Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly Update 2016/04/18 - 2016/04/24 (w/ 2016/04/11 - 2016/04/17)

Okay, so I missed last weeks update, but that's okay, because there's not much to tell. I was crazy busy and had to deal with an emergency.

Continued researching NDE and Reincarnation this week; found a promising book on kids remembering past lives. There's a bit of evidence-less speculation at times, but in general the events and information are presented in a clear, matter of fact, narrative manner.

This of course means not so much progress on researching medieval ghosts and other medieval beliefs, but that's the way deciding what to research in the allotted time works.

Fiddling with writing something up a couple things on spirits; might combine them, that makes sense [to me]. Should probably finish my water monster guides as well. Maybe when I've finish and posted all three, I'll do a revised version with some extras as a eBook. Or maybe it is better if I write something new and keep it completely secret until release?

Have a great week everyone, I'll try to make sure I post some stuff this coming week.

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