Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekly Update 2016/3/28 - 2016/4/3

My blog posting has become increasingly sporadic (blame it on whatever you like; work, family, summer, laziness, evil spirits), so I've decided to give weekly Sunday updates on my research, experiences, and investigations a try. I don't know how well I'll do at this, but I felt it was worth a try.

I should be doing a large update to the ParaDex soon. I've got a lot of locations and book references to add, as well as few TV/Movie ones. I'm also researching places from an old collection of haunted locations in the US, to make a list with their current status (since I couldn't find an update list already posted anywhere), so I'll probably make a whole post out of that.

Lately I've also been reading up on the Medieval attitudes towards ghosts. It's some interesting stuff, heavily affected by the Catholic Church, clerical officials of which usually recorded the majority of ghost stories from that time. So there may be more on that in the not too distant future.

Also, The Story of God w/ Morgan Freeman started tonight. So far, there's not been too much I didn't already know about, but the change in prescriptive is nice. It's probably worth a watch if you're curious about different religions.

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