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This list is an ongoing project, where I am compiling modern paranormal and mythical cases from various sources. The hope is that you can use it to get the basic information a subject, as well as find sources where you can get more information. This list is updated regularly, as I’m continually working on adding in new cases, and updating old ones.

Listing are alphabetical, with numeric entries at the end. Included at the end of each entry are notes about activity, location, media source, and investigators, as well as my personal notes if they apply.

WARNING: This list DOES contain SPOILERS for various Books and TV shows.
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Yaquina Bay Lighthouse - Said to be one of the most haunted places in the Pacific Northwest. Believed to be inhabited by the ghost of Captain Evan MacClure, who was stranded in a lifeboat during a mutiny in 1874.

[Location: Oregon]

[Web: YaquinaLights: www.yaquinalights.org ]

[Magazines: “Haunted Encounters” West Oregon Ruralite (Oct 2011)]

Yeren - A smaller cousin of Bigfoot reportedly seen in China. Yeren are believed to make a chirping or laughing sound. The Chinese government actually sponsored expeditions to search for the creature.

[Location: China]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot]

* SEE Bigfoot

Yeti - Also known as the Abominable Snowman. This hairy hominid, usually white or brown (may also be black, or red), said to live in the Himalaya Mountain Range near Tibet. It is very similar to Bigfoot and Yeren. It may be shorter than Bigfoot, with a less pronounced big toe. Yeti are believe to eat frogs, and live in caves.

- The Pangboche Monastery claimed to have Yeti remains (hand and scalp), but testing proved negative (human bone and animal fur).

- Yeti have been said to be capable of making fire.

[Location: Tibet, Himalaya Mountain Range]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot + Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 1: Yeti]

* SEE Bigfoot

* SEE Yeren

Yōkai - Spirit and cryptids that cause problems or interfere with human affairs. Objects may also become Yōkai after 100 years of faithful service, or after being severely neglected or misused.

[Location: Japan]

Yorktown Memorial Hospital - Abandon Hospital, said to have a lot of spirit activity, both ghostly and demonic. The hospital was fund-raised by nuns, who then worked in the hospital. The four-way hall is supposed to be one of the main hots spots. As is the basement, where blood from a murder still stains the wall. Activity includes; being hit/kicked/punched, being scratched, being choked (if tattooed, supposedly by the nuns), apparitions (dark silhouettes, large dark figure presumed to be Doug), spirit box hits, and equipment batteries drained.

[Location: Yorktown, Texas]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Season 4, Episode 21: Yorktown Hospital]

Yowie - A hairy hominoid, similar to Bigfoot. Said to be up to 7 feet tall, with oversized hands and feet. The Yowie may be more violent and more ape-like than Bigfoot. It is said to break branches and throw rocks. It may mutilate livestock, similar to Chupacabra.

- Aboriginal legends describe man co-existing with Yowie.

[Location: Blue Mountains, Australia]

[TV: Finding Bigfoot + Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 7: Yowie, Haunted Mosque]

* SEE Bigfoot

* SEE Yeren

* SEE Cattle mutilation


Zaffis Paranormal Museum - The location where John Zaffis stores and displays the supposedly haunted items he removes from houses/buildings with paranormal activity.

[Location: Stratford, Connecticut]

[TV: Haunted Collector (Whole Series)]

Zombie Soldiers - A couple goes parking in Brownsville on land where many wars have been fought, but get out of the truck to investigate when they hear knocks and muffled voices. They soon realized they were surrounded by zombies in matching uniforms. Others have had similar experiences, and have heard cannons and muskets. It is believed by some to be a continuation of the battle of Palmito Hill, which was fought mercilessly after the official end of the Civil War.

[Location: Brownsville, TX]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 8: Goat Man, Goat Sucker, and Zombie Soldiers]


1862 Manor - Haunted location. Two ghosts have supposedly been identified, an old lady (Harriet?), and a violent male (John Grady). Activity includes; silhouettes (shadows or silvery?).

[Location: Leroy, Illinois]

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries]

37 Lat Line (The UFO/Paranormal Highway) - Basically there's this theory that there's a reason there’s a lot of UFOs and Paranormal activity along the 37 Lat line. This theory completely ignores all the other UFO and paranormal reports. Some also believe there is a series of Alien/Government bases along this line.

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode ?]

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