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This list is an ongoing project, where I am compiling modern paranormal and mythical cases from various sources. The hope is that you can use it to get the basic information a subject, as well as find sources where you can get more information. This list is updated regularly, as I’m continually working on adding in new cases, and updating old ones.

Listing are alphabetical, with numeric entries at the end. Included at the end of each entry are notes about activity, location, media source, and investigators, as well as my personal notes if they apply.

WARNING: This list DOES contain SPOILERS for various Books and TV shows.
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Abduction No. 1 - Betty and Barney Hill are the first people in the USA to report being abducted by aliens and get any publicity. In September 1961, while vacationing in New Hampshire, they encounter strange multicolor flashing lights on Route 3. It came at them, and suddenly they found it to be two hours later, and they were miles away. Their clothes were damaged, their watches stopped, and strange spots had appeared on top of the car. Barney developed PTSD and an ulcer. Under hypnosis Barney describes the encounter with the soundless light, alien creatures speaking telepathically with him, then being captured and paralyzed by grey aliens, dragged onto the ship, examined and experimented on by the aliens, before being returned to Earth. Betty's later notices her dress is covered in a pink powder. They kept the experience to themselves until contacted by a newspaper four years later.

- Betty's dress is now stored in the University of New Hampshire Archives. At least six laboratories have tested the dress, and the pink powder has been identified as mold, but no viable DNA was found.

- Conspiracy theorists believe that the fact that Project Blue Book took two years to finish their report, indicates a cover-up.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode ?: Aliens Cloned my Husband + True Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 1: The Betty Hill Dress; Rocky Mountain Demon]

* SEE (The) Greys

* SEE Alien Abductions

Agent (Poltergeist Agent) - A person who seems to attract or cause poltergeist activity. Often teenage girls. May exhibit unusual pulse rates during phenomenon.

[Books: Poltergeists; Examining Mysteries of the Paranormal (Micheal Clarkson)]

Alcatraz - a retired US island prison, where the worst offenders were once condemned. With a long history of misery and violence, it often thought to be haunted. Areas believed to be particularly haunted include; the Bird Man's cell, and Broadway/Cell Block D. Activity includes; voices and whispers, EVPs, cell doors opening and closing on their own, motion sensor activated bird toys going off in the Bird Man's cell, the sounds of Al Capone's banjo, and the sensation of being touched.

[Location: Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay]

[TV: The Dead Files - Episode 9: The Dead Files Special Investigation: Alcatraz + America's Haunted Houses (Special) + MysteryQuest - Season 1, Episode 7: Devil's Island + Codes and Conspiracies - Episode 1: Alcatraz + Pawnography - Episode ?]

* (I’ve toured this location as a child, and even with my limited understanding at the time, there were deep feelings associated with the location and former prisoner’s stories.)

Aleshenka - Tiny mummy found in Kyshtym, Russia, that some believe to be an alien mummy. Vladimir Bendlin, a police officer, is called out to small-time thief Vladimir Nurdinov's house, where he is shown a tiny mummy in the back bedroom's bed. It is examined and found to be different from humans in several ways. Nurdinov claims to gave gotten in from Tamara Sr's apartment, and brings her daughter in for questioning. Tamara Jr says, her mother in law found the creature in the woods, and felt compelled to take care of it, believing it a baby. It is said to have swallowed food whole. When she fell ill, the hospital did not believe her claims thee was a baby in her apartment, and her daughter in-law does not get there in time and gives it to Nurdinov to give to the detective.

- In Irkutsh, Russia, Timur Ulla post footage of a strange creature online, but later reveals he faked the the alien, having made it in his kitchen out of dough and gel.

- Scientist examining it have suggested it's a deformed human fetus. The Mayak nuclear failure happened 6 miles away, and some believe Aleshenka is one of the results of the radioactivity affecting unborn babies. The body is given to one of Zolotov's assistants for a DNA test, and Zolotov later claims a UFO intercepted his assistant and took back the body. Some believe he actually handed it over to Russian Secret Services.

- Results of DNA tests on the swaddling cloth suggest both a woman's DNA, and that of a unknown creature are found.

[Location: Kyshtym, Russia]

[TV: Unexplained File 15: Curse of Flannan Lighthouse and Aleshenka]

Algerian Dead Zone - An area of desert that is almost completely devoid of life. Some believe it to be connected to other areas of strange phenomenon (such as the Bermuda Triangle) known collectively as Devil's Graveyards.

[Location: Africa, Algeria,

[TV: The Devil's Graveyards (Special, fake-umentory)]

[Books: The Devil's Graveyards]

* SEE Devil's Graveyards

* SEE Bermuda Triangle

Alien Abductions (aka Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind) - Sometimes called Abductees or Contactees (Abductee usual indicates a negative view of the relationship with the aliens, while Contactee is more likely to indicate a positive view of the relationship), there are many people who claim to have been abducted by aliens, either after seeing a UFO, or from their bedroom at night. Sometimes people who have ‘missing time’ will ‘relived’ alien abductions through Hypnotic Regression ‘Therapy’. Common reports of abduction activity include, being awake but immobilized, reproduction related tests and experiments (including breeding hybrids and stealing fetuses), being given shots or probed, and having small implants inserted under the skin. Some abductees and researchers believe abductions to be generational, if the aliens took your parents, they’ll take you, and your kids. Twins, siblings, and significant others, have also been known to be abducted together. Abductees that have never met on Earth have also been know to run into one another after being abducted together. The first alien abductions were reported in the 1960’s, while UFO reports date back to ancient times.

- Abduction symptoms may include; strange marks (indents, burns, scars), unexplained illness (nosebleeds, aches), insomnia, increased dreaming, ringing in ears, flashbacks, new knowledge (of things like astronomy), being followed by UFOs, and lost time (missing memories).

[Location: Worldwide]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries, Alien Mysteries - Episode 3: Corina + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 6: Desert Wasteland + Paranormal Witness - Episode 15: The Abduction + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 9: Puk Wudgie, Alien Brood, Dover Demon]


Alien Bigfoot Theory - People in the 1960s started reporting seeing UFOs and Bigfoot at the same time. Native American tales of Crazy Bears seem to collaborate the story. This theory also accounts for fact the there is hardly any evidence for Bigfoot, particularly corpses. It is included in Project Blue Book, still listed as unexplained.

- One particular case centers occurred in 1966, at Presque Isle State Park, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, where some stranded teenagers (another friend went to get help when their car got stuck) saw a mushrooms shaped UFO, followed by apparent searchlights, then Bigfoot. He attacked the car, and was gone before their friend returned with help. Police took them to the ranger station and questioned them overnight, then brought their car to them, refusing to let them back on the beach. Police and Air Force Officers took over the beach. A kid later finds some Bigfoot footprints, which end abruptly. Returning to the site, one of the teens found a tree had been removed entirely, including the roots being dug up.

- Another case takes place in Fayette County, Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. In 1974 (or 1966?), a woman living in the woods hears noise she thinks are stray dogs. When she took her gun out to try and scare them off, she found herself looking at a Bigfoot. She shot at it, but it disappeared in a flash of light. Hearing the shot, her son in law ran out of his house, and saw several more Bigfoot which disappeared, and a bright light hovering over the woods. His wife called the police, who found nothing.

- 'Alien' Bigfoot footprints cast from Greensburg Pennsylvania have only three large toes. Another nearby case involves a Bigfoot carrying a glowing ball of light, and a UFO.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 20: UFO Bigfoot, Lake Pepin Monster, Cajun Werewolf + Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 7]

* SEE Bigfoot

* SEE Crazy Bears

Alien Clones - Occasionally people will report aliens making clones of friends and relative, including dead ones.

- Gloria claims aliens teleported into her room, implanted something into her head. She claims that after that his personality changed, and soon after, he died, but then the aliens showed her he was still alive on their ship.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode ?: Aliens Cloned my Husband]

* SEE Alien Abductions

Alien Matrix (aka. Milabs Phenomenon) - Richard Rogers and other abductees, claim aliens are training them in virtual reality to be a soldiers in the impending intergalactic war. Those who experience this phenomenon report becoming sleepy early in the evening, and it being a very lucid experience.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode ?: Aliens Cloned my Husband]

* SEE Alien Abductions

Alien Mummies - Some believe the tiny disproportionate mummies and skeletons found in some parts of the world (notably near Peruvian mines, which may have some connection to the Nazca Lines, humanoid sightings, local UFOs sightings, and poltergeist type activity in the mines) may not be deformed human infants, but rather aliens or an unknown earthly species. Opponents of this theory point out very real cases of birth defects.

- One researcher suggests 5% of elongated skulls are natural. Distant relatives of man? Or aliens?

[Location: Worldwide, particularly Peru, Russia]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries + Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 5: Alien Mummies, Van Lake Monster + Unexplained File 15: Curse of Flannan Lighthouse and Aleshenka]

* SEE Aleshenka

Allen’s Mansion/House - A historic mansion in Monticello, where illness related deaths and a lovesick poisoning suicide took place. Both ghosts and darker entities are believed to haunt the location. Activity includes; footsteps and other sounds, doppelgangers, solid black masses and shadows and shadow figures, apparitions of children and adults (sometimes faceless), bad smells, thrown objects, radio and victrola play on their own, voices and EVPs.

[Location: Monticello, Arkansas]

[TV: Ghost Hunters + A Haunting: Back From the Dead - Episode 7: House of Horrors]

Almas - A large ape-like creature similar to Bigfoot and Yeti.

[Location: Mongolia]

Alux (pronounced like Ah-loosh) - Small humanoids (3-4 ft), covered in dark hair, with fangs and ferocious disposition. As much as 90% of locals believe in the creatures, and several small house have been built for them, though they are believed to actually live in jungle caves or Mayan ruins. Alux have been blamed for missing children.

- There are shamanic rituals used to ward off evil and help make contact with the Alux.

[Location: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 1: Haunted Forest; Alux]

Amargosa Hotel (aka: Amargosa Opera House, and Spooky Hallow) - Murders and hangings are believed to have contributed significantly to the paranormal activity. Activity includes; loud bangs, and thermal camera hits.

[Location: Death Valley, CA]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94, Do Not Disturb]

Amityville Horror (Amityville Horror House) - The Lutz family is terrorized by paranormal activity in their new house for 22 days, eventually fleeing the home. Activity is believed to have been cause by the tragic events of Nov 13 1974, when 24 year old Ronald Defeo Jr. shot six family members to death as they slept, later claiming voices told him to. Activity includes/included; voices, objects moving, apparitions of people, pigs, and demons, photographic anomalies.

- Current owners claim the home is no longer haunted, and some researchers claim it never was.

[Location: Amityville, N.Y. ]

[Investigators: Joe Nickell (CSICOP, Center for Inquiry)]

[T V: MysteryQuest - Episode 11: Return of the Amityville Horror + America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

(The) Anguished Man - A painting of a deformed man done in oil paints and the artist’s blood which seems to cause paranormal activity. Nightmares, shadows, obsession, kid pushed down the stairs, and video anomalies.

[TV: Weird or What? - Episode 35: Ghost in the Machine]

Aokigahara Forest (aka Jukai, Sea of Trees, Kuroi Jukai, Black Sea of Trees, and Suicide Forest) - A forested area near Mt. Fugi where many people have committed suicide, and where ill and elderly people may have been left for dead in the past during famines. It is believed to be haunted by yurei, angry or hungry ghosts, of those who never got a proper burial.

[Location: near Mt. Fuji, Japan]

[Web: Wikipedia - + The Japan Times - ]

[Movies: Grave Halloween (2013, fiction - filmed in Canada)]

Area 51 - This location, also known as Groom Lake, is a facility locate on a dried lakebed in Nevada. Officially it did not exist, until Clinton acknowledged it in 1995, but the base remains secretive. While some believe it to be a testing ground for military aircraft, others believe that the government is holding alien spacecraft and remains, or may even be conducting dimensional experiments.

- Some documents have been declassified, but nothing concerning UFOs or aliens.

[Location: Nevada]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 6: Desert + Unsolved History - Episode 59: Area 51, Inside Area 51 (special 97) + Mystery Quest - Season 1, Episode 5: Alien Cover-Up + Codes and Conspiracies - Episode 3: The UFO Cover-Up]

* SEE Black Mailbox,

* SEE Roswell Incident

* SEE Bob Lazar


Argentina UFO - 2009 Nov 25, hundreds of people see lights in the sky. Object is said to be cigar shaped and huge. There is no government investigation. A prior sightings dates to 1995, when neither a ground search crew and a plane can’t find the crash the pilot had thought he’d seen, only fire-like damage and light grey dust. Photos exist of something spiraling down in smoke and fire on the mountain. Weather balloons, meteors, and aircraft have been ruled out. The former mayor believes the UFOs are aliens ships, looking for uranium.

[Location: J. V. Gonzalez, Argentina]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 5: Mothman, Argentina UFO, and Morgellons Disease]


Arturo - Top skywatcher in Mexico. When the production crew sent out a group of balloons he identified it as something strange, but not balloons. Jaime however analyzes the videos for himself, but has shown interest in clearly hoaxed images taken by another photographer.

Jaime however analyzes the videos for himself.

[Location: Mexico]

[TV: UFOs Over Earth - Episode 2: Mass Sightings in Mexico]

Atlantis - A lost island civilization with gleaming cities and advanced technology, described by Greek philosopher Plato, which suffered a major disaster (it is still argued whether the disaster was natural or technological). Plato’s tale may have been based on an older Egyptian myth of the Water People. Researchers still search for Atlantis today.

[Location: Unknown]

[TV: Finding Atlantis + Atlantis Uncovered]

(The) Aurora Aircraft - A plane supposedly developed at Area 51, that due to alien technology flies fast enough to create a 'hypersonic' blast-wave.

[TV: Mystery Quest - Season 1, Episode 5: Alien Cover-Up]

Aurora First Contact - April 17, 1897, 6 am, a cigar shaped UFO is seen over Aurora, which crashes into a windmill. Silver-aluminum like wreckage and a small alien body are found, which may have been buried in a local cemetery. This is 6 years prior to the invention of the airplane. Some of the wreckage is dumped in a well, and blamed for a disfiguring disease. Windmill leg anchors are found around the well, as are bits of aluminum alloy. An unmarked grave is also found in the correct area, though it has supposedly been exhumed. Further cigar craft sightings occur in 1981, and 1995.

[Location: Aurora, TX]

[TV: UFO Hunters - Episode 21: First Contact + Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode ?: Crashes and Cover-ups]

[Web: Mufon investigated, found metal]


Autec - The military equivalent of Area 51

(*more info and sources needed)

Avebury Phenomenon - Lights (often orange) and abundant crop circles. Sometimes the lights appear to be over the fields and crop circles leading some to believe the two phenomenon are connected. There are also ice circles attributed to the lights.

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 4: This Strange Planet]

* SEE Marfa Lights


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery - Violence and neglect (mob violence, bodies dumped in pond, dug up and desecrated graves, moved headstones), is believed to have turned this graveyard into a paranormal hotspot. Activity includes; apparition of a farmer, a lady in white, being tripped, bitten, or clawed, and photo anomalies.

- There are know photographs of the lady in white.

[Location: Midlothian, Illinois]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 7 (Special)]

Banshee of Marrtown - The apparition of an older woman, dressed in black, and riding a black horse, that stalks people in the countryside around Marrtown. She is said to have red eyes, and that cellphones do not work around her. It is said that those who see her will find a loved one has died around the same time as her appearance. She is believed to be an unavoidable messenger of death (rather then the cause), but she and the death, may be temporarily staved off by sincere prayer.

- Events occur near the Little Kanawha River, which in Sawnee Indian means, River of Death, or River of Evil Spirits.

- The oldest known story goes back to watchman Tomas Marr, and his wife Mary (both Scottish). The couple lost many children, and Tomas reported seeing the banshee several times. Then the banshee appeared to Mary, and told her that Tomas had died. The banshee has appeared many times to their descendents.

[Location: Marrtown, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 1]

Barstow UFO - A UFO skims over the rooftops, black unmarked SUVs show up and haul away a covered item the size of a small car.

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode ?: Crashes and Cover-ups]

Batquatch (aka Big Bird)- Basically Bigfoot with wings, this hairy vicious creature is said to swoop down and attack people and vehicles. Said to have glowing red eyes.

[Specific Locations: Rio Grande Valley, Texas]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 15: Batsquatch, Jersey Devil, Flying Humanoid]

Beast Of Bladenboro - A cat-like monster that mutilates livestock in North Carolina.

[Location: Bladenboro, North Carolina]

[Web: All Day (click bait warning) - ]

Beast of Bray Road - A werewolf-like creature known to roam the roadside in Elkhorn Wisconsin. There is even a radio show devoted fully to discussing sightings of it. First spotted in 1949. The Beast of Bray road differs from a werewolf in that there is no nightly or full-moon transformation (though the local animal control officer had a file on it marked 'werewolf'), and may be a man/wolf hybrid. It is said to chase coyotes.

[TV: The Real Wolfman (Special)]

[Books: Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and other Paranormal Investigators (Tea Krulos - 2015)]

* SEE Werewolf Encounters

* SEE Gevadan Killings

Bear Beast - A bear-like creature with a canine head, believed to eat black bears. It is said to be 1500 lbs.

- The Mountain Monsters team claims to have fatally wounded it, however no body was recovered, and the show's closing has a sentence saying no wildlife was harmed.

[Location: Roly County]

[TV: Mountain Monsters - Season 2, Episode 6: Wild Bill's Bear Beast]

Bear Lake Beast - Possible prehistoric beast, some believe it comes ashore at night.

[Locations: Garden City, Utah]

[TV: Haunted Highways]

(The) Bell - Also called Die Glocke, and The Nazi-Bell. A supposed Nazi project, which is a bell or acorn shaped object, which might be capable of manipulating space-time. Believed to use compressed red/violet mercury to levitate, and put of large amounts of radiation when it stops. However there is no mention of it before 2000, when Igor Witkowski claims in a article, to have been allowed to transcribe documents regarding it in 1997.

- One of the main theories for what the Kecksburg Fireball actually was. Either Die Glocke succeeded in moving through space-time and was captured by the US Government, or the US Government made one of their own.

[Location: Kecksburg, PA]

[TV: Alien Mysteries - Episode : Kecksburg + Unsealed: Alien Files - Episode 23: The Kecksburg Incident]

* SEE Kecksburg Fireball

Bell Witch (aka Bell Witch Haunting) - In 1817, the Bell family was plagued by a poltergeist, which some believe may have been sent by a witch (Kate Batts) he'd cheated, or was a male slave he killed. The haunting is said to have focused on John Bell Sr and his daughter Betsy. Alternatively, some believe Betsy faked the whole thing for attention. John is said to have eventually died of poisoning, and afterward the haunting settled down. Activity includes/included; apparitions (witches, clowns), people being slapped and pinched, objects being thrown, animals beings spooked, a woman's voice and laughter, and the appearance of a creature half-rabbit half-dog in the woods.

- Andrew Jackson is said to have investigated the Bell Witch, but was frightened off. However original sources do not mention his investigation (or John Bell's death).

- Some say the witch fled into the Bell Witch Cave, located on property the Bells once owned. At least one person is said to have been rescued by witch, who then lectured him and a friend on caving safety.

[Location: Adams, Tennessee]

[TV: Boogeyman - Episode 3: Bell Witch]

[Movies: An American Haunting (2005, fiction) + The Blair Witch Project (1999, fiction) + Bell Witch Haunting (2004, fiction) + Bell Witch: The Movie (2007, fiction)]

[Books: An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch (1894 - much of the source material for this book was apparently made-up) + History of Tennessee (1886)]

(The) Belgian Wave - A series of well documented UFO sightings (at least 150) that occurred in Belgium, starting in Eupen, during 1989. Witnesses include; police officers, Colonel Amond, Pilot Meelbergs and his team. Gaining International attention, the government scrambles to find an explanation for the phenomenon, but come up with nothing.

- SOBEPS was considering closing down due to lack of reports, just as the Wave started.

- Radar recordings and photographic evidence exists.

[Location: Eupen and Ernage, Belgium]

[TV: Secret Access: UFOs on the Record (Special)]

Ben Rich, late Military Defense Company CEO - Said there’s alien and manmade UFOs. Also claimed that tech from the stars was locked up in black projects, that only an act of god could get them to the public.

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO - Episode 3: Alien Technology]

Bermuda Triangle - Many ships and planes have been lost in this patch of ocean/air. Some boats have drifted out of the Triangle with crew and passengers missing. Survivors of odd events in the Triangle describe eggnog-like clouds, instrument failures, freak waves, and holes in the ocean. The area is well know for rough and unpredictable weather. Famous disasters and disappearances include Flight 19 and the Marine Sulfur Queen. Some people attribute the activity in the Bermuda Triangle to aliens or mini black holes, while others suggest more down to Earth theories like, rupturing methane gas pockets.

- A dive mission to find Flight 19, did not find the 5 avenger planes they were looking for, but rather revealed 5 other avenger planes that all had come down in the same area of the Bermuda triangle on separate dates.

[Location: A patch of the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 4: This Strange Planet + Dive to the Bermuda Triangle + Bermuda Triangle Exposed + Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle + The Devil's Graveyards (Special, fake-umentory)]

[Books: The Devil's Graveyards]

* SEE Devil's Triangles

* SEE Algerian Dead Zone

* SEE Marysburgh Vortex

Bhoot - A spirit that is the result of a violent death, in Indian Culture.

[TV: A Haunting: Back From the Dead - Episode 11: Marked By Evil]

Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) - a large hairy hominid believed to roam the woods of North America (this name is also used for Malaysia's wildmen). Also known as Sasquatch. Similar to Yeti, Stick Indians, Wildman, and several other tales of wildmen. They’re often described as brown or red-brown, but tales of black, grey, and white furred Bigfoot are believed to exist. Bigfoot are said to eat deer. Other Bigfoot behavior is said to include; screaming/howling, knocking on trees, snapping small trees in half, peeking around trees and in windows, tree limb barricades. Bigfoot are sometimes said to walk in a gliding pattern, never locking their knees. Some believe these creatures may be leftovers from an earlier evolutionary era. Some also say they can bio-luminescence with their eyes to signal one another. Bigfoot sightings are most commonly reported in California’s Sierra Mountains.

- Multiple claims exist of proof of Bigfoot (hair/fur, bones, feces, footprint casts, and photos/videos) and even shot specimens, but so far none of these have stood up to testing (when actually presented for testing).

[Location: North America, Malaysia]

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 4: The Poltergeist; Watched in the Wilderness + Finding Bigfoot + Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 2: Pacific Northwest + Mysteries in America - Episode12: Evil Gnomes, Bigfoot Wars, Hell Hounds + Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska + MonsterQuest - Season 1 Episode 6: Swamp Beast + Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 4: Bigfoot and Nahuelito, True Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 2: Dybbuk Box; Bigfoot]

[Books: Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators (Tea Krulos)]

* SEE Fouke Monster

* SEE Sasquatch

* SEE Bigfoot Wars

* SEE Yeren

* SEE Yeti

* SEE Wildman

* SEE Skunk Ape

* SEE Alien Bigfoot Theory

Bigfoot Wars - Some believe that the carnivorous Bigfoot in the Sierra Mountains used to attack the Native Americans and eat their children, sparking a war between the two. The Native Americans, having superior weapons (bow and arrow vs. sticks and rocks), are said to have won. It’s said some Native Americans still regard the mountains a Bigfoot territory and don’t go there.

- This story seems to be in conflict with Native American tales of picking berries with a creature matching Bigfoot’s description.

[Location: Sierra Mountains, CA]

[TV: Mysteries in America - Episode12: Evil Gnomes, Bigfoot Wars, Hell Hounds]

Big Muddy Monster - A large (7 ft, 400 lb) mud-covered creature that emerges from the river. Has a putrid smell, like rotten eggs and skunk. Said to scream, and have large glowing eyes. May leave foot long footprints. Unusual happenings around town are often blamed on the monster.

- May be a form/sub-species of Bigfoot and/or Skunk Ape that prefers traveling via the river.

[Location: Big Muddy River and Murphysboro, Illinois]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 14: Ohio Grassman; Green-clawed Beast; Big Mud…]

* SEE Bigfoot

* SEE Skunk Ape

Black Dogs - Possibly synonymous with Hell Hounds, Devil Dogs, Grim, and Black Shuck, these monstrous dogs are said to leave burning three-clawed marks, start fires, and be capable of killing on touch. They are also said to occasionally accompany women on lonely country roads.

[Books: The World of the Unexplained (Born)]

* SEE Devil Dogs

* SEE Hell Hounds

Black-Eyed Kids - Teenagers in hoodies ask a Brain Bethel, who is sitting in the parking lot of a movie theater, to drive them home. Brain is terrified, but his hand is heading for the lock on it’s own. They start to demand he say it’s okay for them to get in the car, and he realizes their eyes are dark soulless voids. He starts to drive away, and looking in his rearview mirror, sees that they are gone. Many other people have encountered these children, they always incite fear, and one must not let them in, or accept offers of their help. There are no stories in which someone has done so, indicating that to do so is very bad. Theories of what they are range from vampires to ghosts, aliens, fairies (the old-school kind), and demons.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 3: Badlands]

Black Forest Colorado - Very haunted; music, lights, foggy photos.

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries]

Black Mailbox - Connected with the Area 51 conspiracy theories, this huge mailbox actually belongs to a local rancher, and is in fact, white.

* SEE Area 51

Blackstar Shadowmen - Shadow people inhabiting Blackstar Canyon, who can only be seen from peripheral vision, but disappear if looked at directly. It is said they will come to you if you sit under an old oak wearing a blindfold.

- Some believe they are the remnants of Native Americans massacred in the area.

[Location: Blackstar Canyon, CA]

[TV: Haunted Highways - Season 1, Episode 2: Darkman of Standing Rock, Blackstar Shadow]

* SEE Shadow People

Bloodless Howler - A pale chimeric 350 lb +, dog-bodied, lion-headed, vampiric monster. It is said that bullets pass through it's body.

[Location: Harrison County]

[TV: Mountain Monsters - Episode 22: Bloodless Howler of Harrison County]

Blue Albino Woman - A vengeful undead witch, who scares residents by night, especially around the cemetery. She has pale blue skin, glowing red eyes, sharp teeth, and long fingers. Said to chase people especially around the cemetery, look in windows, stalk people in public places, pull people from cars, and even eat them. May be warded off with standard evil/spirit repelling methods; paper seals, blessed oil, water and herbs, or salt.

- Believed to have been a real albino woman who once lived in Topeka, harassed by the other locals, and buried live as a witch, her spirit could not find rest.

[Location: Topeka, Kansas]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 19: Melonheads, Devil Monkey, Blue Albino Woman]

* SEE Lechuza (Owl)

Blue Devil, Blue Devil of Octave - An entity believed to inhabit the Octave Mine. Some believe he is protecting the gold found in the Octave Mine.

[Location: Octave Mine, Congress, Arizona]

[TV: Ghost Mine]

* SEE Octave Mine

Blue-Eyed Dogs - Found in Texas, some believe these creatures to be [Texan] Chupacabra, while others believe them to be dog-wolf hybrids with mange.

* SEE Chupacabra

Blue Planet Project (Book) - A book, supposedly written by Jefferson Souza, this book claims to outline secrets of the US government alien cover-up and contains descriptions of several aliens.

- There is no evidence that Jefferson Souza ever existed.

[TV: Unsealed: Alien Files - Episode 1: Alien Encyclopedia]

* SEE Government UFO Cover-up

Bob Lazar - The first person to really suggest there was anything alien to Area 51. Claimed to work about 15 miles south of Area 51, at S4. He claimed there were 9 hangers built into the mountain which contained UFOs. There the UFOs were studied and reverse engineered. He claims Ununpentium, element 115, was used as the power source for intergalactic warp travel, which extraterrestrials willing gave to the US government.

[TV: Inside Area 51 (special 97) + Hangar 1: The UFO - Episode 3: Alien Technology]

* SEE Area 51


Boggy Creek Monster (Fouke Monster) - Alternate name for the Fouke Monster, which is a version of Bigfoot found in the bogs of Arkansas.

[Location: Mercer Bayou, Fouke, Arkansas]

[Movie: The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972, docudrama)]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot: The Legend of Boggy Creek + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 4: Ozarks + Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek]

* SEE Fouke Monster

* SEE Bigfoot

Bourbon Orleans Hotel - A historic building, school, dance hall, that is now a hotel. Activity includes; apparitions (nun), the sound of girl crying in the suite 332, voices in the halls, being slapped, psychic hits, cold spots, and chandeliers shaking.

[Location: French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana]

[Investigators: Larry Monts (International Society for Paranormal Research)]

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

Bradley House - Activity Includes; feeling cold, the apparition of a man in old fashion clothing, an old lady in the upstairs window, a bright light in the upstairs window, gates opening and closing on their own,

[Location: Mockbegger Area/Plantation, Bona Vista Bay, Newfoundland]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 12]

* SEE Mockbegger Area/Plantation

Braucha, Bruja (pronounced like Bra-Ha or Brew-ha) - An Amish witch. Someone who is willing to go around the church's laws in order to solve paranormal problems and/or divines the future. The spirits of dead witches (or people accused of witchcraft) may posses people.

- There is believed to be the grave of such a witch (Rachel) in Illinois. She was the only child of an elderly couple, had black eyes, talked to invisible people, told fortunes, and kept to herself. Black smoke was said to come from her lips. Strange occurrences (kid's nightmares, upset animals, and dead animals) in the village were blamed on her, and she was shunned. She disappeared once shunned, and was later found dead. She was allowed to be buried in the churchyard, but buried in black clothes (in preparation for Hell) at night. And a tree was planted over her grave to absorb her dark powers. - The community believes her to have returned 100 years after her death; scaring animals, casting shadows, and possessing children. The tree had been knocked down in a storm that night. And every year the newest tree will be knocked down by the Dec 21st storm.

- Another story involves a clairvoyant blind boy. Villagers would secretly come to him to get advice. His spirit is said to have later possessed an Amish woodworker, causing him to sleepwalk/talk and spew dirt, because he won't burn a fallen tree the Deacon ordered him to destroy. Presumably the tree from over the boy's grave.

[TV: Amish Haunting]

Bride of Whiterock Lake - A distressed looking woman in a wedding dress, appears briefly to people around the lake where she drown on her wedding day.

[TV: My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera]

Bridgewater Triangle - An area in Massachusetts known for high sightings of paranormal activity including Spirits, UFOs, and Alien Abductions.

[Location: Southeast Massachusetts]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 9: Puk Wudgie, Alien Brood, Dover Demon]

British Roswell - And alternate name for Rendlesham, where US airmen experienced strange events including lights and a black craft in the Rendlesham Forest.

[Location: Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England]

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 39: The Rendlesham Files + Alien Mysteries - Episode 4: Rendlesham Forest]

* SEE Rendlesham Files for full info.

Brookdale Lodge - A historic hotel with a history of fire, flooding, and drownings. The brook room (a huge room, with a brook running through it) and the mermaid room, are of particular note. Activity includes; voices and music, apparitions (gliding girl, mother and daughter), psychic hits, high magnetic readings, and film anomalies.

[Location: South of San Francisco]

[Investigators: Joe Nickell (CSICOP, Center for Inquiry), Loyd Auerbach & team]

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

(Old) Brunswick City Hall - City hall and courthouse, where a court officer (Massie) was shot on the stairwell by a criminal angry over a fine, some believe his soul still lingers there. Activity includes; small objects and furniture moving, doors unlocking, apparitions and black masses on stairs (where the officer was shot), thumping sounds and footsteps, flashlight test hits,

- TAPS team's flashlight test suggested the entity may not be Massie.

[Location: ?, ?]

[TV:Ghost Hunters]

Bucks County UFO - Denise Murter moves to Bucks County and sees a boomerang shape with lights hovering over her house, after going out to investigate what her dog was barking at. She contacts the local paper, and then MUFON. MUFON receives about 1 PA case a day, 85% are identifiable, but activity suddenly spikes up after contacting her. Additional witnesses include, Cliff Tailor whose dog also will not stop barking. When the craft returns Denise tries to take picture, but her camera malfunctions repeatedly, and she catches only an indistinct boomerang of lights. A beam from the craft paralyzes her, the make a tree in her yard sparkle/glitter, and she contacts MUFON again, but investigators can find no evidence. She however gets e-mails from a man in Florida, who claims to have experienced the same thing 17 years earlier. A return investigation find the tree’s leaves are prematurely aged, and tests show excess chemicals often found sites of Close Encounters of the Second Kind.

[Location: Bucks County, PA]

[TV: Alien Mysteries - Episode 5: Bucks County + UFOs over Earth - Episode 3: The Bucks County Flap]

* SEE Bucks County ‘Flap’

Bucks County ‘Flap’ - A ‘flap’ is a spike in UFO sightings in a particular area. The Bucks County ‘flap’ took place over 3 months, when activity reported to MUFON was increased 70% from normal. There were at least 50 witnesses. Denise Murter’s Bucks County UFO, is the first sighting.

[Location: Bucks County, PA]

[TV: Alien Mysteries - Episode 5: Bucks County + UFOs over Earth - Episode 3: The Bucks County Flap]

* SEE Bucks County UFO

(The) Bukit Timah Monkey Man - Also referred to as BTMM or BTM, the Bukit Timah Monkey Man is a 3 to 6 foot tall hominid that said to inhabit forested areas in Singapore.

* SEE (The) Monkey Man of New Delhi

Burlington Bay Ghost - An old ship that appears on the water, accompanied by blood-curdling screams or the sound of a boat bumping the pier. Electrical fluctuation and sudden temperature changes are also said to occur in the area.

- Stories tell of a deckhand (Jim/Jem Horner) helping unload a shipment of quarry rock, had his leg crushed between the boat and pier after slipping. His shipmates left him outside a nearby tavern (hoping he;d die there), the tavern owner found him and called a doctor, who amputated his leg in the tavern's backroom in an attempt to save him. Unfortunately, he died of blood loss, and the tavern owner put his leg in a keg of whiskey to preserve it until the funeral, however his shipmates stole the keg and drank from it for 2 days before discovering his leg.

[Location: Burlington Bay]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 3]

Burlington County Prison - Currently a museum, once home for the Boston Strangler and others. Activity includes; chains rattling in Joe Clou's(?) death row cell, stretcher moves on it's own, feeling of being watched, and the apparition of a large man.

[Location: MT. Holly, NJ]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 6]

Burrows’ Cave - Also called Illinois Treasure Cave. In 1982 an Illinois man, Burrows, claims to have found a cave with Ancient Egyptian treasure buried in it. He now claims to have hidden in so that treasure hunters will never find it. Artifacts supposedly included; Isis Stone (actually a broken 1950 US gravestone), carved black stones, and gold pieces only known from recasts. Burrows claims that the recast pieces researchers have are recreations of the gold which he melted down. He attributes the hidden treasure (as well as the Grand Canyon treasure, to Alexander Helios, Cleopatra and Anthony’s son. Sandstone in the area claimed to hold the cave is very soft, making it quite carve-able, but possibly unstable.

- The land owner thinks the area’s ‘Little Egypt’ history may have been Burrows’ real inspiration for the ‘cave’. This coupled with the fake and recast artifacts, and Burrows’ refusal to talk, suggest a hoax.

- Some believe similar treasures are/were hidden in the Grand Canyon.

[Location: Southern IL]

[TV: America Unearthed]

* SEE Grand Canyon Treasure

Busby Stoop - A bullying ghost is believed to haunt this pub. There is even a cursed chair in the local museum that had to be removed from the pub because everyone that would sit in it die within a month.

[Location: Thirsk, New Yorkshire, England]

[TV: My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera]

Butterfly People (aka Tornado Phantoms) - After an unexpected and devastating tornado (May 22nd, 2011), many children told the first responders and ER workers that they'd seen butterfly people, large shimmering figures with colorful wings who protected them from the storm. They said they felt at peace, and that the butterfly people communicated with them telepathically. Curiously, in the highly Christian area, the children did not refer to their protectors as angels.

- Luara Pina hid in the closet with 5 of her children. When the roof was torn off the house, she started to pray, and her youngest son told her he saw a woman in white clothes covering the closet.

- A grey robed angel-like figure was also described by a rescuers, as standing behind a couple of survivors.

[Location: Joplin, Missouri]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 8: Mantis Man; Spottsville Monster; Tornado Phantoms]


Caddo Parish Court House - Believed to be haunted by Dr. Butler, and/or convicted criminals like the Butterfly Man. Activity includes; scratching sounds, shadows and shadow people, uneasy feelings.

[Location: Shreveport, La]

[TV: Ghost Hunters]

Cahaba/Old Cahawba - Old ghost town in Alabama. The Bales were killed by the Troys on the roadside, for defending their slave, Plez(sp?), who the Troys accused of stealing. The Troys then hunted down Plez and shoot him on the second floor of the hotel. The Bales and Plez’s vengeful spirits are believed to roam the area. Activity includes; lonely and angry feelings, photographic anomalies, and multiple apparitions. Most haunted areas may include; cemetery, slave quarters, St. James Hotel, and roadside shooting site.

[Location: Alabama]

[TV: Deep South Paranormal - Episode 4: The Good, the Bad, and the Ghostly]

Cajun Werewolf - A person cursed to be wolf-man, with a human body and a wolf or dog head. The curse is believed to be punishment for mistreating or disrespecting the swamp, and it may appear to people who are engaging in such behavior as a warning. Examples of such behavior include; taking from the swamp for commercial gain, hunting on All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day. It’s also said that if you look into his eyes, you will become cursed as well.

[Location: Swamps of Louisiana]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 20: UFO Bigfoot, Lake Pepin Monster, Cajun Werewolf]

* SEE Rougarou

* SEE Werewolf

Calcaseiu Courthouse - Toni Jo Henry was in love with a convicted man, so she and a male accomplice intended to break him out, killed a man to get his truck. They were both convicted and she got the electric chair. The most upset she ever got was that they had to cut her hair for the electric chair. She’s supposed to haunt the local courthouse where she was imprisoned. Activity includes, the smell of burning hair, and file rotators stop on their own. Locals also say you can hear a pickup chasing you on the back roads.

- There’s also stories of a dead little girl, screaming and appearing as a mist were she died on Halloween., though I’m not sure how this is relevant.

[Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana]

[TV: Ghost Stories]

Canada’s Roswell - In 1967 UFOs are seen in Nova Scotia, which plunge into Shag Harbor.

[Location: Nova Scotia & Cape Sable Island, Canada]

[TV: UFO Files - Episode 36: Canada’s Roswell]

* SEE Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia: for more information

Canneto Di Caronia, Spontaneous Combustions - Couches, beds, appliances, power outlets, and other items started to spontaneously combust. The power grid is blamed and consequently shut off, but the fires continue. Some attribute these fires to the devil. Others feel it is just a natural phenomenon that man does not yet understand. Citizens pray with clergy and obtain a blessing from the pope, but the fires continue. Residents are evacuated, and officials come in to investigate and interview. It’s then they learn of strange behavior in electronics, machines, and magnetic devices. They record several strong magnetic pulses, before the government shuts down the investigation. The pulses were suggested to have come from the Cursed Triangle. Others claim to have seen UFOs following helicopters during the evacuation period.

[Location: Canneto Di Caronia, Sicily, Italy]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 3]

* SEE Cursed Triangle


Canoe Lake - Believed to be haunted by the painter, Tom Thompson. Activity includes; apparition of a canoeing man with a gash on his face (presumably Tom) appearing and disappearing in the mist.

- Tom went out fishing, didn't come back, his canoe was found overturned, and his body later washed ashore. He was a good swimmer, and the day he left on was sunny. His legs were tied, he had a oar sized gash on his head, and he drown. The oar was never found. - A man dressed like an undertaker (Churchill), supposedly representing the Thompson family, came to exhume the remains. Soon after the ghost started appearing.

[Location: Algonquin Wilderness Park]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 12]

Cape Girarudeau (1941) UFO Crash - A bright object streaks across the sky, crashes in the woods. Reverend Huffman is called in to give last rights to a dead alien pilot and his crew. It is believed that the US government cataloged the wreckage and sent much of it to Perdue University, where the students studied and reversed engineered it for them, resulting in the transistor.

[Location: Cape Girarudeau, MO]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO - Episode 3: Alien Technology]

Cape May Island - Believed to be one of the most haunted areas in the US, once Native American land, is now full of old homes, and mystical beaches. One beach is full of quartz stones known as Cape May diamonds, believed to have mystical powers. Another beach is home to the apparition of a man and his dog.

[Location: Cape May, NJ]

[TV: Ghost Stories - Episode 5: Peter Shields Inn (Cape May, NJ)]

* SEE Higbee Beach

* SEE Peter Shields Inn

Capitol Building (USA) - Statuary hall is believed to be most haunted room, with the rotunda and sub-basement also being particularly noteworthy. Activity includes; apparitions (Charles Guiteau in rotunda),voices (John Quincy Adams), moving/dancing statues, and the demon cat (that appears near Washington's tomb in Sub-basement, before national tragedies),

- A week after Guiteau's death a guard chased him through the rotunda before remembering he was dead.

- The demon cat appeared before the deaths of both FDR and JFK.

[Location: Washington DC, USA]

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

Capitol Theatre - Haunted. Activity includes, apparitions in real life and on camera, shaking doors, lights turn on and doors open on their own, elevators move on their own, scent of smoke, and phantom music.

[Location: Salt Lake City, Utah]

[TV: Paranormal Witness - Episode 10: Capitol Theatre Haunting]

Captain Grant’s Inn - Built by Captain William Grant, who died at sea, and it is believed that he and his family now haunt the Inn. Activity includes; psychic ‘contacting’ Adelaide, footsteps from the attic, apparition of a woman in child in Adelaide’s former room, and heavy beds moving or being pushed/kicked.

- Owner says the Adelaide Room is 'currently' the most haunted. What does she mean by that? Are there other rooms being renovated that may be more haunted, or rooms being rigged to seem haunted?

[Location: Preston, Connecticut]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 7 (Special) + Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 8: Volume 16]

Carolina Beach Boom - Loud booms out of nowhere, that rattle windows like a sonic boom. Weather and earthquake logs do not match up. Orange orb UFOs have been sighted over the ocean.

[Location: North Carolina Beach]

[Alt Locations: Italy, Japan, Philippines]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 6: Alien Blood Rain, Carolina Beach Boom and the Voynich Manuscript.]

Castello Estense - Some paranormal investigators believe that the Borgia or their victims may still inhabit the family home, particularly Lucrezia Borgia who was known to poison their enemies and off her husbands. Activity includes, shadow figures, headaches, video anomalies.

[Location: Ferara (spl?), Italy]

[TV: Killer Contact - Episode 3: Lucrezia Borgia]

Cat & Fiddle, Pub and Restaurant - Haunted location in Hollywood.

[Location: Hollywood, CA]

[TV: My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera]

*SEE Hollywood

Cattle Mutilation - Livestock is found dead with seemingly unusual patterns of injury. Often soft tissues, such as eyes, ears, nose, internal organs, and privates, seem to be cut cleanly away. Supposed causes range from chupacabra, aliens, satanic rituals, viruses, government conspiracies to hide diseases, and natural predators or scavengers.

[TV: The Unexplained Files : Episode 2, Episode ?]

* SEE Chupacabra


* SEE Skinwalkers

* SEE Thunderbirds

Cave Creature - A long armed, hairless, humanoid, about 6.5 ft tall, and weighting 600 lbs. First sighted in 1850, it is believed to be associated with the ghost of lost cavers.

[Location: Breenbrier County (Greenbrier?)]

[TV: Mountain Monsters - Season 2, Episode 7: Cave Creature of Breenbrier County (Greenbrier?)]

Celestial Worms - A strange worm-like type of UFO, that some believe may be alive.

[TV: UFOs Over Earth - Episode 2: Mass Sightings in Mexico]

Champ, Monster of Lake Champlain (aka America's Loch Ness Monster) - A possible surviving Plesiosaur, or giant serpent, that may inhabit Lake Champlain (formerly the Champlain Sea). Samuel Champlain himself (for who the lake was named) was the first to report seeing it; describing it as a silver scaled fish as wide around as a barrel, 8 ft long, and with a sharp toothed horse's head. Later sightings described a 25-35 foot snake with shining scales. Modern descriptions vary, it's usually described as 6 to 24 feet long, smooth (no scales or hair), and prehistoric looking. One woman living by the lake, describes 2 monsters, a larger green one, and a smaller brown one. Some say it is able to use echolocation.

- Some supposed photos exist.

[Location: Between NY, Vermont, and Canada]

[TV: MonsterQuest - Season 1, Episode 1: America's Loch Ness Monster]

* SEE Loch Ness Monster

Chernobyl Power Plant and Pripyat - The site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in human history, This plant and the neighboring city are believed by some to be haunted by those who dies during and after the accident. Activity includes; apparitions, shadows, orbs, noises, equipment malfunctions, and thermal hits.

[Location: Pripyat, Ukraine]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 4 - Ghost of Chernobyl, Sal'awa]

Chickies' Rock - Haunted area in the woods, well known for suicides, as many people jump at the rock, but also containing many historic sites and Native American burial grounds. Activity includes; tribal drumming, apparitions (Amish couple, shrouded figure), and a Bigfoot-like creature with glowing eyes.

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 6]

Christ Church Earthquake - Seismic activity is blamed for paranormal activity in Allan’s home, in the form of demons. Some claim Allan had PTSD from the earthquake.

[TV: Weird or What? - Episode 35: Ghost in the Machine]

Chuchunaa - A ape-man cryptid similar to Yeti.

[Location: Siberia, Russia]

* SEE Yeti

Chupacabra - This name has come to describe two different creatures, the original Puerto Rican bipedal reptiles, and the later hairless blue-eyed dogs of Texas, both of which feed exclusively on blood.

- Puerto Rican Chupacabra (La Chupacabra ‘Goat Sucker - Female’) - This version of Chupacabra is usually described as bipedal reptilian, it may have spikes or wings, and leaves as distinct wound pattern. Size varies by description; tiny, 1 meter, 2 meters. Some believe Chupacabra to be an alien, including some of the first witnesses to ever report seeing it. First USA reports occurred in Miami, Florida on June 1996 (paw print casts look suspiciously canine). Some also believe it may be a US military bio weapon. US troop did drain blood from dead enemy soldiers to spread fear of the Asuang Vampire.

- Texan Chupacabra - Described as a pink, grey, or blue, hairless, blue-eyed dog with an oversized head and ears, these creatures would seem to have a more logical explanation in diseases like mange. One woman claims to have found a body, which was tested and found not to be coyote, wolf, or common dog. In appearance it resembles a mangy greyhound with swollen glands. These Chupacabra are said to have three toed paws that leave a distinctive footprint.

- Several bodies, of both types have been presented, often they are common animals partially decomposed and/or with deformities, and other times the samples are too contaminated for DNA testing. One such body had 2 tails and 8 legs.

[Location: North America, particularly Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chili, Florida, and Cuero, Texas]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 1 + The Unexplained Files - Episode 11: Death From the Sky and Mexican Chubacabra + World’s Strangest UFO Stories - Episode 5: Alien Vampire Chronicles + The Monster Project - Episode 2: Chupacabra + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 8: Goat Man, Goat Sucker, and Zombie Soldiers + Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 3: Ropen and Chupacabra + True Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 3: Chupacabra, Kraken]

* SEE Cattle Mutilation

* SEE Skinwalkers

* SEE Thunderbirds

Chupa Chupa - Fiery balls of light, seen in the skys of Colares Brazil, causing 90% of the island's population to flee. The name means 'Sucker Sucker'. They are said to zap people with electric light beams which leave marks, suck blood, and float through walls.

- This phenomenon was investigated by the Brazilian Air Force (Operation Saucer). They blamed it on the USA, claiming it was a remote weapons test.

[Location: Colares, Brazil]

[TV: Close Encounters - Episode 30: Fire in the Sky]

Cincinnati Music Hall - Built on the location of a former orphanage and insane asylum, which was hit by a cholera epidemic, and the bodies were buried in mass unmarked graves. The bodies were not moved when the music hall was constructed, and at least 30 graves were uncovered when the elevator shaft was renovated. Activity includes; screams, voices, a boy’s laughter, footsteps, the sensation of being watched, the sensation of spirits being present at 3:00am, apparitions (little boy backstage, little girl with bad teeth, a waving man in the box-seat, misty dirt covered lady in white), tugged clothing, giggling, sounds of fighting in the elevator, and elevator being called when no one else is around (prank?), film anomalies, EVPs, .

[Location: Cincinnati, Ohio]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 7 (Special) + Most Terrifying Places in America - Episode 8: Volume 16 + Ghost Hunters - Halloween 2014]

Cinnamon Hill Plantation - Former home of Johnny Cash (and June Cash), now believed to be haunted by his spirit. The house is left as it was the day Johnny died, and access is rather limited. Activity includes; EMF spikes around personal items, Spirit Box hits, and a sense of a peaceful presence.

[Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Season 5, Episode 9: Rose Hall]

Class A EVP - A clear, loud, easily understood EVP.

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 104: Market Street Cinema]

Class B EVP - A low, harder to understand EVP.

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 104: Market Street Cinema]

Class C EVP - A faint, unintelligible EVP.

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 104: Market Street Cinema]

Class R EVP - An EVP that needs to be played backwards to be understood.

Clintonville - Mysterious underground ‘explosions’.

[Location: Wisconsin]

Coloma Pioneer Cemetery - 250 yr old cemetery, supposedly haunted. Activity includes, ghostly figures, Lady in Burgundy on the hill waving you over, children’s laughter, children’s EVPs.

[Locations: Coloma CA]

[TV: Haunted Highways]

[Books: Gold Rush Ghosts]

Columns Amphitheater - Believed to be haunted by a ghost that does not like visitors, especially sitting on the benches.

[Location: University of Seattle, Seattle, Washington]

[Magazines: “Haunted Encounters” West Oregon Ruralite (Oct 2011)]

(USS) Constellation - A historic sloop whose predecessor dates back to the civil war, but some believe the original ship's crew haunt it as well. The first ghost story comes from the civil war, a sailor locked in the brig started to sing, and when questioned he claimed that a pair of apparitions commanded him to sing so they could dance, oddly stacked buckets were found nearby outside his cell. Activity includes; apparitions (a cabin-boy or powder-monkey with a gash on his face, a sailor that gives excellent tours of the ship).

- One cabin-boy is known to have been murdered for his wages.

[Location: Baltimore, Maryland]

[Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - season 1, Episode 5]

Copper Queen Hotel - Haunted hotel, once home to a little boy who drown in the river. Activity includes; EVPS, and moving objects.

[Location: Bisbee, AZ]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94, Do Not Disturb]

Corina Saebels, Abductee - Corina Saebels has had reoccurring experiences with seeing UFOs (three green lights in a triangle), seeing aliens (boney, grey, with large black almond-shaped eyes), and being abducted by these aliens (who appear to be running a fertility and hybridization study). She cites missing time for her and friends, bloody noses afterwords, and multiple fetus-less miscarriages, head pressure, mysterious wounds, and cold spells, as evidence of these events.

- She believes her friend Linda, daughter, and son were also abducted.

[TV: Alien Mysteries - Episode 3: Corina + Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 6]

(The Old) Cornwall Jail - A historic jail building built 1833, which doubled as an insane asylum for adults and children, and is believed to be haunted. Bodies of executed convicts were uncovered in the courtyard. Activity includes; the visitation phones and exercise yard phone ringing on their own, inmate's voices (sometimes calling visitor's names), voices and laughter of children, apparitions (unnerving man, the kitchen guard, a young boy [on film?], a suicidal male prisoner, a female prisoner being strangled by a bigger woman), severe mysterious pains and numbness, high EMFs, camera malfunctions, EVPs, strong odors, and psychic hits.

- Particularly notorious among the prisoners executed there was Balcombe, who beat and killed his girlfriend after a fight. Another man, Jim Sutherland (1870s), was convicted of petty theft and never made it out, being repeatedly whipped and beaten, he died in solitary confinement. Henry Seguin, who killed a garage owner, poisoned himself and died during a consolation with a priest before his trial.

[Location: Canada?]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 10 + Ghostly Encounters - Episode 111: Disturbed Graves, Haunted Institutions]

Coshcoton, Ohio Cemetery - Mary Stockum’s ghost, woman burned at stake after her kids started dying.

(*due to the source, this haunting needs further verification.)

[Web: Scary4Kids]

Coyama UFO Crash - (1974) Mexican authorities react to a civilian plane and UFO crash, then allow a US team comes to take the ship, after 4 Mexican soldiers are mysteriously killed. Death records for the soldiers exists, but the government denies their existence.

[Location: Coyama, Mexico]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode ?: Crashes and Cover-ups]

Crazy Bears - A Native American tale of huge hairy mammals that came to Earth in a small moon.

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 20: UFO Bigfoot, Lake Pepin Monster, Cajun Werewolf]

* SEE Alien Bigfoot

Crescent Mine - A haunted mine near Sumpter believed to be inhabited by the original prospector’s spirits, who may either be protective of the gold, or the other miners. Both the mine and locations in town are believed to have connections to Free Masons rituals, racism towards Chinese miners, and Native American legends. Mine was once blocked off, presumably by Free Masons. Activity included; strange feelings, the sensation of others’ presence, odd sounds, EVPs, Electromagnetic Field fluctuations, camera anomalies and malfunctions, shadows and shadow figures, and lost time.

- Gold is found in quartz veins, quartz is said to amplify Paranormal activity.

- The mine has since collapsed (everyone got out in time), during inspection of a stone bulkhead believed to hid gold or something more cryptic, and a monument to fallen miners has been placed at the former entrance.

[Location: Sumpter, Oregon ]

[TV: Ghost Mine (Whole Series)]

* SEE Sumpter

Crisis Apparitions - Ghost of the dying that appear to others at the moment of death, and do not repeat. May be attributed to spirits or telepathy.

(USS) Croaker - A decommissioned US sub. Dead soldiers were stored in the freezer, possibly for months. Activity includes; voices and whispers, footsteps, and a menacing presence.

[Location: Buffalo Navel and Military Park, Buffalo, NY]

[TV: Ghost Hunters - Episode 230: Phantom Fleet]

Cry Baby Bridge - A bridge that local teens and Rumspringa Amish youth often use for legend tripping. A place where Amish rumors claim the dead can be conjured. Legend says a young mother jumped off the bridge with her baby boy, she and the baby died (bodies never found), and now haunts the bridge. She was shunned for being alone with a male taxi driver. So she kidnapped the baby and ran to the bridge. Her husband claimed to hear the baby crying afterward, and seen their ghosts. The baby's cries are frequently heard at the bridge.

- It is said the baby can be summoned at midnight, by leaving your car keys on the hood, and walk around the car taunting, “Cry Baby.” The keys will move if successful, possibly followed by; the baby's cries, a demonic scream, phantom screaming, appearing/disappearing keys, key temperature changes, apparitions (the baby's mother, and bodies of living people), and disappearances.

[Location: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania]

[TV: Amish Haunting]

Crystal Ball Room - voices, footsteps, photo anomalies

[Location: Portland, OR]

[Books: ???]

* (I’ve been here - I believe the footstep sounds to be easily explained as coming from the floating dance floor. I captured brightly colored orbs in elevator photos, but they were a camera malfunction. I could not bring myself to ride the elevator, but I’m claustrophobic and sensitive to EMFs.)

(The) Cuban Club - Believed to be haunted by El Fumador (assassinated while counting money) and Carleta (suicide or murder, fell from balcony). Activity includes, sounds of dancing footwork, apparitions of a female dancer and a mob boss, a woman’s screams, man’s voice, footsteps on stairs, people being scratched,

[Location: Ybor City, Tampa, Fla.]

[TV: Ghost Stories ]

Cumberland Library and Monastery - Haunted library. The area's brutal past includes; nine colonists were brutally killed by natives in the nearby woods, the monastery graveyard being moved after a fire, and the third floor of the current building was once used as an infirmary. Activity includes; the elevator goes to the third floor on its own, despite there being no public library, shadow figures, apparitions of monks, voices, screams, EMF and vibration detector hits, doors slamming, automatic sinks triggered without people, monument rocks heating up (natural causes?), and books moving.

[Location: Cumberland, Rhode Island]

[TV: Ghost Hunters]

Cursed Triangle - An area of Sea between Naples and the northern edges of Sicily, which is believed to emit electronic pulses.

[Location: Canneto Di Caronia, Sicily, Italy]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 3]

* SEE Canneto Di Caronia

* SEE Spontaneous Combustion

Curse Haunting - When a person, object, or location experiences paranormal activity as the result of some negative force; witchcraft rituals, misuse of voodoo dolls, Ouija board use. Activity may include; giggling or chanting, shadows and shadowy figures, and possessed items that will not burn.

[TV: Paranormal State - Episode 39: Good vs.. Evil + A Haunting - Episode 71: Black Magic + A Haunting: Back From the Dead - Episode 11: Marked By Evil]

Customs House - A historic building in Hamilton, Ontario, built in1860, which is believed to be haunted. Activity includes, apparitions of the Dark Lady (a lady in dark old fashioned clothes, who is said to have moved to Canada from England, but fell in love with the ship's captain during the journey, who killed her and walled her up in the vault), apparitions of a kitchen maid and her son (the maid was decapitated when someone sabotaged the dumbwaiter), the apparition of (and dreams about) a beaten girl, the word Murder appearing in the fresh paint of the second floor hallway, screws being moved to spell out murder and related words, the elevator comes without being called (caught on investigators' camcorders), and thrown objects.

[Location: Hamilton, Ontario]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 11]

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