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This list is an ongoing project, where I am compiling modern paranormal and mythical cases from various sources. The hope is that you can use it to get the basic information a subject, as well as find sources where you can get more information. This list is updated regularly, as I’m continually working on adding in new cases, and updating old ones.

Listing are alphabetical, with numeric entries at the end. Included at the end of each entry are notes about activity, location, media source, and investigators, as well as my personal notes if they apply.

WARNING: This list DOES contain SPOILERS for various Books and TV shows.

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Sabine Thing (aka Nalusa Falaya, Croque-Mitaine) - A predatory creature that stalks the banks of the Sabine River. May be human-like in form, capable of walking bipedally, and having human or demon-like eyes. May howl at people. Said to leave large 5-toed footprints. It is believed to both scavenge and hunt. Legends go back Native Americans who called it, Nalusa Falaya, meaning, long black evil being. Others refer to the creature as Croque-Mitaine, which translates to Bogeyman.

- Recordings of the creature's calls are said to exist.

[Location: Sabine River, Texas and Louisiana]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 3: Sabine Thing, Lighting Psychic]

Sal'awa - A extremely fast pitbull-like monster, said to roam the sugarcane fields of Egypt. It has long back legs, razor claws, and pointed ears. It is said to maim and eat children.

- Documented reports do indicate that something is attacking humans in the area. Some believe the description is a cross between sightings of Feral Dogs and Eygptian Foxes.

[Location: Armant, Eygpt]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 4 - Ghost of Chernobyl, Sal'awa]

Salem - Gallows Hill, Witch Memorial, Salem Witch Museum

[Location: Massachusetts]

San Agustin Crash Site - A second proposed crash site, 250 miles away from Roswell, date to about the same week as Roswell (July 1947). Barney saw what he thought was a plane crash from the highway, and drove out to check in out. An odd, melted looking object was supposedly found at the site. These turn out to be high density Polyethylene, which isn’t invented until 6 years later. This site is UNDISCLOSED, but not far from Bat Cave.

[TV: UFO Hunters - Episode 27: The Real Roswell]

* SEE Roswell Incident

Sandy Island - An island found in 1774, and disappeared sometime prior to 2012 (possibly before 1979). It was a small island, that could have been covered by ocean water, but no evidence of a sunken island was found, and scientists determined the satellite maps had faulty temperature data.

- Some believe the island may have been pumic sea rafts covered in sand.

[Location: was near New Caledonia]

[TV: Ancient Aliens - Season 6, Episode 9: Aliens and Forbidden Islands]

* SEE Dougherty Island

San Luis Valley - A valley on the Rio Grande Rift where the Earth’s magnetic field is said to fluctuate, possibly attracting UFOs. There’s also reports of cattle mutilations and vortexes.

[Location: Colorado]

[TV: Legends of the Parks + Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots]

Santa Monica Lights - Fireballs or orb UFOs, capable of dividing, were recorded by many people in Santa Monica. It was so significant, it was reported on the local news.

[Location: Santa Monica, California]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots]

Sasquatch - Another name for Bigfoot, the hairy hominid rumored to live in North America.

[Location: North America]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot]

* SEE Bigfoot

Sasquatch Triangle - An area in Ohio where the highest number of sightings of the Grassman have occurred.

[Location: Eastern Ohio]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 14: Ohio Grassman; Green-clawed Beast; Big Mud…]

* SEE Ohio Grassman

* SEE Grassman of Perry County

* SEE Bigfoot

Screaming Doppelganger - A woman appeared several times, facing East, reaching towards heaven, and screaming silently. She appeared as real as anyone else, but unresponsive, and always in the same pose. A clean-up crew found a almost identical woman (brunette, not blonde, and tan, not pale, in opposite colored clothes) in a shallow grave nearby. It is believed the woman on the rock was her doppelganger, which began appearing before she was murdered. A regular colored version now appears on the rock in the same pose, and has on occasion been seen by the same people that originally saw the opposite color version.

[Location: Rocks, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, British Colombia, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 12]

(The) Seven Hundred Nineties Inn - Supposedly haunted by Anne, who jumped off the third floor when her lover left her.

[Location: Savannah, Georgia]

[TV: A Haunting: Back From the Dead - Episode 9: The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer]

Shadow Animals - Similar to Shadow People, a wide variety of species have been reported. Some claim these creatures are alternate forms of human spirits.

[Books: Seeking Spirits (Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, & Jan Friedman - 2009)]

* SEE Shadow People

Shadow Creature - This creature is a 6 to 8 ft tall humanoid, with an exoskeleton. It is said to be a good climber, and cause overwhelming fear in any person who encounters it.

[Location: Braxton County]

[TV: Mountain Monsters - Season 2, Episode 4: Shadow Creature of Braxton County]

Shadowmen of Blackstar Canyon - Alternate name for Blackstar Shadowmen.

* SEE Blackstar Shadowmen

* SEE Shadow People

Shadow People (aka Shadowmen) - Dark shadow-like people, usually taller than humans, that may be connected to ghosts or demons. Often, no features can be made out, but occasionally they are said to have glowing red eyes, sharp teeth, or be wearing specific pieces of clothing, such as fedoras. Some people claim to have experiences with the same shadow people at different locations, suggesting they’re intelligent entities, not bound to one location or event. They may dissolve away, or disappear in a flash, and are often connected to a feeling of extreme fear. They may also be able to speak, and manifest into a more solid, but disfigured/mutilated, form.

- One (in-person) explanation I've received, is that they are witches astral projecting, to spy on relatives and enemies. And the flash seen when some disappear is due to their magic being interrupted.

[Location: Worldwide, particularly common in Maryville, Mo + Blackstar Canyon, CA]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 10: Momo, Shadow People, Van Meter Visitor + The Unexplained Files - Episode 21: Shadow People and the Sun Miracle + Haunted Highways - Season 1, Episode 2: Darkman of Standing Rock, Blackstar Shadow + Ghost Hunters]

*SEE Blackstar Shadowmen

Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia - On October 4th, 1967, several people in Nova Scotia and Cape Sable Island, see UFOs over the water, usually described as a row of orange orbs (many witnesses describe feeling a deep fear in connection to seeing the lights). They appear to make their way to Shag Harbor, where they plunge into the water. Dull light could be seen in harbor, and witnesses are concerned it may be a plane crash. Local fishing boats, Police, and Coast Guards rush to the site, to find nothing but orange foam that melts away. Authority research finds no military, civilian, or commercial airplanes are know to be missing, and a aircraft is soon ruled out entirely, with the ‘dark object’ being labeled a UFO. October 6th, divers scour the area, but found nothing over a three days search, though contrary rumors claim they brought up a wrapped object. Conspiracies include US cold-war testing, and Canadian Military Cover-up. Twenty-five years later, the investigation continues, Styles uses a microfilm viewer and finds a goldmine of information. Not only did reports come in from nearby cities, but Commercial Airlines pilots saw the objects. Father Burke-Gaffney is also found to have kept detailed X-Files on the incident he tried to downplay. Some findings suggest the UFO moved after submerging. Interviewing divers he is told, they found multiple objects and beings, near Shelburne. After the search is called off to pursue Russian subs, the object are believed to have moved once more and surfaced. Sightings of UFOs were reported a week after the first event. A burnt cylinder had been found on a beach as well, and was delivered to a US naval officer.

[Location: Nova Scotia & Cape Sable Island, Canada]

[TV: UFO Files - Episode 36: Canada’s Roswell + Close Encounters - Episode 7: Triangles in the Forest and High Tide]

Shamans - People in tune with the spirit world (usually tribe members), they may prophesizes or heal.

*SEE Psychics

Shanghai Tunnels - Old tunnels running underneath Portland, Oregon that were once used to kidnap men to be forced into service as sailors, they are now believed by many to be haunted. Some local Native Americans also believe in an underground monster that may come after those that venture below ground. One specific spirit believed to reside there is Nina, a brothel slave who used to report on the happenings in the Shanghai Tunnels. Some also believe the wolf apparitions seen in the tunnels can be attributed to shanghaied Native Americans, as there are many Native American tales of people turning into animals as well as protective animal spirits. One story tells of a specific man who stopped to drink from a fountain, and when shanghaiers approached him, he turned to look at them, then became a wolf. Activity includes; wolf and human apparitions, feelings and sensations, and photographic anomalies.

- Interestingly, Portland is know for it’s roses (The City of Roses), and roses are supposed to keep evil spirits away.

[Location: Portland, Oregon]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 2: Pacific Northwest]

Sheepsquatch - Part-man, part-sheep, this aggressive whitish furred creature, has fangs, talons, horns, and a bald tale. It is believed to live in the woods of Breckenridge, where it attacks wolves and dogs, as well as people. The creature may be as tall as 9 feet.

- The story may have evolved from immigrant shepherd’s tales of demons which would wear sheep skins and horns.

[Location: Breckenridge, KY, (also AK?)]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 1: Appalachia]

Shenango Dog Boy - A werewolf-like hairy humanoid, that wears clothes, but acts dog-like. Said to have a human sounding howl. It may attack and/or grab a hold of victims. Local legend says it was a creature summoned by a coven of witches living in the red house, to protect themselves, but it may have it's true origins in German folklore.

[Location: Shenango River Valley, Pennsylvania]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 4: Florida Zombie, Dybbuk, Shenango Dog Boy]

Shepherdstown - Supposedly the most haunted town in the USA.

[TV: Ghosts of Sheperdstown)

Shreveport Auditorium - Across the street from a cemetery, Elvis encounters, voices, photographic anomalies, and a woman in white.

[TV: Ghost Hunters]

Shunka Warakin (Native American [which language?] for ‘Carries off Dogs’, aka; Shunka Wark'in, Rocky Mountain Hyena, Rocky Mountain Demon Wolf, Ringdocus, Giactocus) - A large wolf/hyena-like monster said to attack people and livestock around Ennis, Montana. Has dark fur, a narrow snout (or in some accounts a short broad snout), an arched back, sloping hind quarters, large torso, and lightly striped fur, and glowing red eyes. It is supposed to have a terrifying high pitched howl. Arrows are said to bounce off it. Some speculate that it might be a living remnant of an ancient canine, Borophagus. Alternate explanations include mutations from heavy metal poisoning.

- The Madison Valley History Museum has a mount of the only known creature, said to be shot by Israel Hutchins in 1886. It was rediscovered in 2007. Access to DNA testing has been denied due to a legal dispute over the mount's ownership.

[Locations: Beaverhead National Forest, Ennis, MT]

[TV: Haunted Highways + True Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 1: The Betty Hill Dress; Rocky Mountain Demon]

Sierra Sounds - Audio recordings of strange sounds from the 1970’s that are attributed to Sasquatch. The recordings were made after locals living around Lake Tahoe reported hearing unusual sounds they couldn’t identify. Recent audio recordings from the area exist as well. Exposed bedrock may alter the perception of sounds in the area.

[Location: Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada Mountain Range]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot]

* SEE Bigfoot

Silver City Ghost Town - Abandon town, supposedly haunted in several locations, including the Masonic Lodge. Activity includes; moving objects, doors opening and closing, EVPs.

[Locations: Idaho]

[TV: Haunted Highways]

Silver Run Tunnel (aka Tunnel 19) - A tunnel believed to be haunted by a woman who died while traveling aboard a train inside. Some believe she was murdered by a jealous suitor, and others say she jumped off the train on purpose. Activity includes, the apparition of a woman in white, cold spots, screaming, white mists, and footsteps (echos?).

- A skeleton in a bridal dress was eventually found walled up behind the tunnel bricks.

[Location: Silver Run (ghost town), Richie County, West Virginia]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 2]

Skeptiseum - One skeptic’s collection, home to a bottle of Clark Stanley’s Snake Oil Liniment, vampire killing kits, Bigfoot footprint casts, and many other dubious ‘paranormal’ artifacts.

- While snake oil is now a term for fake medicine, and Stanley was shut down by the newly formed FDA, as it did not contain rattlesnake oil or cure the aliments listed, Stanley’s oil contained chili pepper extract, a natural pain killer, accounting for why it seemed to have an effect.

[TV: Mysteries at the Museum]

Skinwalkers (Yee naald looshii) - Native American spirits/shamans who can take animal form, and even other humans forms. Possibly a high-level priest who committed murder, or a witch-doctor hired to get revenge. Some tales say becoming a skinwalker involves; sacrificing a loved one, necrophilia, and cannibalism. Similar to werewolves, but able to control when and where they change. Cattle and sheep mutilations are sometimes blamed on Skinwalkers. They are also said to be able to control someone's mind via eye contact. It is generally considered taboo among Native Americans to talk about Skinwalkers, so when they do, they may refer to them by other names such as shapeshifters.

- While generally seen in a negative light, there are some legends that they were once helpful, spying on the Spanish for the Natives.

- Alternate explanations of the creatures include; unknown animals, aliens, and snouted Bigfoot.

[Location: Southwestern US Desert - New Mexico]

[TV: Haunted Highways + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 6: Desert Wasteland + MonsterQuest - Season 4, Episode 9: America's Werewolf]

[Books: Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators (Tea Krulos)]

* SEE Chupacabra

* SEE Thunderbirds

* SEE Cattle Mutilations

* SEE Werewolf

Skunk Ape - A hairy hominid that lives in the forests and swamps of the south eastern US, that walks on two legs like a human, but has a unbearable stench (similar to rotten eggs). Similar to Bigfoot, but smaller (or larger in some accounts) with longer reddish fur. The creature is said to scream/howl, and stalk people. First known reports date to the 1960s, though some suggest Native American sighting/encounters with it go back further.

- Some believe the creatures to be feral populations of chimpanzee or orangutang.

[Location: Big Cypress National Reserve, Big Cypress Swamps, Green Swamp, Gilchrist Island, and Myakka, Florida]

[TV: Mysteries in America - Episode13: Skunk Ape, Pascagoula Aliens, Lizard Man + MonsterQuest - Season 1 Episode 6: Swamp Beast + Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 3: King Tut's Curse; Swamp Ape]

[Books: Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators (Tea Krulos)]

* SEE Bigfoot

Skunk Ape Research Headquarters - A museum, gift-shop, and reptile zoo, dedicated to Skunk Ape. Founded by Dave Shealy.

- Dave Shealy has been accused of hoaxing by many other skunk ape and bigfoot hunters, but the field is well known to have bitter rivalries.

[Location: Florida]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 3: King Tut's Curse; Swamp Ape]

[Books: Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators (Tea Krulos)]

* SEE Skunk Ape

Sky-quake - A strange shaking that appears to originate from above rather than below (as in a earthquake). Some speculate that the supposed Aurora aircraft, supposed to have been developed at Area 51, is the cause. Furthermore they claim, alien tech has to be involved to create the 'hypersonic' blast-wave.

[TV: Mystery Quest - Season 1, Episode 5: Alien Cover-Up]

Slide-Rock Bolter - A huge dolphin-like creature reported by lumberjacks in Colorado mountains since the 19th century. It's head and mouth are exceptionally large.

[Location: Colorado]

[Web: All Day (click bait warning) - ]

Smithfield - A town in Rhode Island where large areas are believed to be haunted. Activity includes; apparitions (animal headed men, headless women, bloody figures, burning figures).

Snallygaster - A flying reptile with scaly green skin (possibly a pterodactyl), said to have a 20 foot wingspan, and 6 inch talons.

[Location: Preston County, West Virginia]

[TV: Mountain Monsters - Season 2, Episode 19: Snallygaster of Preston County]

* SEE Thunderbirds

* SEE Ropen

Southdown Plantation - A location where the original owners treated their slaves miserably, even murdering them. Prior to this the Houma Native Americans were pushed out by plantation owners. Activity includes, apparitions, a little girl (Anna) giggling, slamming doors, IR anomalies, and threatening voices.

[Location: Houma, Louisiana]

[TV: Deep South Paranormal - Episode 6: Deep in the Bayou]

SOBEPS - A Belgian UFO reporting agency.

[Location: Belgium]

[TV: Secret Access: UFOs on the Record (Special)]

Solomon Islands - A remote group of Islands were giants, shape-shifters (Chua Chua), UFOs, USOs, and other phenomenon have been reported.

[TV: Ancient Aliens - Season 6, Episode 9: Aliens and Forbidden Islands]

Southern Nights Bed & Breakfast - Activity includes; whispers and voices (sometimes calling specific people), the feeling someone is there, cold spots, heavy feeling in air, lights and alarm clocks turn on by themselves (even when unplugged, doors unlock themselves,

[Location: New Orleans, Louisiana]

[Investigators: Larry Monts (International Society for Paranormal Research)]

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

Spontaneous Human Combustion - Cases in which victims have inexplicably catch on fire. Fire may destroy bones, but often their surroundings and extremities will be relatively untouched. Mysteriously even bones are burned up, which even crematoriums have trouble with. - There is a limited number of cases where the victim has survived.

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 4: Spontaneous Human Combustion and Mexican P…]

Spook Light - A strange, sometimes multicolor, light that people see around Joplin. Unlike car headlights it moves erratically and may disappear and reappear in another location. It has also been seen since before there were trains and cars. Some people believe it to be an alien spacecraft, while others attribute it to spirits.

[Location: Route 66, Joplin]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 4: Ozarks]

Spottsville Monster - A Bigfoot like creatures reported in the woods around Spottsville, sometimes said to be a missing link, or half-man half-monster. They are said to be over 8 feet tall, extremely hairy, with a square jaw. They are intrusive, possibly aggressive, coming close to peoples' homes and trying to get in.

- One particular account of the Spottsville Monster, comes from the Nunnelly Family (Rosalie, her husband, and their sons and daughters; Barton, Dean) who moved into a farmhouse near Spottville in 1975. The man that sould them the house (Buzzy) claimed to have shot through the screen door at a hairy monster. The family's chickens would go missing, and they found 9+ dead dogs in on their property. Soon after they started seeing the creatures. When the police stopped responding to the families claims, they ended up making a suicide pact, that they'd set the house on fire if one ever got in. The boys staked out the monsters from the roof while Rosalie set the dogs on them. Failing to kill the creatures, they decided to move.

- Investigator Lonnie Hawks took audio recordings he believes to have been the creature. It is a sharp, slightly feminine, shrieking. The biologists he had examine the recording were unable to identify the call.

[Location: Spottville, Kentuky]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 8: Mantis Man; Spottsville Monster; Tornado Phantoms]

[Investigators: Lonnie Hawks]

Squishies - A localized name for Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

[Location: Isabella Farm, Lake, Michigan]

[Books: Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators (Tea Krulos)]

* SEE Bigfoot

St. Albans Sanatorium - Former boy's school, and experimental psychiatric hospital, built on sacred Native American (Shawnee) land. It is believed to be haunted by abused children and patients, and specifically Rebecca who committed suicide after her jarred stillborn infant was taken away. In addition, Gina Renee Hall was murdered nearby (her body was never found, but was buried somewhere on the property or in the surrounding woods), and some believe her spirit is trapped in the sanatorium basement as well. There is also said to be a red eyed demon (known as Red Eyes) on the property, who is said to be holding the other spirits there. The basement (with bowling alley and boiler room) is said to be particularly active. Activity includes; apparitions, mysterious lights, being hit, strange noises, EVPs, 'periscope' hits, ovilus hits, and proximity hits.

- Though digging tools were found with Hall's clothes, some believe her body may have been incinerated in the sanatorium furnace (in boiler room).

- The Ghost Asylum team attempted to use a dreamcatcher trap (Wraith Web Trap) to attract/trap a spirit/demon,

[Location: Bradford, Virginia]

[TV: Ghost Asylum - Season 2, Episode 5: St. Albans Sanatorium]

Stanley Hotel - Haunted hotel that inspired Steven King’s The Shinning. Room 401 is believed to be haunted by the original property owner. Also said to be particularly haunted are; 407 and 412. Activity includes; apparitions, heavy footsteps, impressions on beds, EVPS, vapors, and mists.

[Location: Estes Park, CO]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94, Do Not Disturb]

Star Gate (Project Star Gate, Psychic Soldiers) - US Government program during the Cold War that intended to turn soldiers into psychic spies (Remote Viewers), people they felt were already predisposed towards psychic abilities. Such spies would be able to go noticed. Some claims give the program otherworldly spin, involving UFOs and Alien Planets.

- One such soldier, Paul Smith, has describe the process in interviews. He said he'd get a sealed envelope and try to concentrate on the unknown location written inside, getting only vague impression at the beginning. He claims to have also been asked to look into the future (May 15th 1987), and saw an attack on a Navy ship. His session was ignored, and on he 17th the USS Stark was hit with the same details as he'd seen.

- Another soldier, Joseph McMoneagle claims to have been asked to look into an unexplained past event, and identify the UFO. He claims to have then been taken to the Pentagon where two Men in Black showed him pictures and told him it was high altitude weather balloon. In another session he was given coordinates and remote viewed an alien world with pyramids and a humanoid alien race in distress. Which he later learned was the 'Old City' on Mars.

[Location: Fort Meade, Maryland

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 5: Vermont Pigman; Bridge where I Died; Proje. . .]

Star Jelly - A gelatinous substance said to have fallen from the sky like rain.

[Location: India]

* SEE Toxic Rain

St. Augustine Lighthouse - Oldest site of a lighthouse in the USA. One keeper fell to his death while painting the light house, and another died of tuberculosis. During the construction the head keeper's two daughters got in a handcart and the brake gave out, dumping them in the ocean. Activity includes; apparition of a man in a blue uniform, the apparition of two little girls, and the smell of tobacco.

[Location: St. Augustine Florida]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 5]

Stephenville Lights - Several people (17+) in Stephenville witness strange lights in the sky (bright white, lines of pink lights ), sometimes in conjunction with electrical malfunctions. The lights are followed by military jets. The US military initially claims witnesses were tricked by optical illusions. The US military eventually claims/admits to having planes in the area, but radar data from the night shows their planes as well as three unknown objects, one of which was headed for the no-fly zone around Crawford Ranch.

[Location: Stephenville, Texas]

[TV: Alien Mysteries - Episode 2: Stephenville Lights]


Stink Ape - An alternate name for Skunk Ape.

* SEE Skunk Ape

St. James Graveyard - A historic graveyard, established in 1744. In 1810, after a riding accident, Samuel Jocelyn was buried alive. He had previously made a pact with Alexander Hostler, that whichever one of them that died first would try to contact the other, and Alexander saw an apparition of him asking for his body to be dug up. So eventually in the dead of night, he and another friend dug him up, and found he had been buried alive, and had then died in the coffin. Activity includes; strange sounds like scratching, voices (screaming for help), apparitions (Samuel Jocelyn), shadow figures, dogs drawn to the mausoleum, and lights flickering on and off.

- Whole guided tours have been scared out of the cemetery by the activity.

[Location: Wilmington, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 10]

St. James Hotel - A historic hotel supposedly haunted due to the 27+ death that took place there. Room 18 (aka T.J.'s room) is padlocked closed, because of the haunting activity, and the large number of patrons who've died, starting with a cowboy named T. J. who was shot in the lungs as he tried to enter his room, and fell inside where he died. He is blamed for the worst activity around the hotel. Another 26 people were shot to death in the saloon, and there are numerous bullets embedded in the ceiling. Activity includes; patron deaths, nosebleeds, and cold spots.

- There is record of TJ staying in the room, but there's no solid report of his fate.

- John Zaffis did not give a recommendation of what items to remove to still the haunting, due to the large number of historic objects, tough he suggested the bullets in the ceiling may be involved in the saloon haunting.

[Location: Cimarron, New Mexico]

[TV: Haunted Collector - Season 1, Episode 3: Burning Spirits/Ghosts of the West.]

St. Paul's Boneyard - A once flooded graveyard (many bodies were moved to a mausoleum), attached church was burnt down by the pastor, with his adulterous wife and the children's choir inside. It's burnt down several times since then. Activity includes; apparitions of the choir (who are said to fear fire, even a match or a lantern), and being grabbed/strangled by ghost hands at the captain’s grave (Captain Tomas Randolph, pirate hunter), hair being pulled, and being pushed.

[Location: Key West ]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 6 (Special) + Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 8: Volume 16]

Stone's Public House (AKA the Railroad House) - Inn built by Captain John Stone, and was once part of the underground railroad. There have been multiple death in and around the home. Stone accidentally killed a man during a poker game and hid the body in the basement. A young girl, Mary Smith, was hit by a train just outside, and was brought into the house, where she died (her bloody dress was found in the attic). Activity includes foot steps, the apparition of a young girl.

[Location: Ashland, Massachusetts]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 5: Volume 14]

Stronsay Beast - In 1808 several reliable witnesses claim to have seen a strange beast washed ashore. It's 31 to 55 foot creature with three sets of limbs, and a long neck and tail. It is proposed to be a shark by Home, but the the species he suggests doesn't get that long.

[Location: Stronsay, Orkney Islands, Scottland]

[TV: Unexplained File 15: Curse of Flannan Lighthouse and Aleshenka]

Studio 56 - In the 1990’s, drummer Matt Sorum and audio engineer Jim Mitchell, try to record the lead vocals for a band just starting to go pro, but they keep getting a weird low chat in the background. Later as they review the music, Jim feels his chair get pushed. After this he leaves to go to the bathroom, and sees an apparition. They both go to inspect the building, and hearing voices. Then Matt sees a cloud, which when it touches him causes a freezing sensation. The receptionist agrees that the building is haunted, in 1991 they’d found partial human remains in a garbage can behind the studio.

[Location: Santa Monica Blvd, CA]

[TV: My Celebrity Ghost Story - Episode 28]

Subterranean Reptoids (aka Slime People?) - Humanoid reptiles believed to live under L. A. in the sewers and rainwater run-offs, emerging at night to hunt. Said to have pit-bull like heads, yellow eyes, and claws. Their presence may trigger the brain's danger signals, may use hypnosis, spray victims, and/or sense pheromones. While most reports describe them as violent or sexual predators, other accounts have them making friends with children who feed them human food. Possible origins include; left-over reptilian population from the age of the dinosaurs, escaped military experiments, and aliens.

- Reptoids are an old phenomenon, with old accounts of explorers digging tunnels (with the city's permission) trying to find them and their supposed gold. This seems to be in contradiction with the recent reports where the government/military is involved.

[Location: Anaheim, L.A., Apple Valley, California]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 2: Tennessee Wildman, Subterranean Reptoid]

Succubus - A female demon that seduces and attacks men, draining their life-force. Many modern and historical accounts sound very much like sleep paralysis, though some believe ghosts and demons can cause sleep paralysis. Succubus may eventually manifest physically, as a beautiful woman, often with fiery eyes, and sometimes inhuman elements. They are shape-shifters and may become less beautiful and less human as the encounter(s) progress. Male version that attacks female is known as Incubus.

- Paranormal Investigator, Jake, claims to have been victim to a Succubus. During an investigation of a convince store, one of his team was bitten, when the priest attempted an exorcism of the location, he started to feel ill. They thought it ended there, but weird events start. First the dog starts acting aggressive towards him, then paranormal activity starts. Activity included; electrical malfunction, shadows, cold spots, strange noises in the woods, vivid dreams and nightmares of seduction, sleep paralysis with pain, EVPs, scratches, . Jake set up a camera and caught not only his attack, but items on the nightstand moving. A second investigation, reveals he may have brought a succubus home with him from the convince store investigation. A second exorcism seems to have resolved the problem.

[Location: Worldwide]

[TV: The Haunted - Episode 15: The Demonic Suduction + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 7: Carolina Reptile Man, Succubus, Napa Rebobs]

* SEE Incubus

(USS The) Sullivans - A decommissioned US navel ship, named for 5 fallen soldiers who were brothers. At one time casualties from an accident on a another ship were brought into the mess hall, where most of them died. Activity includes; mists in photos of the Sullivan portraits (possibly just breath), footsteps and creaking doors, voices, and a phantom bosun’s whistle.

[Location: Buffalo Navel and Military Park, Buffalo, NY]

[TV: Ghost Hunters - Episode 230: Phantom Fleet]

Sumpter - A old mining town, much of which is believed to be haunted. Various mines, including the Crescent Mine are located nearby. Both the mine and locations in town are believed to have connections to Free Masons rituals.

- Racism towards Chinese miners was common place during this era, and stories of Chinese miners purposely being caved-in or even burned alive, appear to have basis in reality. Some believe their spirits may haunt locations in Sumpter and McEwen.

[Location: Sumpter ]

[TV: Ghost Mine (Whole Series)]

*SEE Crescent Mine

(The) Sun Miracle - A strange and random eclipse-like events are seen over a Bosnian village, where the sun's corona appears to spin and dance. Many believe it to be a sign from God or the Virgin Mary, while others think it may be UFO related. Such events have occurred previously in other locations, often with the apparition of the Virgin Mary being seen first.

- On the 24th June 1981, several children claimed to have seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary on the outskirts of town. The sun events are said to have started shortly after.

[Location: Medjugorje, Bosnia, and Fatima, Portugal]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 21: Shadow People and the Sun Miracle]


Superstition Mountains - A range of mountains that is believed to be cursed, where mining is supposed to rile-up Native American spirits. The mountains were sacred to the Natives, and therefore so is the gold. It’s supposedly the location of the Lost Dutchman’s Mine. On occasions miners/hikers have been found dead, sometimes decapitated. Activity includes; apparitions, shadows, evil spirits, premonitions, and mysterious deaths.

- In summer of 2010, Curtis Murwood and 2 friends went in search of the Dutchman’s Mine using a map given to them by a Native, and do not return. The friend’s skeletons are found a year later, by Rick Gwynne, bearing suspicious wounds marks. Rick is attacked by some unseen force and hurries back to town. Curtis’ body is later found over half a mile away. Then the Native falls to his death.

[Location: Arizona]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 3: Badlands + America Unearthed - Season 3, Episode 2: Guardians of (the) Superstition Mountain(s)]

Swamp Ape - Another name for Skunk Ape.

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 3: King Tut's Curse; Swamp Ape]

[Books: Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators (Tea Krulos)]

*SEE Skunk Ape

Swamp Creature - Another name for Skunk Ape. Similar to Bigfoot.

[TV: MonsterQuest - Season 1 Episode 6: Swamp Beast]

*SEE Skunk Ape

Sykesville Monster - In 1973, a rancher thinks she hears a prowler in her shed, and finds a 7-8 ft hairy beast inside. It is both strong and fast, and leaves 14 inch tracks. More Human or Neanderthal than a standard Bigfoot. Reports of the creature flood the police station. Witnesses report federal authorities being suspiciously ready to hunt for the beast, and sending any potential witnesses away, and implementing a curfew. All police department records of the creature appear to have been destroyed.

- Some blame Hurricane Agnus for unleashing the monster, a storm which also washed out the Sykesville Bridge.

[Location: Sykesville, Maryland]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 17: The Rake, Lechuza, Sykesville Monster]

* See Bigfoot

Sylvan Beach Park - Three spirits supposedly roam the grounds, a girl, Abby (Tip Top ride), and two former employees Jack (Hotel) and Scotty (Treasure Land).

[TV: Ghost Hunters (TAPS)]


Taos Hum - A low frequency sound that drives some of the residents of Taos nuts. Factories, government testing, and mind control, have all been blamed.

[Location: Taos, New Mexico]

Other hum locations: Bristol, England & Largs, Scotland

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 4: This Strange Planet]

Tarasque - A large sea serpent said to live in a Vietnam bay. It is said to be 25 meters long, 2-3 meters wide, and have a dragon-like head and a segmented body. It's favorite food is said to be squid. Some locals refer to it as a Chinese Dragon.

- Whales from the China Sea are known to occasionally enter the bay.

[Location: Hal Long Bay, Vietnam]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 4: Sea Monster, Bat Demon]

Tatzelwurm (Lindwurm, Basilisk, Stollenwurm, Daazelwurm, Wyvern, Bergstutzen) - A serpent or dragon-like creature, said to devour shepherds and their flocks, as well as having a preference for eating young women. The description varies greatly, but it has a long round body like a snake, with a dog, cat, child, newt, lizard or snake-like head, small eyes, a large nose, wings, and a stump-ended tail. It may be furry or scaly. The number of legs witnesses report ranges from zero to hundreds. Length varies widely as well, one foot to three meters, or more. It is said to be so poisonous that even it's breath can kill you. It is said to live in the rocks above the treeline, or near/in water.

- An official Austrian forester is said to have shot one dead in 1899, after it shot poison at victims. One is also said to have been killed where Klagenfurt would later be founded. There was a wooly rhino skull on display in the Klagenfurt museum (since moved to the Carinthia museum), that was once supposed to be a Lindwurm skull.

- Some believe common animals such as river otters explain the sightings. One farmer believed he'd killed a small Tatzelwurm with his tractor, but the creature was found to be Sheltopusick (a legless lizard) which was believed to have migrated to the area via train.

[Location: Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria + Europe in general]

[TV: Boogeymen - Episode 5: Tatzelwurm]

Tennessee Wildman - A humanoid creature believed to roam the wilderness in eastern Tennessee. There is some debate as to what it actually is; possibly relatives of Bigfoot, prehistoric humans, or a half-human. It is said to be smaller then Bigfoot, covered in black or red-black hair, may have red eyes and sharp teeth, and be odorous. It is said to be aggressive, usually throws things and making a racket, and may abduct dogs. Some say it is in territorial battle with Bigfoot. May also live in subterranean caves.

[Location: Rockwood, Wattaga Cliffs, and Appalachia, Tennessee]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 2: Tennessee Wildman, Subterranean Reptoid]

Tepic UFO hoax - Carlos says he took pictures of a disk shaped UFO after hearing a humming sound while talking to his girl friend on his cell phone. He took more several days later. Photo analysis however proved these photos to be a hoax based on reflections and pixilation. Reporter Jaime however still finds the images to be of interest.

[Location: Tepic, Western Mexico]

[TV: UFOs Over Earth - Episode 2: Mass Sightings in Mexico]

Theresa Caputo - Famous modern spirit medium, feature on the series Long Island Medium. Claims to have visions and hear slightly muffled voices of spirits.

[Location: USA]

[TV: Long Island Medium (Whole Series)]

Thomas Costello - Claims to have gotten access to a under ground base including a ‘hell level’ with people in cages, and to have stole documents. Agents meet him at his house and demanded the documents back, however he later wrote the Dulce papers which include summaries of them. He has since disappeared without a trace.

[Location: Dulce, New Mexico]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 2]

Thornwood Castle - Set for the 'Rose Red' mini-series, presumed haunted.

[Location: Tacoma, Washington]

[Magazines: “Haunted Encounters” West Oregon Ruralite (Oct 2011)]

Thunderbirds - Massive birds, or possibly pterodactyls, which can block out the sun, and may mutilate cattle like Skinwalkers or Chupacabra. Some descriptions depict them as giant ravens, while others describe them with leathery wings.

[Location: Southwestern US Desert - New Mexico]

[TV: Haunted Highways + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 6: Desert Wasteland]

* SEE Skinwalkers

* SEE Chupacabra

* SEE Cattle Mutilations

* SEE Snallygaster

* SEE Ropen

Tillie Peirce House - Haunted bed and breakfast in Gettysburg.

* SEE Gettysburg (for more information on the Tillie Peirce House)

Time-Lapse Ghost - A Northwest Photographer, caught a ghostly photo while attempting to get time-lapse of the sunset. It was found not to be a fallen branch, and unlikely to be human.

[TV: Katu News - sometime prior to, 2013 Aug 02]

Tokeloshe (pronounces Toga-low-shh) - A small but powerful hairy humanoid creature that appears in Zulu regions of South Africa, that is also supposed to be able to manifest as a ghost. It is said to come to children at night, ask for sour milk, steal food, and or strangle people. Some say only children can see it.

- There are murder trials that were dismissed after the accused claimed to have been possessed by the Tokeloshe.

- Strange video anomalies attributed to the Tokeloshe exist, but fat supposedly from the creature turned out to be chicken fat.

[Location: Kingdom of Lesotho and Zulu regions of South Africa]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 5: Mamlambo and Tokeloshe]

Tomas Mantell’s Death - Witnesses claim this war hero was investigating a disk hovering over a KY airport when his plane slammed full speed into the ground. Furthermore, witnesses say there was no blood or fire, which would be very unusual for a crash this severe.

[Location: KY]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 17 Target: Earth]

Tom Preziosie's Crash - On 2002, Oct 23, Tom Preziosie takes off from Mobile Alabama. Five minutes in Tom starts transmitting a fearful message, repeating several times, “I needed to deviate!” His plane's remains and body are later found in a swamp. No abusive substances were found in his body. The engine is split in two, his body half a mile away, and none of the debris sunk very far, leading some to suggest it broke up in the air. There is red paint transfer found on the debris.

- Butch Wilson (Former NTSB Investgator) claims to have written up his report that the plane crashed into a unknown object, but three weeks later he is removes from the investigation and the UFO reference was removed.

- Month prior, there were reports of a spherical UFO spotted over Mobile, Alabama.

- It was once suggested to have hit/glanced a DC-10 or drug smuggling plane, but there is no evidence that occurred. Another explanation is that he may have hit a government drone.

[Location: Big Bateau Bay, Spanish Fort Fort & Mobile, Alabama]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 19: Mysteries at 3,000 Feet]

Topcliffe Sighting - A dark colored UFO disk is seen by military and civilian witnesses. Also recorded on film?

[Location: RAF Topcliffe Base, Yorksire]

[TV: Unsealed: Alien Files - Episode 23: The Kecksburg Incident]

Tor House - The house (and the adjoined Hawk Tower) built by poet Robinson Jeffers, who is believed to now haunt the house. Interestingly, he wrote a piece in which he imagined himself haunting the house 50 year from that date. His girl, Una, was into seances (and unicorns, leading to the house's decor), and is rumored to have practiced seances in the house. Activity includes; the feeling of being followed, strange noises, moving objects (books), and apparitions (a woman presumed to be Una).

- Some theorize the granite is releasing the life energy it stored in Jeffers' lifetime, however this would not explain the seemingly intelligent aspects of the haunting.

[Location: Carmel, California]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Season 7, Episode 9: Tor House]

Tower of London - This historic fortress was the site of many events, including executions. The execution of Anne Boleyn is of particular note, and she is believed to haunt the area around the white tower, carrying her head under her arm. Other ghost believed to inhabit the fortress include; Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey, Margaret Pole, and the Princes in the Tower. Bears, glowing tubes, and otehr odd apparitions have also been reported.

- Legend has it that 6 ravens must always gaurd the tower, as instructed by Charles II, or the British Empire will fall. For this reason 7 trained ravens are kept on the property at all times.

[Location: London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London, England]

[Web: Wikipedia: + Tower of London: Official Site: ]

Toxic Rain - In 1994, there was a downpour of slimy globular rain, in Oakville, Washington. Gelatinous lumps with yellow specks, were found all around the area. Collected samples were tested by citizens, police officers, health department, and hospitals. Soon after cats and dogs started dying, and people started to become very ill. Then an officer on duty got called to investigate two men in hazmat suits collecting samples. He ran their plates, and found them to be federal, after which he fell ill as well. The health department's report found white blood-cells and two species of bacteria known to cause illness, in their samples.

- Some believe this to have been testing of biological warfare. However the last known bio-warefare testing on towns by the US military, was in the late 60s.

[Location: Oakville, Washington]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 6: Mill Race Monster; Toxic Rain; Devil Dogs]

* SEE Star Jelly

Track Rock Ruins - An archeological site of over 300 stones aligned in walls, that some believe to be connected to Mayan prophecies, and that the Creek Indians from that area may be descended from the Mayans. In 2012, government shut off access to the site.

- Supposed evidence for the connection between the two cultures includes; similar symbols, similar artifacts, cranial deformation, nearby mound sites (Ocmulgee), Florida Native American tribal names starting with Maya-, and Mayan blue pigment.

[Location: Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia]

[TV: America Unearthed - Episode 1: American Maya Secrets]

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - A historic building that has been a soldier's barracks and lunatic asylum. Many patients died here, some having been murdered by other patients. Believed to be very haunted. Activity includes; apparitions (full-body patients [know as Jesse James, and Jacob]), being touched and tugged on and dragged, strangled feeling in the room where Jane hung herself, sensation of walking into people, shadow figures, laughing and voices, sounds of doors and objects moving, seeing things craw across the ceiling with full spectrum glasses, proximity detector hits, EVPs, papers moving (caught on film),

[Location: Weston West Virginia]

[TV: Ghost Hunters - Episode 200]

Transylvania - Location of Vladimir’s Castle (the real life man that inspired Bram Stoker to write about his legendary vampire, Dracula), and the Hoia Baciu Woods (which are believed to be a gateway to the the spirit realm, and are considered the most haunted in Europe).

[Location: Romania]

Travis Walton’s Abduction - in 1975, 22 year old logger Travis Walton gets out of the crew’s truck to inspect a hovering craft, to the dismay of the other crew men. A blue light shoots out zapping him, and the rest of the crew drives away if fear of being killed. After a fearful argument they decide to go back, and unable to find him, form a search party. An unknown group does a radiation check and find their hard hats were exposed to radiation. They are then taken in for a polygraph test, by the local sheriff who believes they murdered. - Travis recalls believing he is in the hospital before realizing the ‘doctors’ aren’t human, then trying to escape. He is put into a room with creatures that looked human, but had funny eyes and forced him under anesthesia. Travis is later returned to Earth, and is examined by a doctor for evidence of exposure. After speaking once, the guys part ways and deal with the resulting fear and disbelief on their own. - Skeptics believe that it was hoax and Travis hid out in the forest for a few days.

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 15: The Abduction]

*SEE Alien Abduction

Tuolumne Hospital - The mostly abandon hospital, once a men’s health association, is believed to be haunted by a male entity called George or Jacob, and possibly other entities. Activity includes; being touched, disconnected phones ringing, voices, odd sounds (doors squeaking, ), spirit box hits, transferred/phantom pain, Kinect video motion tracks when no visible person is present,

[Location: Sonora California]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 112: Tuolumne Hospital]


UFO hotspots (in the USA) - Areas where a higher than normal number of sightings in the USA, often defined by regular flaps. Some theorize that UFOs are attracted to the energy form nuclear power plants, military bases, and natural fault lines, factors which exist at many hotspots.

- The states that are hotspots in the US are; Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots]

UFOs - UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, these objects (or lights) are claimed by many to be alien spacecraft. Many people claim to have been abducted and brought aboard such craft, while others attribute cattle mutilations to the inhabitants of such ships. Alternate explanations for these lights include; simple misidentification, demons and other spirits, earth lights (natural magnetic, lighting, or swamp gas related occurrences), and experimental aircraft.

[TV: The Unexplained Files : Episode 2 + The Unexplained Files - Episode 4: Spontaneous Human Combustion and Mexican P. . . + Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska]

* SEE Cattle Mutilations


UN General Assembly Decision 33-426 - In 1978, Grenada president, Eric Gairy proposes, the “establishment of a department of the UN for undertaking, coordinating, and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects.” The propose is originally blocked, but the UN agrees to review it, however he is soon exiled by a military coup.

- He’d previously witnessed a 6 ft humanoid body that he believed to be and dead alien.

[TV: Unsealed: Alien Files - Episode 23: The Kecksburg Incident]

(Old) Ursuline Convent - An large old church where the king of France sent virgins with large hope chests to be brides for the settlers. Because of the size of the chests, they became called coffin girls, and are sometimes accused of having brought vampires to New Orleans.

[Location - New Orleans, Louisiana]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 5: The Swamps]

USOs - USO stands Unidentified Submerged Object, these objects may be related to UFOs and are sometimes called Underwater UFOs. May be lights seen under the water from above, or odd objects (usually round) picked up by radar, or found by divers.


[TV: Unexplained Files]

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