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This list is an ongoing project, where I am compiling modern paranormal and mythical cases from various sources. The hope is that you can use it to get the basic information a subject, as well as find sources where you can get more information. This list is updated regularly, as I’m continually working on adding in new cases, and updating old ones.

Listing are alphabetical, with numeric entries at the end. Included at the end of each entry are notes about activity, location, media source, and investigators, as well as my personal notes if they apply.

WARNING: This list DOES contain SPOILERS for various Books and TV shows.

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Magnolia Hotel - Historic hotel in Texas, where room 3 was rented to a killer in 1874 (William Faust, killed a friend's daughter and blinded his wife with an ax, in an attempt to kill his wife). Activity includes; bad feelings, doors open on their own, stuff gets broken during a blessing, scratches, burning bleeding eyes, choking.

[Location: Seguin, Texas]

[TV: When Ghosts Attack - Episode 8: Voices of the Dead]

Mamlambo - A river monster believed to have drown and eaten several people. Storms are also blame on the river monster, being it's means of revenge, and a storm also means it's more likely to appear. It is said to be fish or snake-like, with a head like a horse, and bigger then a human. The name literally translates to brain sucker.

- The river is also home to some pretty nasty parasites (and probably crocodiles), so swimming there isn't a good idea to start with.

[Location: Mzintlava River, South Africa]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 5: Mamlambo and Tokeloshe]

Manchac Swamp - Supposedly haunted by the Swamp Woman (also known as The Woman in White), Julia Brown. The local woman Julia Brown, used to sing that when she died, everyone else would die too. When she did die, a hurricane killed everyone at her funeral (pretty much the whole town). They were all buried in a mass grave, after being floated on rafts to the burial location. Activity includes; phantom lights, singing, mists, and a woman in white.

[Location: near Port Manchac, Louisiana]

[TV: Haunted Highways - Episode 8: Manchac Swamp, Moonville Tunnel]

Manresa Castle - Presumed haunted. Activity includes apparitions.

[Location: Port Townsend, Washington]

[Magazines: “Haunted Encounters” West Oregon Ruralite (Oct 2011)]

Mansfield Mansion haunting - Once a ‘training school/hospital’ this house in Mansfield is haunted.

[Location: Mansfield, Connecticut]

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 3: The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion]

Manteno State Hospital - Haunted Former Asylum.

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 5: Volume 14]

Mantis - A insect-like species of alien reported by some abductees and witnesses.

Mantis Man - A massive mantis-like insect reported in remote areas of New Jersey. It is said to be 7 ft tall, vaguely humanoid, with skin like a snake, black forward eyes, an narrow abdomen, wings, chest armor that can dis-hinge, and to make a humming noise. It is said to have the ability to turn invisible, mesmerize humans, and even summon fog. Some say they are mutants, aliens, or fallen angels.

[Location: Musconetcong River, Hackettstown, Forgotten County, New Jersey]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 8: Mantis Man; Spottsville Monster; Tornado Phantoms]

Mapinguari (aka: Mapinguary, Isnashi, meaning roaring animal or fetid beast) - Large (6-7 ft) bipedal monsters said to live in the Amazon, traditionally having one eye, backwards feet, claws, and large mouths in the center of their stomachs, though in modern accounts they are more often described as Bigfoot-like or Sloth-like. They may be hairy, or have a caiman alligator-like hide that deflects arrows and bullets. They are also said to scream loudly, and have an extremely bad smell. Some natives also claim that if you see a Mapinguari, you'll die, as they are aggressive towards humans. There are many stories of Mapinguari being attracted to smell of burning meat.

- Theories on what the creatures actually are include; Bigfoot or relatives, and giant ground sloth or anteaters.

[Location: Amazon Rainforest, Brazil]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot - Season 6, Episode 1: Amazon Squatchin' + Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 5: Flying Dinosaur; Sloth Monster]

* SEE Bigfoot

Marfa Lights - Mysterious multi-colored lights, and odd tracks found in snow (ref?). Some believe these to be car headlights, though tests don’t always support this. Edson Hendricks, audio expert, claims to have recorded sounds connected to the Marfa lights.

[Location: Hestalin *check* Valley, TX]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 4: This Strange Planet]

* MORE mysterious lights in Brown Mt, NC

* SEE Avebury Phenomenon

Marine Sulfur Queen - A large tanker that disappeared in the Gulf of Mexico.

[Location: Bermuda Triangle]

[TV: Dive to the Bermuda Triangle]

* SEE Bermuda Triangle

Marjim Manor (Winery) - Believed to be haunted, the original owner, Shubal Merit, accidentally shot his son Louis, at 3pm when he came through the french double doors. Afterward he ordered the double doors locked, and everyday he roamed the halls at 3pm calling out to his son, until he too died at 3pm. Then the doors flew open at 3pm in the afternoon, and Louis’ sister who was planning to renovate the house, mysteriously dropped dead when the doors burst open. Activity includes; footsteps around the doors at 3pm, and bottles moving and spinning, and the apparition of Louis at the french doors.

[Location: Appleton, New York]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 7 (Special) + Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 8: Volume 16]

Market Street Cinema - Formally the Imperial Theater, this strip club is believed to be haunted. Activity includes; the sensation of another presence with you, apparition of the late janitor, possession, being pushed, spirit box hits, ‘light anomalies’, EVPs, and empty video booths light up.

[Location: San Francisco, California]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 104: Market Street Cinema]

Mary Ellen Spook Farm (campground) - Haunted campsite, where spontaneous fires and other poltergeist-type haunting activity occurs. The campsite was once the site of a farm house where the McDonald's adopted daughter Mary Ellen was accused of witchcraft due to the activity. Dr Walter Franklin Prince and a psychic writer came to investigate, and the family 'received' a message to leave or die. The home burned down soon after. Most campers report finding an antique before experiencing activity. Activity includes; spontaneous fires, spontaneous lights, disappearing and moving objects, apparitions (young girl), and the sensation of being slapped.

[Location: Caledonia Mills, Nova Scotia]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors (Creepy Canada) - Season 1, Episode 8]

[Books: Poltergeists; Examining Mysteries of the Paranormal (Micheal Clarkson)]

Mary Gallagher (aka: the headless prostitute) - A prostitute who was murdered by a rival (Susan Kennedy), and behead (with a hatchet, in Susan's house on Griffin and Murray), and is now believed to haunt Murray Street in Old Montreal. She is said to be seen [at least] every seven years, looking for her head.

[Location: Murray Street, Old Montreal, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 9]

Maryland Goatman - A supposed half-goat, half-man the roams the wooded and secluded areas around Maryland, particularly at “Lover's Lane”. He is said to be violent, carry an ax, make a disturbing bleating sound, and leave cloven footprints. He is also said to kill dogs and goats. Stories of the goatman go at least as far back as the 1970s, but missing people from the 1930s have also been attributed to him.

- One origin stories suggest that in the 1930-40's when the government flooded a nearby town create a reservoir, they forgot to evacuate a goat farmer, and that the goatman is the vengeful ghost of the farmer who was unable to save his goats.

[Location: Maryland, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 1]

Marysburgh Vortex - A spot on the Great Lakes where there’s electronic/magnetic disruption to instruments, leading to trouble navigating and shipwrecks/airplane crashes.

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 4: This Strange Planet]

* SEE Bermuda Triangle

Masada - Around 2000 yrs ago 960 Jewish rebels committed mass suicide here, rather than being taken by the Romans. Their tormented souls are said to still haunt the ruins. Activity includes; shadows, black masses, whistles, voices, moans, faint drumming sounds, cold bodies caught on infrared camera.

- Echos from nearby hills may explain some of the sounds.

- Destination Truth was the first investigation team allowed to stay the night. With good reason, given the site's significance, and that it has cliffs on all sides.

[Location: Israel, Judean Desert, Mount Masada]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 10: Ghosts of Masada, The Leprechaun]

Maxwell's (Jazz Club) - This Club is said to be haunted by a jazz player and a murdered doorman. Activity includes; apparitions.

[Location: New Orleans, Louisiana]

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

McBurney Park (aka Skeleton Park) - A playground developed on land that was once a cemetery (coffins and headstones still exist under the park, with the headstones sometimes being uncovered), the park and nearby houses are both believed to be haunted. The early cemetery was filled up by epidemic victims (even with mass graves), and fell into a disarray, and when the city converted the land, all the bodies that relatives didn't pay to move, are still in place. Many of the uncovered coffins are empty, due to medical students grave-robbing.

Activity includes; doors slamming and opening, apparitions (in old fashion clothing, sickly looking) reflections of figures in old clothing, tombstones rising out if the mist, tombstones that only appear at night, shared nightmares, psychic hits,

[Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 10]

McMenamin's Edgefeild - Presumed haunted, like many McMenamin's locations (cue bono).

[Location: Troutdale, Oregon]

[Magazines: “Haunted Encounters” West Oregon Ruralite (Oct 2011)]

McPike Mansion - Sad/Henry’s room, Déjà vu, mist in the wine cellar, electronic malfunctions.

[TV: Fact or Faked]

Medium - A person who can communicate with spirits.

*SEE Psychics

Melbourne UFO - Several students and staff in Australia see a saucer shaped craft land. One boy gets particularly close, almost touching it, and a girl went into shock and had to be taken to the hospital. Circular markings were left on the ground. The headmaster was absent at the time, and told students to stay away from the media, however several come forward when the case is reopened.

[Location: Melbourne, AUS]

[TV: Close Encounters - Episode 5: Schools Out and Christmas Lights]

Melonheads - Looking like children with deformed heads, these creatures wander the backwoods of the US. Origin believed to be from Kirland Ohio. Some say Dr. Crow preformed experiments on orphaned children, resulting in the Melonheads. Until one night, when they got free, took revenge on him, and burned down the mansion. Dr. Crow’s ultimate fate is uncertain. Some stories describe melonheads joining circus freak shows, but they always eventually attack.

[Location: USA, particularly the Eastern USA]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 19: Melonheads, Devil Monkey, Blue Albino Woman]

Menehune - Little people in Hawaiian traditional culture, 2-3 feet tall, said to have arrived on Hawaii before the Polynesians alongside Pele. Similar to elves, leprechauns, and fairies. They are said to build things for the royals at night, and possibly watch over the royals' children. There is a ditch with stone walls (the Menehune Ditch) said to have been built by the Menehune in a single night.

- Menehune legends may have stemmed from romanticism of a lower class group.

[Location: Hawaii]

[TV: America Unearthed - Season 2, Episode 5: Lost Tribe of Menehune]

Men In Black (aka MIB) - Strange men said to occasionally approach people who dig too far into the subject of UFOs, usually threatening witnesses to remain silent and hand over any evidence. They are usually described as pale men in pressed suits, black coats, sunglasses, and fedoras. Generally they are believed to be government agents, but it's also been suggested that they are actually aliens themselves, time-travelers, vampires, members of a secret society, or even demons.

- Stories of MIB are usually accompanied by strange details, such as their name tags having no vowels, inhuman features (bulging heads, creepy grins, telepathy), strange abilities like being able to destroy objects with a touch, not showing up in pictures, the encounter being preceded by earthquakes.

- Best known witnesses include Woody Derenburger, who encountered a man in black, with a creepy grin that communicated with him telepathically. He came out of some sort of craft, and called himself a Searcher and identified his name as Indrid Cold. The man returned to visit his family home several times, and he claimed to have developed ESP.

[Locations: USA; Puget Sound, Washington, Pennsylvania]

[TV: Hangar 1 + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 1: Men in Black Special]

Merchant's Cafe - A historical landmark in Seattle that is believed to be haunted. Activity includes; sinks coming on on their own, objects moving or thrown (all the wine bottles smashed overnight, kegs rolling), severe illness attributed to the spirit, and psychic hits.

[Location: Seattle]

[TV: When Ghosts Attack - Season 1, Episode 7: Phantom Fallout]

Messages from Beyond, Photographs - John Mitkosky & Huckert photograph fiber-like messages supposedly from the dead.

[Location: California]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries]

[Investigators: Kerry Gaynor]

Mezcala Incident - January 1st, 2008, many witnesses in Mezcala Mexico saw and recorded light in the sky, over the nearby mountain. It is said to have an electromagnetic effect, which shut off cell phones. Some people even reported aliens, which looked like horned cats, to the local paper. Some claimed it irritated their eyes, but the local eye doctor says he didn’t get any complaints.

- Local student Oscar, says he believes a transformer blew, and an electrical expert confirms it looks like a transformer short.

[Location: Mezcala, Mexico]

[TV: UFOs Over Earth - Episode 2: Mass Sightings in Mexico]

Middle Island - Used as a quarantine for Irish immigrants, many died and were buried on the island. However some of the remains have been disturbed by ice flow in the winter, possibly stirring up ghostly activity. Some claim these spirits have leaked into the surrounding areas. Activity includes; bright lights, apparitions (including whole families).

[Location: Lower Chadam, Miramichii River, Middle Island, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada]

[TV: Ghostly Encounters - Episode 111: Disturbed Graves, Haunted Institutions]

Milabs Phenomenon - Another term for the Alien Matrix, in which abductees are trained for Intergalactic War.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode ?: Aliens Cloned my Husband, ]

* SEE Alien Matrix

Mill Race Monster - A humongous bipedal green monster that is said to roam Mill Race Park, first reported November 1st, 1974. The initial 2 sightings prompted a massive civilian monster hunt, leading officials to close the park for safety reasons. It has been described as a 6 to7 foot tall, humanoid monster, with claws, and dirty, mossy, slimy green fur/skin. It has been said to attack people in their cars, scratching the paint and biting at the glass.

- There's been some speculation that it may be, or related to, Bigfoot. Others have suggested it may be an alien, and UFOs were seen nights prior to the incident.

[Location: Mill Race Park, Columbus, Indiana]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 6: Mill Race Monster; Toxic Rain; Devil Dogs]

Mineral Springs Hotel - Disused hotel, originally built to profit off the hot springs, and is now believed to be haunted. History includes love triangle murders and a young girl's drowning. Activity includes; apparitions (the jasmine lady, the lady in blue), scent of jasmine, and wet footprints by the empty pool.

- Altom is believed to be haunted in general.

[Location: Alton, Illinois]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 6 + Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 7: Volume 15]

Missouri Flap - Many areas in Missouri, are currently experiencing higher than normal UFO sightings. UFOs spotted include; orbs of light, triangular craft, and disk shaped craft. In 2011 there were mass bird and fish die-offs, however this has also been attributed to heat. Mutilated cattle have also been found.

[Location: Missouri]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots]

Missouri State Prison/Penitentiary - Called the “Bloodiest 47 Acres in America”, Missouri State Prison has one of darkest histories in America. Prisoners once hammer through a wall to kill another inmate, using the same hammer, and some believe this event opened a portal or vortex. Forty people were executed in a gas chamber, and hundreds of people were buried in a parking lot after an outbreak of disease. Activity includes; full body apparitions, window shutters move on their own (wind? air pressure?), pained screams, knocking sounds, marching footsteps, spirit box hits, EVPs, odd feelings and a sense the building is aware somehow, light colored mists, and video anomalies.

[Location: Jefferson City, Missouri]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Season 8, Episode 4: Missouri State Prison]

Mizpah Hotel - A haunted hotel with a history of murders, heist, betrayal, a political turmoil. A dead governor was kept in a tub full of ice for two days so that his death could be announced after his re-election. Activity includes; EVPS, dark masses, and moving objects.

[Location: Tonopah, NV]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94, Do Not Disturb]

MJ-12 - A supposed US government group of 12 people who decide how to dealt with alien encounters.

[TV: Unsealed: Alien Files - Episode 1: Alien Encyclopedia]

* SEE Government UFO Cover-up

Mockbegger Area/Plantation - An area of Bona Vista that is said to be haunted. Several unidentified bodies in coffins were dug up and moved (to Moses Point), when making a trench. However, they were eventually washed out to sea.

[Location: Mockbegger Area/Plantation, Bona Vista Bay, Newfoundland]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 12]

* SEE Bradley House

* SEE Moses Point

Mokèlé-mbèmbé (aka King of the Lake*)- A possible surviving sauropod dinosaur living along the Congo, possibly in the swamps. It's supposed to be red-brown and around the size of an elephant, occasionally capsizes boats, and can be heard walking. It's name means, 'one who stops the flow of rivers'.

- It's worth noting that the initial theory that sauropods lived in water has been debunked.

- Hippopotamus and large Crocodiles do like in the area, and groups of them may account for some of the sighting.

* Note: King of the Lake is a potentially confusing name, since it can also refer to rare fish and other mythological creatures.

[Location: Congo, Zambia, Africa]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 3: Wildman, Swamp Dinosaur]

Momo (Short for Missouri Monster) - A large (8 ft) hairy biped, hairier than Bigfoot, with little to no neck, and no face can be made out through the fur. It is said to eat dogs. First sighting was in 1972, by Doris Harrison and her younger bothers. The boys ran inside claiming to have seen something big, then she glimpsed it out the window carrying something bloody under it’s arm. Her father and her boyfriend go investigate, but found little evidence, however several dogs soon went missing. Several other sightings soon followed. Mayor Wallace deputized a troop of boy scouts and took them up to try find Momo.

- A single three-toed footprint cast is believed to be the only possible evidence of the monster.

[Location: Star Hill, Louisiana, MO]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 10: Momo, Shadow People, Van Meter Visitor]

Mongolian Sand Worm (Mongolian Death Worms) - Giant worms said to live in the desert. They are believed to be over 4 feet long, bright red in color, and spew yellow acid. It may also have electrical powers, such as shooting rays of energy. They are said to be attracted to the color yellow. A whole town has been evacuated for fear of the death worm (around 2008). The native name, Olgoi-Khorkhoi, means 'blood-filled intestine'.

- Soil samples have yielded no acidity changes or organic matter.

[Location: Gobi Desert Mongolia]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 2: Haunted Island, Death Worm]

(The) Monkey Man of New Delhi - Also called Kala Bandar (Black Monkey) The Monkey Man is a 4 or 5 ft tall monkey-like humanoid that is sometimes described as wearing bandages, or a bodysuit and helmet. People report having been scratched and bitten, and people at least two people have died, supposedly running from the creature. Another, 4 ft tall a monk, was beaten to death by a crowd that believed he was the monkey man.

* SEE (The) Bukit Timah Monkey Man

Montauk Monsters – One of any hard to identify creatures found dead, decaying, and bloated on a beach. Some believe them to be unknown species, aliens, or mutants, while skeptics tend to believe they are simply known creatures that are too decomposed to be identified at first glance.

- At least one mostly human body is included in this grouping by some conspiracy theorists.

[TV: Unsealed: America's Conspiracy Files – Season 1, Episode 2: Bio-Hazard Island]

* SEE Plum Island

Moonville Tunnel - Ruins of an old coal town, with a violent and tragic history, particularly around the Moonville Tunnel. It and the cemetery are pretty much the only landmarks left from the town. Activity includes, unseen apparitions caught on camera, shadows, orbs, scuffling sounds, scents of tobacco and lavender.

[Location: Zaleski Forest. Ohio]

[TV: Haunted Highways - Episode 8: Manchac Swamp, Moonville Tunnel]

Morgawr (Sea Giant) - A sea monster reported near Falmouth Bay, Cornwall. Possibly a Plesiosaur or sea serpent. Some also believe it may be a long necked seal.

[Location: ear Falmouth Bay, Cornwall]

[Web: Wikipedia - ]

Morgellons Disease - A supposed medical condition in which suffered find fibers in their wounds that believe cannot be attributed to clothes, furniture, or blankets.

[Location: Austin, Texas]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 5: Mothman, Argentina UFO, and Morgellons Disease]

Morse(spelling needs checked) Mill Hotel - Site of multiple murders, due to the frequency of criminals that stayed there. Activity includes; apparition of a well dressed man in the window, being touched especially in room 4.

[Location: ]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 6]

Moses Point - The apparition and or ghost light of a boy that drown here is said to appear. It's said that if you continue to stare at him, he'll come close and pull you out to sea to drown. Additionally, several unidentified bodies were reburied here, but eventually were washed out to sea.

[Location: Mockbegger Area/Plantation, Bona Vista Bay, Newfoundland]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 12]

* SEE Mockbegger Area/Plantation

Mothman - A mysterious winged figure that heralds tragedies, the Silver Bridge collapse in particular. May be silver or dark in color with glowing red eyes. Some believe it to be related to the Cornstalk Curse, before dying Chief Cornstalk cursed the town for 200 yrs, that Point Pleasant would never prosper. Others believe the mothman is trying to warn people. New reports surface all the time, 1986 (Chernobyl), 2009 (Mexico, swine flu), 2011 (Japan, tsunami).

- There are multiple stories that claim to be the first encounter, many of which were reported after the Silver Bridge collapse.

[ Locations: Mason County, West Virginia, Route 62 - Point Peasant’s Silver Bridge Collapse, China Tbilisil, India Tsunami, Afghanistan, Iraq, NY Sept 11.]

[Dedicated: Museum in Point Pleasant West Virginia]

[TV: Paranormal State (4th boy’s police report went missing) + Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 5: Mothman, Argentina UFO, and Morgellons Disease + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 1: Appalachia + Mountain Monsters - Episode 5: Mothman of Mason County]

Moundsville Prison (West Virginia Penitentiary) - Once a brutal prison where many inmates choose suicide over life inside, it is now believed to be haunted. The worst prisoners were kept in a section called the Alamo. Prisoners and keepers used to say if you died inside, your soul stayed inside. Activity includes; being scratched and stabbed and choked, a shadow figure, apparitions (inmates), and EMFs.

[Location: West Virginia]

[Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 5]

Mountain Devils - A old West Virginian term for an unspecified monster. May refer to Bigfoot, or to other crypids such as Devil Dogs.

[TV: Finding Bigfoot]

* SEE Bigfoot

* SEE Devil Dogs

* SEE Hell Hounds

Mount Baker Theatre - Presumed to be haunted by Judy, whose house was demolished to build the theater.

[Location: Bellingham (Washington?)]

[Magazines: “Haunted Encounters” West Oregon Ruralite (Oct 2011)]

Mudman - Another name for the Lake Worth Monster.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 8: Goat Man, Goat Sucker, and Zombie Soldiers]

* SEE Lake Worth Monster

Multi-dimensional Holograms - A theory that ghost are energy imprinted on objects in other dimensions, and leaking through to our dimension.

[TV: Weird or What? - Episode 35: Ghost in the Machine]

(El) Muerto - A headless horseman that is said to wander the deserts of Texas.

[Location: TX]

[TV: No Man’s Land]

Myakka Ape Photos (Myakka Skunk Ape Photographs) - Two images of a bipedal primate, dark but resembling an orangutang, that were sent anonymously to the Sarasota Sheriff's Department.

[Books: Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators (Tea Krulos)]

[Web: The Cryptozoologist: Cryptozoology - ]

Myrtle's Plantation - On old southern plantation, believed to be haunted by several spirits including a slave girls named Chloe. Chloe is said to have been the owner's mistress, who poisoned his childrens' (Cornelia & James) birthday cake when he cut off the affair. Another slave, Cleo, is said to have been hung as a voodoo practitioner, after failing to save a ill child (Cate). The owner, Mr Winters was shot and is said to have crawled up to the 17th stair, where he died. Activity includes; apparitions (Chloe, Cornelia, James), images in the mirror, photo anomalies, camera errors, unexplained drafts, odd sounds, footsteps (that end on the 17th stair) and moving objects (bed, lamp, etc).

- There is record of Chloe, Cornelia, and James having existed (and died, though no cause was given), but Cate and Cleo are unaccounted for.

- The plantation currently has a no séance, tarot, magic, or voodoo policy. The Ghost Adventures team theorizes this has to do with Cleo's spirit.

[TV: Ghost Hunters + Ghost Adventures - Season 9, Episode 2: The Myrtles Plantation]

Mystery Caves - Strange caves in Europe have line patterns carved into the rock, and some visitors experience hallucinations and/or visions.

[Location: England]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 4: This Strange Planet]


Naga - A large serpent like creature with one or more dragon heads, which has been spotted in river. May have horns. It is said to clean-up after itself. Red fireballs have also been reported over the river. One explanation for the creature is the Russian Giant Catfish that live in the river.

- Footage of the supposed creature exists.

- Naga are part of the Hindu/Buddist religions, which may make them a desirable explanation for activity.

[Locations: Mekong River, Thailand]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 2: Haunting and Naga]

Nahuelito - A Plesiosaur-like lake monster with a large hump, long neck, and creepy head. Similar to the Loch Ness Monster. Local legend states the creature was created by nuclear waste from the Huemul Island, other explanations include; it being the remnant of a prehistoric species, and waves from micro earthquakes.

- Fuzzy footage of the supposed monster exists.

[Location: Nahuel Haupi Lake, Bariloche, Argentina]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 4: Bigfoot and Nahuelito]

* SEE Loch Ness Monster

Nancy Coyle (aka Queen of the Dead) - Activity includes; apparitions (ghostly funeral processions of a horse, hearse carriage, and Nancy - Nancy, often in a red cloak). The widow Nancy, prepared the unclaimed dead for burial, sailors, criminals, and the insane. Some say she was a necromancer (or witch) who sometimes brought the dead back to life. When Murphy, whom she prepared for funeral, appeared in town, the townsfolk turned against her. And when she was found to have died, her body was simply left in the house, because no one wanted to touch a witch. The ultimate fate/location of her body is unknown.

[Location: Cemetery, Saint John's, Newfoundland]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 4]

Nan Madol (City of Ghosts) - Ruins that locals say were built as if by ghost hands. The city is said to be cursed, that lights move through the area at night, and anyone that goes into the ruins will die soon after.

[Location: Nan Madol, Pohnpei]

[TV: Ancient Aliens - Season 6, Episode 9: Aliens and Forbidden Islands]

NARCAP - A reporting agency for pilots to report UFOs while still remaining anonymous.

[TV: Secret Access: UFOs on the Record (Special)]

Nazi UFO - An erratically flying disk is seen, and crashes into the black forest, where the Nazi military recovered it.

- Name may also refer to Die Glocke (The Bell)

[TV: Codes and Conspiracies - Episode 3: The UFO Cover-Up]

Newburg Inn - an innocent man was hanged in the attic for a crime he didn’t commit. Activity includes footsteps, and shadows.

[Location: Annapolis, Maryland]

[TV: The Haunted - Episode 3: Stalked by a Vampire]

New Orleans - Many locations in New Orleans are believed to be haunted or cursed, including; Voodoo Museum, Cemeteries, French Quarter, Laffite’s Blacksmiths shop & bar. New Orleans has a deep history of voodoo and magic, however Catholicism is the most common religion. Some believe that tragedy and destruction of Hurricane Katrina stirred up the energy in the area leading to a fresh surge of paranormal activity.

Specific Locations:

* Cemetery - Marie Laveau's (Queen of VooDoo) tomb is one of the most visited places. Where devotees leave presents and markings.

* Maxwell's - A Jazz club said to be haunted by the spirits of 2 men.

* Southern Nights Bed & Breakfast

* Bourbon Orleans Hotel

[Location: Louisiana]

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

New World Order - Conspiracy theorists believe a sinister militant organization, The New World Order, intends to cull and control Earth’s population. Some theories involve world leaders, the antichrist, and aliens.

- May be related to Illuminati, Free Masons, etc

[Location: Denver, CO]

[TV: America Unearthed]

* SEE Denver International Airport

* SEE Georgia Guidestones

Nightstalker - A mysterious creature that lives in fields (such as corn fields) and may attack human homes at night, leaving evidence in the form of scratches on the outside of the home. It may take various forms, but often it will look like a scarecrow, and may have orange-red eyes. Many older locals treat the subject as taboo, similar to how Stick Indians and Skinstealers are not discussed.

[Location: Upper Fruitland, New Mexico]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 6: Desert Wasteland]

Ninki Nanka - A highly feared, amphibious dragon-like monster. Has a reptilian head with horns and glowing red eyes, and scaly green skin. Some accounts describe it as snake-like. It is said that those who see it often die soon after, presumably as a result of the fright.

- Supposed scales are believed to exist, and the Destination Truth team was able to obtain a sample. Tests found these scales to be the scales of a local firsh.

- Hippopotamus and crocodiles live in the area.

[Location: Upper river, Gambia]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 12 Ninki Nanka; Kikiyaon]

Nordegg - Ghost town, once a coal mining town, where a horrific mining accident (explosion) killed several miners, who are now believed to haunt the town. Activity includes; apparitions of the miner in the 'new' school (built next to the cemetery that was made for the explosion victims), and footsteps.

[Location: Nordegg, Alberta, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 12]

Nordic - A beautiful blonde, blue/green eyed, humanoid species of humanoid alien. Usually said to wear white. They are commonly tied with Nazi tech conspiracy theories.

Norfolk Lake Inn - A hotel believe to be haunted, guests have left in the middle of the night due to their experiences. A cemetery nearby was relocated, this being a proposed cause, along with haunted objects, and water conduction of paranormal energy. Activity includes; apparitions (little girl in atrium, woman in white in room 202), and being grabbed on the employee stairs.

- A flask and ring were removed from the property, and the activity appears to have stopped.

[Location: Arkansas]

[TV: Haunted Collector - Season 3, Episode 9: Lakeside Terror, Pythian Secrets]

Numazu - A giant catfish, that some people in Japan once believed to be responsible for earthquakes, possibly inspired by real giant catfish in Lake Biwa, which some fishermen say become more active just before an earthquake. Current lab experiments seem to corroborate this. Similar tales involve a snake or worm-like creature.

[Location: Japan]

[TV: River Monsters: Unhooked - Episode 16: Cold Blooded Horror]


Octagon Hall - A octagonal shaped house used as a hospital during the Civil War. Property had a hidden room for Confederate soldiers to hide in, activity increased after the wall was opened. Activity includes; objects thrown, doors moving, pictures shaking, hair pulling and clothes tugged, shadows, singing and screaming, apparition of a little girl (burned by kitchen fireplace), confederate solider apparition (bleed to death after removing boot), and EVPs.

- The shape was intended to improve airflow, but some believe the shape helps retain paranormal activity as does the quarts in the bricks, similar to what people believe about the pyramids have special properties.

[Location: Franklin Kentucky]

[TV: Ghost Hunters + Most Terrifying Places in America 7 (Special)]

* NOTE: Not to be confused with Octagon House.

Octagon House (The Octagon) - A historic house in Washington DC, once a temporary White House, with a history of suicide and murder, particularly around the stairs. A murdered slave's body was found hidden one wall. Activity includes; the scent of lilac, odd sounds, swinging chandelier in staircase.

[Location: Washington DC, USA]

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

* NOTE: Not to be confused with Octagon Hall.

Octave Mine - A gold and silver mine with a history of Paranormal Activity, similar to that of the Crescent Mine. Activity includes; odd sounds, photographic anomalies, corner of eye movement, . There may be an entity which is referred to as the Blue Devil of Octave, and there are drawings of demons in the mine. Alternatively, some attribute the activity to Stanton, a violent man who once patrolled the town.

- Gold is found in quartz veins, quartz is said to amplify Paranormal activity.

[Location: Octave Mine, Congress, Arizona]

[TV: Ghost Mine]

* SEE Crescent Mine

Ogopogo (Naitaka) - A monster said to live in Okanagan Lake, possibly a primitive whale.

[Location: Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada]

[Web: Wikipedia - ]

O’Hare UFO - On Nov 7, 2006, International Airlines employees saw as 22-88 ft, soft edged, silver disk hovering over C17. Supposedly it left by flying straight up, and leaving a circular hole in the clouds.

- Voice recordings from the tower about the objects exist, as well as photos of the disk,

- 2 months later the FAA finally starts to try to explain it away; airport lights reflection on a cloud (too early), or a hole punch cloud (too warm).

[Location: O'Hare Airport, Chicago]

[TV: Secret Access: UFOs on the Record (Special) + The Unexplained Files - Episode 19: Mysteries at 3,000 Feet]

Ohio Grassman - Giant hairy wildmen said to harass people since the mid 1800’s. Said to be shorter and stockier than Bigfoot (6-7 ft) and much more aggressive (may be a form/subspecies of Bigfoot). Possibly black in color. Believed to build large grass based nests, engage in tree-knocking behavior, and grunt/howl. May eat deer, and humans.

- Not to be confused with the European nature guardian/deity that is literally made of plants.

[Location: Salt Fork State Park, Ohio]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 14: Ohio Grassman; Green-clawed Beast; Big Mud…]

* SEE Grassman of Perry County

* SEE Sasquatch Triangle

* SEE Bigfoot

Okikio/Okiku’s Well - A samurai killed a maid and tossed her down a well, afterward her spirit tormented him through it’s counting and weeping. Many versions recount this as a failed love story (where the maid is murdered for rejecting his advances), though there are versions where it’s purely business between the two, until the murder (in which it's over her accidentally breaking a priceless plate).

[Location: Japan]

Old Galt Post Office (aka Fiddler's Green Pub) - A historic building, with a history of suicide (or murder), which is believed to be haunted. Activity includes; feeling cold, loss of breath, thumping sounds, disco light come on by themselves, the apparition of a woman in an old-style dress, and windows and doors open on their own (even after being nailed shut).

- The postmaster (1889-1919), William Turnbolt, had an affair with the cleaning lady, Emily. After she became pregnant, they started to fight, and she was later found hung on the second floor.

[Location: Cambridge, Ontario]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 12]

Old Man Yoder (Sylas Yoder) - The soul of a farmer, buried in black, who is said to kill someone in his Amish community once a year (Jan 18th), leaving behind only muddy footprints. He strained his back while out working one day, and was found lying in the snow hours later. Bed ridden he is treated with herbal remedies, misses church, and is at risk of shunned (if he were to die while shunned, the Amish believe he'd go straight to Hell). His daughter gets him an appointment with the faith healer (who is said to use dark magic from the devil), and he feels miraculously better, but the bishop has found out, and scolds him. The next day he dies, and is dressed in white for his burial (in preparation for Heaven). But the church rules his is to be buried outside the cemetery in black (in preparation for Hell). His widow and daughter were haunted by poltergeist-like activity. A year later one of his nieces stays the night and is found strangled in bed, with muddy bootprints leading away. 2 more people die, then a braucha (Amish witch) arrives offering to move the body. But his widow does not want to, as she will be shunned.

- Many Amish in the area now leave town on the 18th to avoid the curse.

[TV: Amish Haunting]

Oliver House - Haunted hotel, believed to contain a vortex, where multiple love triangle murders have taken place. Activity includes; being touched, pins and needles, spirit box hits, and emotional transference.

[Location: Bisbee, AZ]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94, Do Not Disturb]

One if by Land, Two if by Sea (Restaurant) - A former Inn, and Aaron Burr’s carriage house. It is believed he and his daughter (killed by pirates at sea) still inhabit the restaurant. Activity includes; apparitions of Burr and his daughter.

- The restaurants candles are said to sooth the spirits.

[Location: New York City, New York]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 7 (Special)]

Operation Highjump - US Navy fought a UFO they believed could sink their ships, after approaching an Nazi base. UFO believed to be able to “travel from pole to pole at incredible speed”.

[Location: Near Antarctic?]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 2]

Oregon Vortex - Spot where gravity varies, pretty much debunked, but people still investigate.

[Location: Oregon]

[TV: Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files]

Orpheum Theater - A supposedly haunted theater where tragedy has struck several times. The original building, the Old Opera House, burned to the ground, but was rebuilt as the Orpheum Theater. Later a young girl was killed by a trolley car just outside. Activity includes an apparition of a little girl in white with braids (often in the be seen balcony box).

[Location: Memphis, Tennessee]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 7 (Special)]

Our Lady of Rosary Chapel and Cemetery - Site of more exorcisms than any other church in the USA. Activity includes; shadow people, glowing eyes, silvery mists, and the apparition of a murdered lady in white.

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 5 (Special)]

Ozark Howler - Demonic looking black wildcat. Horned? Screams like a woman in pain.

[TV: Haunted Highways]

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