Oct 2011)]

Hell Hounds - Demonic dogs, larger than coyotes, possibly belonging to Vampires, Demons, or Satan himself. They have sharp teeth, incredibly fast, may be incorporeal, and are often described with glowing eyes. Do not look them in the eyes, run. They may be able to control fire or breath fire. They may scratch and chew up property, and leave large paw prints.

[Location: Worldwide, specific; Palm Springs, CA]

[TV: Mysteries in America - Episode12: Evil Gnomes, Bigfoot Wars, Hell Hounds]

Higbee Beach - A beach in Cape May, where people have reported seeing the apparition of a man in a long black coat, walking his dog.

[Location: Cape May Island, NJ]

[TV: Ghost Stories - Episode 5: Peter Shields Inn (Cape May, NJ)]

* SEE Cape May Island

Historic Haunting - Ghost or residual energy haunting at a location that have historical significance. Many ghost stories revolve around the spirits of famous people or historically significant events.

[TV: Paranormal State - Episode 17: The woman in the window]

Hodag - A horn covered quadruped, said to be sighted for over a hundred years in the swamps around Rhinelander, Wisconsin. It has a frog-like head, with a smiling elephant like face, thick short legs, razor sharp claws, horns running down it's back, a long spear-tipped tail, is 7 ft long, and smells horrific. It may be black or green, the horns may be white or orange. It supposedly hunts in the swamps, and some older rumors suggest it may eat humans, while newer ones suggest it eats white bulldogs on Sundays, steals golf balls, and takes fish from fishermen's lines. Some say it's sense of smell is so good it can smell your breath, and that you need to wash your hands and eat a breath mint before hunting it. There is much debate over whether there has always been one Hodag (now 170 yrs old), or if there is a breeding population.

- There are some less then convincing images of the creature being hunted. And Gene Shepard is said to have captured one, and exhibited it at fairs for years. He however admitted his Hodag was a model when confronted by the Smithsonian.

- Black bears are known to live in the area, and may account for some sightings.

[Location: Rhinelander, Wisconsin]

[TV: Boogeymen: Episode 4 - Hodag]

Hogzilla - A bipedal pig-like monster, said to be 4.5 feet tall, and weighting 1200 lbs. Some believe the sighting to be those of actual hogs, merely thrown out of proportion.

[Location: Hocking Hills]

[TV: Mountain Monsters - Season 2, Episode 5: Hogzilla of Hocking Hills]

Hoia Baciu Woods - An area of forest that is believed to be very haunted, and some consider it a gateway to the spirit realm. Some locals say if you go there, you will not come back. The circular clearing, where nothing grows, is considered the focal point of the hauntings. Activity includes; torch-like lights, lights traveling up to the sky, life-like human apparitions, photo and video anomalies (including a Destination Truth team member, Evan, being launched on night vision camera), voices, EVPs, strange effects on the human body (disorientation, nausea), and being scratched deeply (even through clothing, accompanied by a feeling of itchiness down to the bone).

[Location: Transylvania, Romania]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 1: Haunted Forest; Alux]

(The) Holly - Restaurant and nightclub, formerly the site of a hotel which burnt down twice on the same day at the same time, 65 years apart (1913, 1978). Activity includes; fearful feelings, apparitions of Nora Cain (sometimes just her head head, sometimes whispering, sometimes transforming gruesomely), a little girl's voice, cleavers move on their own, cigar smoke, deep laughter,

[Location: Holly MI]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 6 + Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 7: Volume 15]

Hollywood - Many locations in Hollywood are believed to be haunted by famous ghosts; Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Kickerbooker Hotel, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Cat & Fiddle Pub and Restaurant.

[Location: CA]

[TV: My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera]

* (Been to Hollywood, but not these locations…)

* SEE Roosevelt Hotel

* SEE Cat And Fiddle Pub

* SEE Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign - The sign is supposedly haunted by a woman in white, who is believed to be Peg Edwistle. After receiving a bad review 1932, she committed suicide, by jumping off the sign and fatally fracturing her pelvis.

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 17: The Good Skeleton; Hollywood Sign Haunting]

Honey Island Swamp Monster - A tall hairy monster, with amber eyes, that wanders through the swamps around Honey Island. It appears to be timid and is not known to attack livestock or people. It has been suggested may be a Bigfoot, however casts of it’s tracks have four webbed toes.

- There is one old film clip of the monster walking through trees.

[Location: Slidell, Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 5: The Swamps]

* SEE Bigfoot

(USS) Hornet - While it saw many battles, and the landing of Neil Armstrong, it is said by some to be the most haunted place on earth, but it was never suggested to be haunted until it was moved to Alameda and scheduled to be sold as scrap metal (Cui Bono?). Sickbay and Admiral’s Deck are said to be most haunted. Activity includes, various apparitions, verbal sounds like whistling and screaming,

- Some even claim the spirits are still operating on navel chain of command, following the lead of 4-star Native American general ‘Jocko’ Clarke, whom visitors have identified in photos after encountering.

[Current Location: Alameda Island, San Francisco, CA]

[TV: Ghost Stories - Episode 8: USS Hornet]

Hotel Galvaz - This hotel and the surrounding beach are believed to be haunted by Sister Katherine, a young nun, and the 9 orphans in her care. They tied themselves together, seeking safety in the Great Hurricane of 1900, but were swept away and all drown. Sister Katherine is said to be seen more when storms are coming in. Activity includes; apparitions of a nun, and sounds of children playing.

(Galveston, TX)

[TV: Ghost Stories]

H. P. Bottom House - A private home turned civil war hospitals during the Battle of Perryville. House still contains a door that a field surgery was preformed on...

[Location: Perryville Kentucky]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Season 8 Episode 11: Battle of Perryville: Field Hospitals.]

Hudson River Valley - An area in New York where reports of UFOs, Missing Time, Aliens, Orbs, and Cloaked Apparitions are common. There are several ancient stone chambers in the valley (possibly just old root cellars), which some believe to be connected to the activity.

[Location: New York]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 9]


* SEE Alien Abductions

Hudson Valley Flap (1982-1987) - Over 5000 UFOs reported during 5 years. Objects seen include a city-sized v-shaped craft covered in lights. In 1984, the craft is said to have parked over the Indian Point nuclear reactor 3, and caused a power outage that made all the alarms to go off. The craft left as soon as they’d called for military help, but the plant continues to have trouble with the reactor for years.

- Almost every nuclear power plant in the US is connected to a UFO encounter.

[Location: Hudson Valley, NY]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots]

Hudson Valley Haunting - footprints, strange sounds, crib rails down, & closet doors open. Across the street, typewriter writes on it’s own, footsteps, and they found a human hand in the basement.

[Location: NY?]

[Investigators: Randy Liebeck, Psychic Peter James]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 18: The Young & The Haunted]

Hu Har Goroos - A local name for a Bigfoot-like cryptid.

(*more information needed)

Hunyad Castle - The infamous castle where Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned, and later taught the ‘art’ of war, is believed to be haunted by the people who were killed there. Some believe Vlad may have been transformed into a Strigoi, a type of Vampire. Activity includes; extreme headaches near the well victims had been tossed down, equipment being tugged on at the well, rocks thrown in closed rooms, ladies hair being pulled, and invisible people stamping down the grass in the ‘bear pit’.

[Location: Transylvania, Romania]

[TV: Killer Contact]


Ice Maiden’s Curse - A woman’s mummy found in Siberia was mishandled and poorly preserved, not long after there were several deaths, which the community blamed on her body being moved. She is believed to have been a human sacrifice.

[TV: The Unexplained Files: Episode 2]

* SEE Iceman’s Curse

* SEE King Tut’s Curse

Iceman’s Curse - Eight or more people involved with the mummified body (named Otzi/Ötzi) have supposedly met untimely ends, as a result of disrespecting the dead (taking photographs and video, roughly removing the body from the ice, experimenting on and studying the body). He is believed to have been a murder victim or a human sacrifice.

[TV: The Unexplained Files : Episode 2]

* SEE King Tut’s Curse

* SEE Ice Maiden’s Curse

Iguandon - A possible remnant from the dinosaur era, residents of a remote village in Papua New Guinea, have reported seeing a Iguandon like creature. They also claim it has killed livestock, and to have found fresh bones of one of the creatures, these however were stolen by treasure hunters. It is said to be a kilometer long, have an Iguandon body, a dog-like head, and red eyes.

- Pictures of the supposed Iguandon bones exist, only vertebrae and ribs however, and much bigger then and Iguandon, leading some to believe they may be whale bones.

[Location: Tinganavudu Village, Papua New Guinea]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 1: Iguandon and Mermaid]

Illinois Treasure Cave - Another name for Burrows’ Cave. A hidden cave in southern Illinois, rumored to hold an Ancient Egyptian treasure.

[Location: Southern IL]

[TV: American Unearthed]

* SEE Burrow’s Cave for more information

* SEE Grand Canyon Treasure

Incubus - A male demon the seduces and attacks women. Female version that attacks men is known as Succubus.

[Location: Worldwide]

* SEE Succubus

Irving Pub - The sight of a gruesome murder in the 1880s, the owner was stabbed until blood covered the second floor including the ceiling. Activity Includes, EVPs.

[Location: Chippewa Valley]

[TV: The Haunted - Episode 7: The Lady in White.

Island of Dolls - An island covered in dolls, all of which are believed to be possessed by the spirits of a young girl, and the former caretaker of the island (Don Julian), who hung the dolls to ward off her spirit. He was found dead in the same canal she'd drown in. The current caretaker (Anastasio) does not live on the island. The shed and the dock of the canal were the girl drown are believed to be the most haunted areas. Visitors must get permission, and are instructed to bring an offering for the girl's spirit; a doll, 9 white candles, and hard candy. Activity includes; splashing water, temperature changes, EMF spikes around some of the dolls, dolls changing expression or opening/closing eyes (including on camera), feeling watched (well, you are surrounded by dolls), banging and the sounds of things moving, EVPs (saying, 'leave'), camera anomalies, shadows,

[Location: Xochimiilco, Mexico City, Mexico]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 2: Island of Dolls, Lusca]

(The) Island of Quirpon (aka The Isle of Demons) - An island where sailor were often mutinied, which was believed to be inhabited by imps and demons. A sailor and the captain’s pregnant niece, Marguerite (as well as her nurse) were left there after an affair. After the deaths of the other three, Marguerite was finally rescued. The island is now believed to be inhabited by imps/demons and lost souls. Activity includes; apparitions (a man in a suit), creepy sounds, and being attacked by unseen creatures.

- The strange story of Marguerite continues, the ring her lover had given her, supposedly washed ashore many years later, and after being found by local children, ended up in Emiline's possession. She had a vision of Marguerite, who told her to always wear it, and she'd go to heaven. She refused to sell it to a rich man from town, and after she died, her grave was dug up and the ring stolen. The townsfolk swore they could hear her screaming, just before they discovered the open grave.

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season I, Episode 2]

Isreali Mermaid - A strange aquatic creature said to scare people in the water around Krivat Yam. Has fairly typical mermaid features; fish tail, humanoid body, webbed fingers, and anthropomorphic face with wide set eyes. Is said to be fairly large, boat-sized even. It has also been reported around the caves in the north, and some think it may also inhabit the underwater ruins to the south.

- There is a million dollar reward for real proof of the mermaid.

[Location: Krivat Yam, Israel]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 11: Ghosts of the Great Wall; Israeli Mermaid]

Iwa - Voodoo spirit guides. Energized through sacrifices.

[Location: Connecticut]

[TV: A Haunting: Back From the Dead - Episode 12: The Well from Hell (aka Welcome to Hell)]

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