Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bible Journaling: Editing the Bible?

Here's another tough question for religious folks.

In The Exorcist (the TV series) we find Father Marcus has edited/journaled his bible, in a scene that is clearly meant to be shocking and disturbing to the religious audience members, as Father Tomas yells at him for it. But this may have been a hit or miss move on the production team's part.

Browsing online recently for stamp making supplies, I noticed Micheal’s has a Bible Journaling section. Now, where I come from a Bible Journal is a journal you write in while reading the Bible, but if you look into the trend, people are painting the extra wide margins of their Journal Bibles, and even right over the text itself. This begs the question, is Bible Journaling (which can potentially be done with any sacred book) a good way to get deeper into God's word, or a fun way to deface the word of God?

I've mentioned previously that I write notes in book margins, correct typos/facts, highlight in books, and on the rare occasion, deface the margins of books that no monetary or intellectual value, but there's just some lines you don't cross, yes? More then one book of the Bible states not to add or subtract from it's content (Deuteronomy and Revelation if I'm not mistaken). Noting what a word means or what it says in a different translation of your sacred book is one thing, but adding upbeat phrases and using markers to make it unreadable (which is subtracting from the content) seems to be quite another.

However, some people practically swear by it:

While others have some more critical thoughts:

And some use rules to take a middle ground: