Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Update 2016/4/04 - 2016/4/10

It's been a week already, amazing. Not the week mind you, the way time passes.

Been doing a bit of gardening, since spring is finally here, which gives me time to think. You may have heard the analogy that the mind/soul is like a garden. You got to plant good things and pull the weeds. Simple yes? No, no, not quite. . . You've got have the right tools and some knowledge of plants. There's normal weeds you can just pull up, then there's things like dandelions where you've got to dig up the roots, and blackberries where you've got to protect you hands dig even deeper, and worse still there's plants (I don't know the name of this plant) that take over the whole garden during winter, having a runner root that breaks really easy, making it almost impossible to get rid of them.

If the weeds are really bad, it's tempting to simply take out the hoe and tear it all up, but might still be some good things in there. Asparagus come back year after year as long as the roots are safe, and potatoes can regularly spring up from missed roots or seeds. The best solution to that is to keep up on weeding, once you've weeded the garden, it's easier to remove young weeds as they appear, before they can take hold. Though sometimes it's tempting to leave young plants, until you can tell what they are. There was a lush green plant growing among my sunflowers, and I thought it was a cherry tomato. It had tomato-like leaves, tiny tomato-like flowers, and then little green berries. And suddenly one day, they turned black (without any visible variation of shades between green and black). It wasn't tomatoes, but another member of the nightshade family, Black Nightshade, which can be poisonous. Though pretty with the striking black berries, I have nephews that know I grow food in the garden, so it had to go.

What does this have to do with mental or spiritual health? Well, you have to recognize the bad things in your life. You prepare yourself to deal with them, and taking preemptive action almost always works better then procrastination. It probably won't be easy, but you're doing it for you, and you're doing it for those you love.

Okay, the mushy motivational stuff is over.

OpenOffice likes to try to predict what I'm typing. Typing 'better' it suggests 'betelgeuse', and typing 'love' it suggests 'Lovecraft', this probably says something about my mind garden. . .

I also looked into some books on Near Death Experiences and Reincarnation, so far nothing that doesn't make me scoff with skepticism about poor research and manipulation when it comes to supporting their personal theories, but I'll keep looking. Looking into a couple of investigative leads as well. I think it'd be interesting to investigate a fairy case. Even in these modern times, patches of trees in farmland left for fairies (or more logically, wildlife), are surprisingly common.

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