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This list is an ongoing project, where I am compiling modern paranormal and mythical cases from various sources. The hope is that you can use it to get the basic information a subject, as well as find sources where you can get more information. This list is updated regularly, as I’m continually working on adding in new cases, and updating old ones.

Listing are alphabetical, with numeric entries at the end. Included at the end of each entry are notes about activity, location, media source, and investigators, as well as my personal notes if they apply.

WARNING: This list DOES contain SPOILERS for various Books and TV shows.
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Palmer House Hotel - A hotel that became haunted after a fire claimed several lives. Activity includes; prophetic dreams about buried bodies, spirit box hits, video anomalies, moving objects, scratches, and ill feeling.

[Location: Sauk Centre, MN]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94: Do Not Disturb]

Paramount Theater - Built in 1928, believed to be haunted. Activity includes; apparition (red headed woman).

[Location: Seattle, Washington]

[Magazines: “Haunted Encounters” West Oregon Ruralite (Oct 2011)]

Pascagoula Aliens - One of the first recorded cases of alien abduction. In 1973, two shipyard workers (Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker) were supposedly abducted by aliens while fishing. They called the sheriffs’ office and told them they got picked-up by a UFO, and the men were taken to the station to be interviewed separately. The men claimed to have seen a white sphere, from which three aliens dropped down and floated to them, while they were paralyzed. The creatures grabbed them and took them up to their ship, where they were scanned. Next thing they could remember they were back on Earth, laying on the ground. During his interview, Hickson admitted to having a drink, so the police left them together in the integration room, secretly recording the conversation that followed, and they seemed to believe it themselves. Their story has never changed.

- Years later, Navy Chief Petty Officer Cataldo, would also report seeing a UFO around the same time. A large grey tambourine covered in flashing lights.

[Location: Pascagoula, Mississippi]

[TV: Mysteries in America - Episode13: Skunk Ape, Pascagoula Aliens, Lizard Man]

Pelei’s Mountain - Locals believe(d) a volcano goddess lived in the Mt L.

[Location: Hawaii]

* (I’ve been here, and I can see why the natives would have thought it home to a powerful being, in lack of scientific knowledge.)

Pemba Island (aka The Spice Island) - An island that many African fishermen refuse to set foot on, because it is supposed to be haunted by the slaves tortured and sold there. Particular haunted spots are the Ndagoni Ruins, and a tree with a hole in it, the spirits are said to enter a hole in at midnight. Several deaths have been attributed to these ghosts. Activity includes; apparitions, temperature changes, equipment malfunctions, EVPs, and children's laughter.

[Location: off the coast of Tanzania, Africa]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 2: Haunted Island, Death Worm]

Pennhurst Asylum - An abandon multi-building insane asylum, opened in 1908, and closed in 1987, which is now believed to be haunted. Horrific practices, many related to eugenics, took place on every floor, including in rooms decorated to appeal to children, and young children were kept in dirty cages 24/7. Many former patients are still alive today. Activity includes; clothing tugged and hair pulled, EVPs (gunshot).

[Location: Pennsylvania]

[TV: Haunted History - Season 1, Episode 4: Lost Souls of Pennhurst]

Pennyland Amusement Park - (Probable hoax; shown as the last story on the last episode of a canceled TV show, there is no evidence this park ever even existed, and this may have been the production crew's last laugh.) An abandon amusement park, open for 20 years, but then shut down after a fatal accident. It later became the home of deranged serial killer (found when he died of an overdoes, followed by the discovery of the bodies of two of the girls he'd killed). The actual number of victims was never determined, but may have been around 10, based on crime scene evidence. He and his victims are said to haunt the park. Activity includes; apparitions (a bloody woman, a man with a knife, bloody hand-print, and the 'Angel' dancer [who can appear both beautiful or bloody]), psychic hits, EMF hits, photo anomalies, and large metal drums being knocked over.

- During the Hauntings and Horrors episode, paranormal psychic investigators apparently found a box with photos of victims and new evidence. However the buildings shown look like another abandon amusement park, and the evidence in the box looks rather fresh, with the blood still being red.

[Assumed Location: Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 13: Fan Tan Alley Ghost; Keefer House; Pennyland]

Peterborough Lift Locks - The largest lift locks in the world, at least one person is belived to have been encased in the cement during construction, and several people have committed suicide by climbing the locks and jumping, including a couple. The locks are also said to be haunted by a worker (Arthur, heart attack, 2004) who's still trying to do his job. Activity includes; tools and work gear moving, EMF fluctuations (due to big machines?), and cold spots.

[Location: Lift Locks, Peterborough , Ontario]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 4]

Peter Shields Inn - Built in the 1900s, this manor was home to the Shields family. The eldest son, Earle Shields, was crossing from a rowboat to a yacht, using his gun for balance, and accidentally shot himself in the head, he died in the house soon after (in what is now the woman’s bathroom). Activity includes; apparitions of a man particularly around the ladies room and upstairs linen closet, animal-like scratching sounds, fireplaces that light and go out by themselves, and shadows.

[Location: Cape May Island, NJ]

[TV: Ghost Stories - Episode 5: Peter Shields Inn (Cape May, NJ)]

* SEE Cape May Island

PFM Engineering - This building is believed to be haunted. The site is close to a refinery accident site, and a Native American burial ground. In Oct 2008, security cameras caught unusual footage in the machine room; a chair spinning on it’s own and a cubical wall falling down. While previous owners back-up the claims, skeptics claim material fatigue, vibration, and hoax. Additional investigation turns up little evidence; a medium’s sensation of a wandering man, electrical surges, hot and cold spots.

[Location: Carson, CA ]

[T V: MysteryQuest - Episode 11: Return of the Amityville Horror]

(Col.) Philip Corso - A retired military officer who claimed to have examined Roswell related documents and artifacts shipped to the Pentagon, and to have previously seen alien bodies in crates that were shipped to Kansas from the Roswell Incident just after in occurred. He claims to have divvied up the parts to different defense contractors, and that discoveries from the downed craft drove many technical advancements, such as night vision, lasers, Kevlar, integrated circuits, stealth tech, microwaves, and fiber optics.

[TV: UFO Files - Episode 22: The Day After Roswell + Hangar 1: The UFO - Episode 3: Alien Technology]

* SEE Roswell Incident

(The) Philip Experiment - An experiment into if humans can communicate with fictional spirits via séance. Such experiments would prove that either spirits are all in the experiencers' heads, or that the human mind is capable of creating spirits. The project is criticized as having improper controls, and conflicting reports an documents. Further studies include; the Lilith, Humphrey, Sebastian, and Axel experiments, which suffered from the same flaws.

- It may be interesting to note here, that there is sometimes suggested to be a link between imaginary friends and spirit/cryptid activity.

[Movies: The Apparition (2012, fiction), The Quiet Ones (2014, fiction)]

Phil Schneider - An engineer, supposedly lowered into underground structure, and killed a couple aliens in a firefight, was split down the center of his chest, and raised back up to the service. Didn’t talk about if for 15 years, and is soon found dead, supposedly of stroke, but a second autopsy finds he was strangled.

[Location: Dulce, New Mexico]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 2]

(The) Phoenix Lights - In March 1997, thousands of people saw a massive black boomerang with lights on it in the sky. The exact shape and number of lights is inconsistent, but the sheer number of witnesses suggest something must have been there. Two Air Force jets are believed to have investigated the objects. Unsure how to deal with it, the governor holds a fake press conference in which a man in a alien costume appears, however he himself went out and saw the UFO, but took years to admit it.

- Officials claimed an aircraft had dropped flairs between 9:30 pm and 10 pm and that that’s what everyone saw, but the first witnesses saw lights at 8:16 pm. The news footage shown on TV was of the flares, not the UFO.

[Location: Phoenix Arizona]

[TV: Secret Access: UFOs on the Record (Special)]

Pico House - The location of race riots, shootings, stabbings, and hangings, this three story hotel is believed to be haunted. Activity includes; apparition of a bearded man, black masses,

[Location: Los Angeles, CA]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94, Do Not Disturb]

Pigman - A nearly hairless naked half-human, half-pig, believed to roam the wilderness of northern Vermont. Has two clawed paws (cloven hooves?) instead of hands. Believed to eat animals, and said to squeals like a pig and throw sticks. May live in a cave in the Devil's Washbowl. Legend says the pigman took vengeance on an a abusive pig farmer, and has intruded on other farms, schoolyards, and lover's lane. Origin stories vary, and one says he's just a malformed human living as a scavenger.

[Location: Green Mountains, Devil's Washbowl, Draby Hill, & Northfield, Vermont]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 5: Vermont Pigman; Bridge where I Died; Proje. . .]

Playground Poltergeist - There is a playground in Firmat, Argentina that some believe may be haunted. The middle swing on the swing-set seems to move on it's own. It has been proposed by the Fact or Faked team, that this may be just an effect of the wind, while other researchers claim to have ruled out wind, along with EMFs.

[Location: Firmat, Argentina]

[TV: Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files - Season 2, Episode 4: Playground Poltergeist/Alien Intruder]

Plum Island – An animal disease research facility that some believe to be the source of Montauk Monsters and several human diseases (including the tick borne Lyme Disease).

- Erio Traub, the former Nazi scientist who was the original director of Plum Island, experimented with using ticks as bio-weapons.

- A human body washed up on Plum Island, having oversized fingers and five holes drilled in his head.

[Location: New York]

[TV: Unsealed: America's Conspiracy Files – Season 1, Episode 2: Bio-Hazard Island]

* SEE Montauk Monster

Poe House - The house in Baltimore that was the last place where the author Edgar Allen Poe lived, and is believed to be haunted by him and others. Activity includes; apparitions (Poe at his desk, an overweight woman), and a light moving past the windows.

[Location: Baltimore]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season I, Episode 2]

Poltergeist and Poltergeist Hauntings - Literally ‘Noisy Ghost’ a poltergeist is a spirit or energy which may move objects and/or bang on walls or objects. Additional activity such as; fires, leaks, and apparitions may also be present. Poltergeist activity is said to be more common in homes with pre-teens and teenagers, especially girls, as well as stressful situations, leading some investigators to believe poltergeist may come from the human mind or be attracted to the stress caused by changing hormones.

- Theories as to what causes poltergeist activity ranges widely; spirits and demons (alone or in groups), psychokinetic powers, magnetic fields, and of course, hoaxes.

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 4: The Poltergeist; Watched in the Wilderness + Hauntings and Horrors (Creepy Canada) - Season 1, Episode 8]

[Books: Poltergeists; Examining Mysteries of the Paranormal (Micheal Clarkson)]

(El) Pombero - A short, ugly, and hairy demon, capable of impregnating women by touching their stomachs. It is said to make a whistling sound, that if imitated may cause it to attack. It is also said you can lure the creature to you by leaving; rum, cigarettes, and honey at your doorstep.

[Location: Argentina]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 6: Lobizon and Pombero]

Pope Lick Monster (aka, Goatman) - Possibly related to Sheepsquatch in origin, this bloodthirsty Goatman is supposed to inhabit the area around the Pope Lick train trestle. He is supposed to be half-man, half-goat, completely evil, able to imitate voices, and carry a rusty axe. Origin stories include, he stepped out of a lighting storm, a farmer who too close to his goats, and goats who came back from the dead to get revenge on the farmer/humans that mistreated them.

- Local teens use the area as a Legend Trip. The Goatman is believed to try and lure teens into climbing and crossing the trestle, risking falling and being run over by trains. At least three teens have died this way. One victim’s mother had a premonition prior to his and his brother’s encounter, where he lost his life. His sister later went looking for the Goatman and nearly got run-over herself.

[Location: KY]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 4: Ozarks]

* SEE Sheepsquatch

Popobawa (pronounced like Po-pa-bow-wa) - A gaint, one eyed, bat like monster, that is said to torment the people of Zanzibar in cycles. It is supposed to be capable of emitting light. Some claim to have not only been attacked, but violated, by the creature.

- The government has hired traditional healers to combat the Popobawa.

- The creature is only seen around elections, and may actually just be a mudslinging tactic.

[Location: East Africa and Zanzibar]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 4: Sea Monster, Bat Demon]

Portal - A dimensional door that some believe spirits use to travel between this world and the next. Portals can form along ley lines or moving water, they can be mirrors, well, or images such as heaven/hell’s gates.

[Location: Connecticut]

[TV: A Haunting: Back From the Dead - Episode 12: The Well from Hell (aka Welcome to Hell)]

* SEE Ley Lines

Port Lockroy Wordie Hut - Activity includes; sounds of movement and voices from inside, and shadows.

[TV: Destination Truth - S4 Ep 14: Ghost of Antarctica]

Port Jervis UFO - John Hudson a nurse at the psychiatric hospital, was heading home on a lonely road, listening to Christmas music. He notices a light in the sky, and stops to watch it, it comes closer slowing, and is revealed to be a cigar shaped UFO covered in a line of lights, which extends a tube of light towards him. Scared, he doesn’t know what to do, but the lights disappear and he leaves (unsure if the UFO left, or just turned off it’s lights). The only other reports of lights in the sky turn out to be a hot air balloon.

[Date: Nov 25, 2009]

[Location: Port Jervis, NY]

[TV: Close Encounters - Episode 5: Schools Out and Christmas Lights]

Possessed Items (aka Haunted Items) - These are objects that a spirit (often a past owner or it’s creator, but also other ghosts, or a inhuman spirit) is attached to, rather than a location or person. Possessed objects are usually associated with a haunting activity (normal or demonic) in the place where they are located, and occasionally portals (particularly if they look like portals, doors, windows, or gates). Dolls are one of the most common items, possibly due to a tradition of grieving parents attaching passed children's hair to angelic looking dolls. Though any other number of objects have been said to be possessed, even tattoos have been reported to be possessed.

- In Hebrew tradition, possessed objects may be purged of negative energy with fire. Other means of dealing with possessed items include spells, boiling, blessing, burying, and breaking them (breaking/destroying possessed items can release the spirits to wreck havoc elsewhere however).

[TV: Possessed Possessions (TV Special) + Haunted History - Season 1, Episode 5: A Deadly Possession + A Haunting - Season 7, Episode 12: Portal of Doom]

* SEE Haunted Item Collection

Possession - When a person is attacked internally by a demon or other spirit. Paranormal activity may also occur around them. Activity may include, thrown objects, shadow, voices and growls. The early stages of possession are known as attachment.

[TV: Paranormal State - Episode 74: Suicide Possession + A Haunting: Back From the Dead - Episode 9: The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer]

Presidio La Bahia - Oldest fort west of the Mississippi River, site of several battles and the Goliad Massacre. Colonel Fennen was taken outside the chapel where he asked not to be shot in the face, to have christian burial, and for his family to get his watch, all three requests were ignored. Activity includes; bootsteps, doorknobs rattling, a female voice, being grabbed or strangled, EVPs, and chapel bells ring on their own (Aether Paranormal got this on tape).

[Location: Goliad, Texas]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 5 (Special)]

Preston Castle - A former school for unruly and unwanted boys, where 17 student deaths and 2 staff murders (Anna Corbin) occurred. It is believed to be haunted by shadow people. Activity includes; shadow people, photo anomalies, EVPs and whispers (a woman who asks for help).

[Loctaion: Ione, California]

[TV: Unexplained Files - Episode 21: Shadow People and the Sun Miracle]

*SEE Shadow People

Price -Gause House/Hanging House/Gallows Hill - A house Dr William Price built over the city's first gallows, and the graves of the criminals themselves, against his friends' advice. Activity includes; apparitions (young man in mirror, old lantern, shadowy figure, figure in black, old man's face in windows), sensation of being touched, voices, EVPs (help me), scratching and dragging sounds, objects moving (rocking chair, heavy table), foul odors (tobacco smoke), and psychic hits.

[Location: Wilmington, North Carolina]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors (Creepy Canada) - Season 1, Episode 8]

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR) - A parapsychology research program founded by Prof. Robert Jahn, which ran from 1979 to 2007.

[Books: Poltergeists; Examining Mysteries of the Paranormal (Micheal Clarkson)]

[Web: Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_G._Jahn ]

Project Blue Book - For many years the US government kept track of UFO sightings under the codename Project Blue Book, created in the 50’s. This included public reports, which became overwhelming. The Condon Report is launched to decide if the project is worth it, but Condon himself felt the project wasn’t worthwhile, and Project Blue Book is soon cancelled.

[TV: Alien Mysteries - Episode 2: Stephenville Lights + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 20: UFO Bigfoot, Lake Pepin Monster, Cajun Werewolf + Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots + Secret Access: UFOs on the Record (Special)]


Project Delta - Another name for the Men in Black, who supposedly cover-up alien encounters for the US government.

[TV: Unsealed: Alien Files - Episode 1: Alien Encyclopedia]

* SEE Government UFO Cover-up

Project Identification (1973) - Dr. Rutledge and his team studies a UFO Flap around Piedmont, Missouri. They collected info on size, shape, and velocity. He believed the light to be plasma balls. He notices the orbs seem to be mimicking them, and believes they are controlled by something intelligent. In 1976, there was an increase in orbs, followed by a 5.5 earthquake, and the lights disappeared.

[Location: Piedmont, Missouri]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots]

Psychics - Psychic powers vary, as does the supposed power source, though many modern psychics claim to have visions (re-cognition/precognition), or the ability to see/communicated with the dead (mediums/shamans). One psychic claimed to need six cups of coffee to access his visions. Some psychics claim to have had their powers their whole lives, while others claim to have developed them after traumatic events such as being struck by lighting.

- Mediums (Spirit Mediums) - Psychics that can supposedly speak with spirits, and are sometimes able to see them, and/or have visions.

- Psychic Detectives - Though controversial, some police departments have had break-through in cases while working with psychics, usually in identifying suspects, or finding suspects/victims.

- Psychic Paranormal Investigators - Some paranormal investigators bring in psychics (or claim to be psychic themselves) to gather more information about the ghosts/demons/etc causing a haunting. Sometimes their claims are backed up by the investigation team’s research, but it’s possible they did research as well.

- Shamans - People, often tribal members, said to be in tune with the spirit world, and able to speak to or see spirits. They may also prophesizes or heal.

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 16: Extreme Psychics]

* SEE Lightning Psychics

Psychological Operations 1989 - Sal, an engineer at a top secret research facility. He feels sick, and goes to the onsite doctor who gives him a shot. The next morning when he wakes up at home, he realizes he doesn’t remember how to get to work, or what he has been doing. He learns his security and contract have been canceled and only his pay-stubs remain.

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO - Episode 3: Alien Technology]

Puk Wudgie - A small (3-4 ft) evil creature, humanoid and goblin-like, which act friendly and innocent. They are unable to attack their prey directly, and therefore have to lure them into traps or off cliff. Native American legends tell that this is because they were cursed, for turning on both man and the creator. Avoiding their invitations, is the only way to avoid being harmed.

- Other evil spirits and ghosts are believed to inhabit the swamp as well. One Paranormal Investigation into the area yielded footage of what appears to be a Puk Wudgie.

[Location: HockaMock Swamp (Native American for Evil-Hellish Place), Bridgewater Triangle, Plymomth Rock, Massachusetts]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 9: Puk Wudgie, Alien Brood, Dover Demon]

Pythian Castle - A castle built by a secret society, the Knights of Pythius, in 1913 to house elderly members and orphans. It was later sold to soldiers who used it as a club. Current owner give tours. At least one suicide is known to have taken place (with a razor, by a German elder). Activity includes; voices, lights, footsteps, shadows or shadow people, invisible solid masses, and EVPs (in German),

- Activity is said to have decreased since a medal (believed to have belonged to the suicide victim) has been put on display.

[Location: Springfield, Missouri]

[TV: Haunted Collector - Season 3, Episode 9: Lakeside Terror, Pythian Secrets]


(The) Queen Mary (aka/formerly The Grey Ghost) - A retired ocean liner and US military ship, on which multiple accidents and tragedies occurred, that is supposed to be very haunted. Activity includes, splashing noises and wet footprints and apparitions in vintage swimsuits in empty first class pool, shadows and apparitions and whispers/moaning in engineering, voices and apparitions of British sailors around the forward haul (The Grey Ghost accidentally plowed through a British ship, killing the crew of 300).

[TV: Possessed Possessions (TV Special) + Ghost Hunters]


Rachel, Nevada - A town close to Area 51 and the Roswell and San Agustin Crash Site, that has benefited greatly from the tourism that these locations have attracted.

[Location: Nevada]

(The) Rake - Once seen, this hypnotic boogyman will stalk it’s victim for the rest of their life, or at least until they go insane. It is said that if you lay eyes on it, it’ll stalk you the rest of your life, making all witnesses potential victims. It’s tall, and has long arms and fingers, like the shadow of a hand., and a featureless face. It also has tentacles that come out of it’s back, which it uses to kill victims who are unaware of it’s presence. Believed to be attracted to fear, upon which it feeds.

- Modern myths of the rake may have origins in Egypt’s Osiris legends. Honestly, I thought this was just creepy pasta… the thing looks suspiciously like Nergal, but people seem to believe it’s real and to have seen it.

[Location: Erie, Pennsylvania]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 17: The Rake, Lechuza, Sykesville Monster]

Rebobs - Flying monkeys, believed to live along a forested road in Napa Valley, and reported since the 1960s. They are humanoid in shape, 7 feet tall, with dark fur, hairless batty wings, and glowing red eyes. They are said to have a cry like a woman's. Some say they were created by a mad scientist, but eventually got loose.

- Other phenomenon said to occur on the road is a temperature drop, and the feeling you're being watched.

[Location: Partrick Road, Napa Valley, California]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 7: Carolina Reptile Man, Succubus, Napa Rebobs]

Red Rain (Blood Red Rain, Alien Blood Red Rain) - Nov 17th 2012, the monsoon season starts, but this time it rains blood red rain on and off for 60 days. People are too terrified to go outside, even with umbrellas. Government officials come into investigate, and check to see if the water is safe, and look for other cases. In 2009, Sydney was covered in red fog, due to dust. In 2001, Corolla, India, also had red rain caused by dust. But some scientists on the case think the rain contains cells. Colombia, South America, had red rain in 2008, which a local scientist claimed really did contain blood. But the cells have too thick of walls to be blood. Nor are they able to match it to known red algae. An element test comes up negative for phosphorous, indicating that the cells don’t have Earthly DNA. - A meteor fell to earth one week before, some scientists believe this to be the source of the cells based on their research. If true, it’s proof of alien life.

[Location: Sri Lanka, India]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 6: Alien Blood Rain, Carolina Beach Boom and the Voynich Manuscript.]

Rendell Building - Used as a temporary morgue when the courthouse got full, it may be haunted by Dr. Butler. He also supposedly haunts the courthouse across the road. Activity includes; objects thrown, voices (possibly debunked as from outside).

[Location: Shreveport, La]

[TV: Ghost Hunters]

Rendlesham Files, The Rendlesham Forest Incident - US military airmen stationed at a nuclear base near Rendlesham forest witness strange lights. They afterwards witness a glassy black 6 ft pyramid in the woods. There are symbols etched on one side, and when they are touched the object glows white, then zips away at impossible speeds. The officers have missing time, and discrepancies in their memories. Later investigation reveals tripod scorches and indentations on the forest floor, and scorch marks on the trees. They are ambushed by a huge bright white, eyeball-like object and flee, interrupting the Officer’s Christmas Party to report their findings. One of the officers is compelled to write in binary. A third trip out to the woods, under command of Lt Col Halt, to get samples and measurements, reveals high traces of radiation. The birds and local farm animals call out, then fall silent, and the airmen are once again confronted by the ‘eyeball’ craft. (The stories have discrepancies here again, one man may have been abducted.) As they run it burst apart into 5 smaller orbs. Meanwhile, one account claims that back at the base, an impossibly fast craft shows up as a line on the radar, and when it disappears the craft itself can be seen outside the radar room window, but makes no noise. It moves over to the nuclear storage area, shines a beam on it, then disappears.

- Lt Col Halt writes a memo to the British government to avoid misunderstandings about the events. Other accounts of the incident were written by lower-ranking airmen as well, but were confiscated and replaced with a shortened sanitized account.

- Later hypnosis reveals memories that they were telepathically in contact with the aliens, including the abductees who reports encountering small orb-like creatures and a giant eye, inside the light. As well as memories of harsher interrogations by government officials. And excretions that the ‘aliens’ are future humans, and seeing binary code when touching the craft.

- Analysis of the Binary Code, indicates seven locations around the globe with unusual EMF and historic significance.

[Location: Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England]

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 39: The Rendlesham Files + Alien Mysteries - Episode 4: Rendlesham Forest + Close Encounters - Episode 7: Triangles in the Forest and High Tide + Secret Access: UFOs on the Record (Special) + UFO Files - Episode 29: Britain’s Roswell]

Reptilians - A reptile-like species of alien reported by some abductees and witnesses. May be capable of appearing human. Alternate explanations suggest they are mutants, hybrids, or creatures from the underground. Some believe these creatures have even infiltrated the world's governments.

Residual Haunting - A haunting in which paranormal activity is believed to be from residual energy rather then a spirit. Residual hauntings do not acknowledge the living and are repetitive in nature (for example, EVP recordings will always be the same). Because residual hauntings do not involve spirits of the departed, it is possible to see apparitions of a living person, even one's self. Removal of residual hauntings usually involves removing whatever item(s) the energy is attached to.

Ri Mermaid - New Ireland's version of the mermaid. Has the tail of a fish, and a head like a dugong.

- One local claims to have cut off off one's head, after it got caught in his net, and buried it under a coconut tree. However the Destination Truth team was unable to find it when exhuming the supposed grave.

[Location: Reefs near New Ireland, Papua New Guinea]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 1: Iguandon and Mermaid]

Roanoke Colony, The Lost Colony - An English settlement established in 1585, which disappeared entirely, leaving behind almost nothing (houses were dismantled), but the word Croatoan carved into a tree. Some speculate that this means they moved to Hatteras Island and mixed with the Croatoan Native Americans (many of whom have grey eyes, a common European trait). Other theories include; wars with the Spanish or other local tribes, starvation, and them making boats from the houses, moving inland and resulting murders, however none have yet been proven.

[Movies: Vanishing on 7th Street (2010, fiction)]

[TV: America Unearthed - Season 1, Episode 7: Mystery of Roanoke]

Robert the Doll - Given the title of America's most possessed plaything, Robert was the inspiration for Chuckie (Child's Play). He was a gift to Eugene from one of the family's servants and soon became his favorite toy, but as time went on he started to blame strange events on the doll. After he got married, his wife locked the doll in the attic. Robert resides in the Key West Post Office or East Martello Museum, depending on the time of year. Activity includes, Robert blinking, and photo/film anomalies.

[Location: Key West, Florida]

Rocky Lake Monster - A serpentine monster said to watch scuba divers, filling them with dread, even when they don't see it.

- Some also believe the rock piles in the lake to be Aztec pyramids.

[Location: Rocky Lake, Wisconsin]

[TV: America Unearthed - Season 2, Episode 7: Underwater Pyramids]

Rocky Mountains (Canadian section) - The Canadian section of the Rocky Mountains is know as a historic hotspot for Bigfoot sightings. People claim to have seen Bigfoot, heard woman-like screaming, have been kidnapped, and had their dogs eaten.

- Footprint casts from this area to exist, including the 'crippled Bigfoot' cast set.

- Albert Osterman (1900s) claimed to have been kidnapped and held for six days by a group of Bigfoot while camping here, finally escaping by tricking one into eating a canister of tobacco, causing it to be sick.

- William Roe (1957) claimed to have approached one which was stripping leaves from a tree. He intended to shoot it for science, but when the creature looked at him, he decided he couldn't kill something that seemed so human.

[Location: Rocky Mountains, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 11]

* SEE Bigfoot

Roh’s Opera House - Activity includes apparitions (lady in white).

Rolling Hills Asylum - A former poorhouse, tuberculosis ward, orphanage, mental hospital, and nursing home. As a mental hospital; it is said the asylum was forced to take in criminal patients. Notably it was home to the scholarly Gentle Giant Roy, and there are rumors that a former nurse (Emma) was a witch who terrorized patients, as well as an evil man named Raymond. It is now believed to be haunted by spirits of patients, workers, and prisoners. Activity includes; apparitions, illness/disorientation when lying on the morgue slab, objects moving, cold spots, EVPs, K2 hits, ovilus hits, proximity hits.

- Building is located next to an electrical substation, which could cause false EMF readings, and uncomfortable sensations. Though by the same token, some believe such sources could feed activity.

- Ghost Asylums team attempted to trap as spirit using their Inferno Cage Trap, with little to no results.

[Location: Bethany, New York]

[TV: Ghost Asylum - Season 2, Episode 3: Rolling Hills Asylum]

Roosevelt Hotel - A historic hotel in Hollywood, that many believe may be haunted. Hot spots include; the two room performer’s suite. Witnesses include; Ana Gasteyer. Activity includes; howling, cold spots, cold breezes from nowhere, piano in the performer’s suite plays itself, the sensation of a presence, apparitions (a short maid, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift, a little girl in a blue dress), Marilyn Monroe’s reflection seen in her personal mirror now located in lobby, the sound of Montgomery Clift’s bugle in room 928, photographic anomalies, and odd calls to the hotel operator.

[Location: Hollywood]

[TV: Celebrity Ghost Stories - Episode 38: Brett Butler, Cassandra Peterson, Phil Var…]

Ropen - A pterodactyl like monster reportedly seen in Paupa New Guinea. It is believed to have a 15 foot wingspan, have a glowing (possibly red or white) stomach and tail, tear corpses out of cement capped graves and eat them, and live in caves (including those dug by the Japanese). It appears as round ball of light in the sky at night, similar to a UFO.

- At least in some areas of the country, planes are not allowed in the sky after dark, ruling out legally piloted planes.

- Blight's Horn-bills may account for some of the sightings.

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 3: Ropen and Chupacabra]


* SEE Snallygaster

* SEE Thunderbirds

Rose Hall Plantation, Great House - A notorious plantation house, where Annie Palmer (the white witch) murdered her three husbands, and had numerous slaves beaten to death (after having one night affairs with them). She was killed by her voodoo mentor at the start of the Great Slave Revolt. She and perhaps others, are now believed to haunt the house. Activity includes; EVPs (feminine voice), whispers and screams (feminine voice), sounds of footsteps and crunching by her grave, feelings of illness or entrancement, and creepy sensations.

- Annie's tomb has crosses on three sides, so that if her spirit was not in her body when she was buried, it could return, without having to pass a cross.

[Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Season 5, Episode 9: Rose Hall]

Roswell Autopsy Film - Footage showing a supposed autopsy of alien bodies acquired from Roswell, and sold to an British collector with a batch of classic rock-and-roll reels. The film is silent, black and white, and shows a humanoid body being dissected. Differences between the body and humans include; low ears, polydactyl hands/feet, female but with no breasts, unfamiliar organs and layout of organs, and odd eyes. The authenticity of the footage is still debated today. Items in the footage are consistent with the era, and the edge markers were available at the time. The film however regularly goes out of focus, and has many obscured sections, traits common when hiding hoaxes. Special effects artist have discussed how hard this would be to do today.

- Stories accompanying the footage describe 3 crash survivors, one of which was clinging to a box, taken from it by a soldier that hit it with the butt of his gun.

- Some believe the bodies malformations, hazmat suits, and short time period indicate radiation not aliens. However the extra fingers, organ layout, and head to body ratio would not be changed by radiation.

[TV: Alien Autopsy (Special)]

* SEE Roswell Incident

Roswell Incident - July 6, 1947 - a UFO crashed into a ranch near Roswell and Corona. Officials claim it was a weather balloon (and later a spy balloon), but witnesses describe strange metals frames and bodies. The TV show UFO Hunters, proposes there may have been a second crash site.

- Some claim several technical advances are the result of studying alien tech found at this and other crash sites, the actual developers of those technical advances say otherwise.

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 17: Target: Earth, UFO Hunters - Episode 27: The Real Roswell, UFO Files - Episode 22: The Day After Roswell, Alien Autopsy - Special, The Unexplained Files]

[Books: The Day After Roswell (Colonel Philip J. Corso, William J. Birnes)]

[Web: Wikipedia: --- ]

* SEE San Agustin Crash Site

* SEE Roswell Autopsy Film

Rougarou (aka Loup-garou, Loupgarou, Cajun Werewolf) - Usually described as a man with a dog’s head, though sometimes it has a hairy body, and a hog or bird’s head, and is sometimes said to be 7 to 10 ft tall. May have a terrible odor (skunk and wet dog), and fiery red alligator eyes. Some believe that you'll become a Rougarou if you look into one's eyes, or you'll be hypnotized, but you may be able to kill it with salt (melt it like a slug). It may eat humans, deer, and other animals. Some believe it to be a human cursed or demon possessed for 101 days, causing them to become a were beast at night, while others believe it is a permanent year-round monster. Alternate stories say they are Loupgarou (werewolves) that came over on French ships, and therefore are most active full-moon nights. But, Native tales (which suggest the phenomenon is older then the French origin story) say that drawing blood from a Rougarou that attacks you will break curse and cause it to change back.

[Location: Manchac Swamp, Terrebonne and Cutoff, Louisiana]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 5: The Swamps + Swamp Monsters - Episode 3: Cajun Wolf]

* SEE Werewolf

* SEE Dogman

* SEE Lobizon

Route 44 (aka Hell’s Highway) - A supposedly haunted section of highway, where Settlers and Native Americans once had a war. Activity includes; apparition of a red-headed hitchhiker in a flannel shirt.

[Location: Rehoboth, MA]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 7 (Special)]

[Books: The New England Ghost Files]

Route 666, Route 191, Devil’s Highway - A renamed north/south highway running between Colorado and New Mexico, which is believed to have been cursed by the use of the devil’s number. There have been a large number of accidents on this route. Other experiences include; missing time, UFOs, suddenly feeling cold, dark fog with green lightning, apparitions of trucker who appears in vehicles along the area where he died possibly as a guiding spirit, and seeing odd creatures like chupacabra.

[Location: Colorado to New Mexico]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 3: Badlands]

* SEE Chupacabra


Ruabdomancy - The ancient practice of divining for water with wood (preferably hazel) or metal rods, which is still practiced today. Some believe these rods can also be used to communicate with spirits.

Russian Levitating Girl - Video of girl apparently levitating, has a possible cut spot.

[TV: Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files]

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