Friday, March 14, 2014

Case Files - Demon Photo (Sept 1987) Revisited

My interest has come back around to the most convincing photo anyone has sent me. Having realized the true nature of the ‘care bear’ being an elephant by my last post about it, I wonder if we are actually seeing a demon. Enough to download it and finally analysis it. Perhaps the entity details Darkmoon was seeing were as much an illusion as the doll’s face.

(This photograph was taken on September 1987, in Columbia Boro, Lancaster County, Pa., by Darkmoon, and later scanned.)

(This is the image auto color and contrast enhanced, notice how some of the creepiness instantly vanishes?)

The scan does not appear to be altered, and looking closely the artifact patterns that exist within the demon and the rest of the picture are consistent, so if it was altered, alteration happen prior to scanning, but I see no tattle-tale evidence of this either (such as; seams, cuts, extra blurry areas). The type of artifact patterns seen are typical of those that can result from the use of a cheap scanner.

The details seen in the entity, as I was told; face, arms, body, tail, may result from similar illusions to the care bear’s face. Make no mistake, I’m not saying there isn’t an entity, or that it isn’t a demon, just that the items under the entity are visible, making the entities details nearly impossible to distinguish from it. Of course, knowing nothing of the location, time, or lighting, I also can’t rule out it being a light artifact.

This case remains a mystery. I can’t rule it being real out, but I still have questions.