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This list is an ongoing project, where I am compiling modern paranormal and mythical cases from various sources. The hope is that you can use it to get the basic information a subject, as well as find sources where you can get more information. This list is updated regularly, as I’m continually working on adding in new cases, and updating old ones.

Listing are alphabetical, with numeric entries at the end. Included at the end of each entry are notes about activity, location, media source, and investigators, as well as my personal notes if they apply.

WARNING: This list DOES contain SPOILERS for various Books and TV shows.
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Jaime - Mexican reporter who has tons of UFO footage due to viewers mailing it to him. His collection includes footage from Orizaba, Leone, Hidalgo, and Mexico City. Professional skywatcher Arturo has sent several of these, which appears slightly suspicious. When the production crew sent out a group of balloons he identified it as something strange, but not balloons. Jaime however says analyzes the videos for himself, but has shown interest in clearly hoaxed images taken by another photographer.

[Location: Mexico]

[TV: UFOs Over Earth - Episode 2: Mass Sightings in Mexico]

Jane Adams Hull House - Stories tell of a anti-religious man telling his catholic wife he'd rather have the son of the devil himself, and Jane took the baby in. It didn't live long, some say it was murdered. Activity includes; unexplained fires upstairs, and Hull's chair rocking on it's own.

[Location: Key West ]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 6]

Japan Airlines Flight 1628 UFO - In 1986 a UFO follows a Japanese 747. The captain reported seeing small craft coming and going from the UFO, and the crew was bracing for collision. They claim to have seen it jump in position, and felt heat on their faces from the bright yellow-white lights, then a gigantic object appeared next to them. It follows them for 14 minutes. The FAA tried to explain it away (as radar phenomenon), and when the pilot went public with what he saw, he was moved to a desk job.

- Radar video evidence, tower recordings, and interview recordings, for this case exists.

- Jim Derry, former head of FAA Alaska Office, interviewed the crew and believes they were telling the truth. John Callahan, Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations, studied the radar information and found it to sync up exactly, and believes it was a UFO. He claims the CIA told him it never happened, but admitted it was a UfO.

[Location: Over Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska]

[TV: Secret Access: UFOs on the Record (Special) + The Unexplained Files - Episode 19: Mysteries at 3,000 Feet]

Jean Bonnet Tavern

[Location: Bedford, Pennsylvania]

Jerome Grand Hotel (United Fairday Hospital for miners) - For 24 years (while it was a hospital) there was about 1 death a day. Later the building's maintenance man was found crushed by the elevator. Activity includes; the apparition of the maintenance man, and the elevator comes down on it's own.

[Location: Jerome, Arizona]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 5]

(The) Jersey Devil - Supposedly when Mrs. Leeds (aka Mother Leeds) was pregnant with her 13th child and put a curse upon it, saying something along the lines of ‘the devil take it’. It became a demonic creature with the torso of a man, the hooves of a goat, wings, and the head of a horse. May have bright red eyes. It is said to shriek like an eagle. Misfortunes big and small (such as hens not laying) were blamed on the Jersey Devil in the early years of the legend.

- Finding Bigfoot claims half the sightings are described as being closer to Bigfoot, but that’s the first I’ve heard of it.

[Location: Pine Barrens, New Jersey]

[TV: The Monster Project - Episode 1: Jersey Devil + Finding Bigfoot + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 15: Batsquatch, Jersey Devil, Flying Humanoid]

* SEE Lone Pine Mountain Devil

Jimani Lounge - A haunted location, where an arson’s fire killed 32 men (hate crime against homosexuals). Activity includes; apparitions of charred bodies.

[Location: French Quarter, New Orleans, Lousisian]

[TV: Ghost Hunters - Episode 199: French Quarter Massacre]

John Dye House - A private home turned civil war hospitals during the Battle of Perryville, the home is currently empty. Surgeries were preformed upstairs to avoid ticks, fleas, and lice. So much blood was spilled here, they say it still stains the floors (confirmed with luminol). Activity includes; a green glow seen from outside, white photo anomalies, civil war soldier photo, EVPs, EMF hits, spirit box hits, boot footsteps, sense of energy during a reenactment in which the reactors experienced paranormal events (feeling of being watched, not being adequate to help, limbs going numb)...

[Location: Perryville Kentucky]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Season 8 Episode 11: Battle of Perryville: Field Hospitals.]

John Bell House (Bell Farm) - Kate Batts (the Bell Witch), was a former lover of Bell, is blamed for the occurrences around the (now demolished) Bell farmhouse. Activity includes/included; a demonic creature, hair pulling, beatings and bruises, poisonings, dark haired apparition, mysterious lights, and horrific sounds.

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

John Hutchinson Effect - A catch all name for the suspicious effects John Hutchinson claims to have encountered during various experiments involving levitation, free energy, and invisibility.

[Books: Poltergeists; Examining Mysteries of the Paranormal (Micheal Clarkson)]

Judaculla (aka: Tuli-cula, Juthcullah, Tsulʻkalu, Appalachian Giant) - A giant ruler from Cherokee folklore, who is said to have leapt 8 miles and left an hand print impact mark on a boundary stone. He was said to be very ugly, have slant eyes, seven fingers, and claws.

- Other images carved into the stone, suggest it may have been carved.

[TV: America Unearthed - Season 3, Episode 3: Appalachian Giant]


Kala Bandar (Black Monkey) - Another name for The Monkey Man of New Delhi, a monkey-like humanoid that is reported to bite, scratch, and chase people.

* SEE (The) Monkey Man of New Delhi

Kappa - Japanese lake and river monsters, usually humanoid, of a chimerical or composite nature. They have a water storage hallow on their heads, a long body, and wide mouth. They may have webbed hands/feet, as well as a turtle-like shell, and they may be green or brown. Legends tell of how the kappa steal people’s souls and drown swimmer. Some bodies of water in Japan still have no swimming signs that warn of Kappa. It is believed that offering a Kappa a cucumber with a person’s name carved into it will protect them from the Kappa, as Kappa like to eat cucumber even more than humans.

- The Kappa may have it’s basis in the Hanzaki, giant Japanese salamanders, which are known to grow up to 6 feet long.

[Location: Japan]

[TV: River Monsters Unhooked - Episode 16: Cold Blooded Horror]

Kaptar - A regional name for Almas, large ape-like cryptids.

[Location: Caucasus Mountains]

[Web: Unexplained Mysteries - http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/viewarticle.php?id=133 ]

* SEE Almas

Kapustin Yar Incident - A banana shaped object is seen on radar, and at test pilot in an experimental plane is told to bring it down. The object flashes a bright light at him, and he is blinded briefly, whilst the plane is drained of power.

[Location: Kapustin Yar, USSR]

[TV: Unsealed: Alien Files - Episode 23: The Kecksburg Incident]

Kaz II, Ghost Yacht - A small boat, the Kaz II is spotted by coast guards, and when a rescue team went aboard, they found the three men that were onboard had disappeared. They found a home video and GPS info, that indicate they disappeared sometime within 25 minutes after 10:15 the morning, the same day the boat was discovered. They are officially stated to have fallen overboard (not wearing lifejackets) and drown, but some details don’t make sense, like the untouched life rings. Other explanations include sharks, crocs, sea monsters, and UFO or USO (UFO reports exist for nearby locations on that date).

[Location: 100 miles of Coast of Queensland, AU]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 3]



Kecksburg Fireball, Kecksburg Incident - On Dec 9, 1965, reports of a fireball seen across multiple states start to come in. Witnesses reported an audible sizzling sound. It is said to have dropped flaming debris which started several wildfires. It is said to have landed in the woods of the Westmoreland Hills, just outside Kecksburg. No aircraft were reported missing. A curious crowd the nearby road, a blue glow was visible coming from the woods. The government comes into investigate, and barricades the area. They claimed nothing was found and the fireball was meteor, the newspaper headlines were changed late morning to reflect this statement. NASA officials in hazmat suits are said to be sighted carrying a box into the woods, as well as a truck that picked up a large object from the woods. Afterwards, a couple kids claimed to have found broken trees and an area of dirt fill, and were warned by a guy in hazmat suit that the area was radioactive. One witness even claims to have seen a seamless car-sized bell-shaped object in the woods, and sulfuric smell. Explanations for the object include, US Government tests, aliens, and a mystical Nazi device called The Bell. Later a trucker delivering glazed bricks, reports having snuck around, and seen the bell shaped object behind a curtain, and a mostly covered lizard-man’s body on a workbench.

- It’s been proposed that it was Cosmos 96, but it had come down 15-16 hours earlier.

- The government claims only three military personnel were involved, but witnesses and reporters’ accounts clearly contradict this. NASA claims to have no files on the incident.

[Location: Kecksburg, PA]

[TV: Alien Mysteries - Episode : Kecksburg + Unsealed: Alien Files - Episode 23: The Kecksburg Incident + Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode ?: Crashes and Cover-ups]


* SEE (The) Bell

Keefer House/Mansion - A building with a 200 year history, including a periods as a hospital, that is believed to be haunted. Previously the site of Keefer's log cabin (which doubled as war hospital). Activity includes; apparitions (wet sickly person, soldiers, woman in Civil War Era clothes, and a man smoking a cigar accompanied by a group of deranged mental patients), self-strangulation, water from nowhere, levitating objects (w/ a young boy talking to someone not there), out of place scents (cigar smoke), and psychic hits.

[Location: Near Welland Canal, Thorold, Ontario, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 13: Fan Tan Alley Ghost; Keefer House; Pennyland]

Khon Kaen - A village in Thailand, that is supposed to be plagued by ghosts (apparitions, headless ghost, red orbs). The monastery graveyard is supposed to be the most haunted area of the village, where the local crematorium is. The village leaders even called in professionals ghost hunters, a couple women with trap 'spirits' in bamboo containers, covered with holy cloth. Signs said to prelude the sightings include; howling dogs (hyena like) and noxious odors.

- Haunting are a very popular thing in Thailand, with at least one museum devoted to ghost photos.

- Destination truth's EVP translated to 'Get out of here, everybody get out of here.'

[Locations: Khon Kaen, Thailand]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 2: Haunting and Naga]

Kikiyaon - The name meaning owl, this creature is a gigantic humanoid owl. It is said to have a large head with human-like eyes. There have been several reports of the creature, during both night and day. There appear ot be some variations on the story, and while some say it brings misfortune and grown men run from it, other say there are multiple species of Kikiyaon and only some are dangerous.

- In at least one village, a dance ritual is used to ward off the creature.

- Some real owls in the area can get to be three feet tall, and some believe these could be the fact that inspired the myth.

[Location: Africa, specifically Gambia]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 12 Ninki Nanka; Kikiyaon]

King Tut’s Curse (Pharaoh Tutankhamen) - Several people involved with the discovery of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s mummy have supposedly met untimely ends, due to disturbing his resting place, a curse is supposedly written within the tomb. Some believe even now, visitors to the tomb (and the Valley of the Kings in general) experience the paranormal. Activity includes; sandstorms, illness, voices, EVPs, apparitions, orbs, and photo anomalies.

- Destination Truth's EVPs were suspiciously, in English.

[Location: King Tut's Tomb, Valley of the Kings, Egypt]

[TV: The Unexplained Files - Episode 2 + Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 3: King Tut's Curse; Swamp Ape]

* SEE Iceman’s Curse

* SEE Ice Maiden’s Curse

Klondike Restaurant - A 100 year old building that used to be a hotel, where legend says a man was murdered over a woman. Deaths did occur in the hotel. Activity includes; freezes (cold spots or chills?), whispering/calling of your name or offers to help with work, sneezing/coughing, scratches, footsteps, shadows, wisps, dark feelings, and Ryan of PS had the sensation of being touched. - The PS afterward claims that activity went down after their visit, though no blessing/cleansing was preformed.

[Location: Old Town, Saint Helens, Oregon]

[TV: Paranormal State - Episode 100: Paranormal Detour]

Knickerbocker Hotel - Over 150 years old. Site of multiple séances. One of the spirits is believed to be a maid, Katie, from the 1800, and another evil entity that casts shadows and causes negative events. Activity includes; chocking sensation in one of the rooms (PS claims this to be dust), pushed down the stairwell (PS claims this to be worn out stairs), a shadows appears to the owner at a party after which many of the people present have major injuries/medical events, a blackout when the owner tells the spirit to leave (however PS found this to be a neighborhood wide blackout, which apparently happens almost weekly).

[Location: Linesville, PA]

[TV: Paranormal State - Episode 29: The Knickerbocker]

* NOTE: Not to be confused with the Knickerbooker in Hollywood

Kongamato - Flying dinosaurs or pterodactyls said to inhabit swamps in Africa, and harass villagers.

- Some have suggested misidentification of shoebills, bats, and other natives. Eats snakes, rodents, and even people.

[Location: Zambia, Africa]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 5: Flying Dinosaur; Sloth Monster]


Lac La Biche Mission - A historic site in Canada, presumed to be haunted. Activity includes; apparitions (nuns, priests, ect), hallucinations (of others as priests and nuns), appearing objects (books), and psychic hits.

[Location: Lac La Biche (lake), Old Albertan Passage, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 9]

Lake Ikeda Monster (Issie) - A two humped monster believed to live in Lake Ikeda.

Lake Iliamna Monster - A large grey scaly fish or alligator like monster believed to live in lake. Some have suggested it may be a sturgeon, but no sturgeon has ever been see or caught there.

[Location: Lake Iliamna, Alaska]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska]

Lake Khalyr Monster - A monster, or group of monsters, that supposedly live in Lake Khalyr, possibly giant newts.

Lake Michigan - Believed to have some connection with UFOs and Alien Abductions, several ships and planes have disappeared over the lake.

[TV: Uncovering Aliens - Episode 4: Alien Invasion]

Lake Murray Beast, Lake Murray Monster - This name may refer to either the Plesiosaurs-like monster of Lake Murray, South Carolina, or the Dinosaur-like monster of Lake Murray Papua New Guinea.

* South Carolina - Commonly seen around Dreher Island, forms and shadows have been seen on Lake Murray. The creature has been known to push/bump boats. Large Sturgeon are known to live in the lake and may account for some images of the creature.

* Papua New Guinea - This creature is a sauropod dinosaur-like reptile, with sharp teeth and triangular back plates.

[Location: Lake Murray, South Carolina and Lake Murray Papua New Guinea]

[TV: Haunted Highway - Episode 10 Lake Murray Beast; The Donner Party]

[Web: Cryptozoo-oscity: http://cryptozoo-oscity.blogspot.com/2009/09/two-lake-murray-monsters.html (Note: If you follow this link, you'll need to stop the download before you're redirected by malicious ad code.)]

Lake Pepin Monster, Pepie - A possible plesiosaur or giant serpent, living in a lake attached to the Missouri River. Some believe it must have a cave lair in the lake. Stories of the monster go back to pre-colonial times, with Native Americans blaming it if people disappeared, People who have seen it, generally react with fear, some never returning to the lake. Eels and Giant Sturgeons have been suggested as possible misidentifications.

- Photos of the supposed creature exist, as well as video of an expedition diver panicking.

[Location: Lake Pepin, Missouri River, Minnesota]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 20: UFO Bigfoot, Lake Pepin Monster, Cajun Werewolf]

Lake Ronkonkama (spelling needs checked) - A Native American princess drown herself in the lake, and some say she swore to take a male swimmers life each year. There is a much higher rate of male drowning in the lake than females. The name means 'boundary fishing place'.

[Location: Long Island]

[TV: Most Terrifying Places in America 6]

Lake Worth Monster - Also called the Mudman and Goatman. Starting in the late 1950’s vehicles near the lake start being raided for food, and in 1969 the first couple is attacked by something that jumps on top of their car. The man compared it to The Black Lagoon. It is a large hybrid creature, part goat, part man, hairy, with scaly faced, and maybe a horn or two. It is aggressive, attacks and drags cars, and throws things. Origin stories include lake pollution morphing man or beast into a monster. After 1969, the stories stop until 20 years later, when it’s encountered on the mountain by a group of teenagers.

[Location: Lake Worth, TX]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 8: Goat Man, Goat Sucker, and Zombie Soldiers]

Laurel Caverns - The largest commercial cave in Pennsylvania, which is believed to be haunted. Multiple deaths have occurred at the caves, including a bride to be being pushed off some rocks. It is also rumored the Frank Cooley hid treasure within the cave. Outside the cave, an airplane crashed. Activity includes; apparitions (lady in white presumed to Paulie Williams, a man presumed to be Norman Cale, a man presumed to be Frank Cooley, a French soldier who is said to shoot at observers, wounded men at the crash site), temperature anomalies, EMF readings, orb and ecto photos (hello dust), batteries drained, and EVPs.

[Location: Pennsylvania]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors (Creepy Canada) - Season 1, Episode 8]

[Investigators: The United Paranormal Investigators]

Lechuza (Owl) - A shape shifting undead witch who can become an owl, owls, or half-owl. May also appear as an orange and blue fireball, or a ghostly woman. Has dark chasms for eyes. Believed to be a medicine woman who turned from healing to practice black magic, and was burned at the stake. She is believed to claw people and a drain their life force. She is especially attracted to babies. May be killed or driven away by shooting it with a bullet that has a cross carved into it.

- May relate to Mayan myths of owls ruling the night and the dead.

[Location: Roswell, New Mexico & Austin, Texas]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 17: The Rake, Lechuza, Sykesville Monster]

* SEE Blue Albino Woman

Legions - A collection of minor spirits (usually demons) or emotional residue. If a legion takes a single form, it will likely be disfigured.

Leprechaun - Little people said to inhabit the fairy-world or underworld, and have been granted reserves by the government. Traditional leprechaun descriptions include; being 2 ft tall, having red hair and full beards, pointed ears, weathered faces. Oral tradition says you will not see a leprechaun, without first drinking or going into a fairy ring, and that if you look away, they will disappear.

[Locations of Recent Sightings: County Claire, specifically Doolin, the fairy rings, forest, and caves.

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 10: Ghosts of Masada, The Leprechaun]

Ley Lines - straight lines around the earth that supposedly have power, many ancient sites lay on proposed lines.

[TV: Unexplained Mysteries - Episode 4: This Strange Planet]

Lighting Psychics - People who claim to have developed psychic powers after being struck by lighting, such as the ability to communicate with spirits, recognition, and precognition. Theories attributes this to brain cells killed by lighting causing the brain to rewire itself, resulting in new abilities.

- Known lighting psychics include; Sonia Benser, and Shane Smith.

[Location: Worldwide]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 3: Sabine Thing, Lighting Psychic]

* SEE Psychics

Lights of Blue Springs - A cluster of glowing orb UFO sightings near Kansas City, Missouri.

[Location: Blue Springs, Kansas City, Missouri]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots]

Lily Dale Assembly (aka City of Light) - Largest center for Spiritualists and Mediums.

[TV: America's Haunted Houses (Special)]

Linda Cortile Incident - In 1989, Cortile wakes up, hovering over NY, being pulled into a large UFO. Below her is a massive power outage. She awakens again, back in her apartment. Bud Hopkins takes her case, and Doctors find a metal object in her skull. A year later Richard and Dan (police officers on VIP security, Cuellar) send a letter describing the event from their perspective. Cuellar denied the incident when contacted.

[Location: NY]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode ?: Crashes and Cover-ups]

Lisa Royal Holt - Cosmic medium, claims she can put herself into a trance to communicate with aliens, and is sometimes overtaken by a female alien from the Pleiades, whose body exists in a different dimension, and whose species once inhabited Mars. Also claims that Sasha’s species ‘uplifted’ humans into their current evolutionary state.

[TV: World’s Strangest UFO Stories - Episode 3: Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?]

Listowel Ripper - Listowel is the location of a young girl's murder in the late 1800s, once though to be committed by Jack the Ripper, it was later found to be committed by the cross-dressing hobo obsessed with his black bag, Amede Chattel. Some areas in the town (and nearby Stratford) are believed to be haunted by him and his victim(s), particularly the Listowel graveyard and the Stratford Jailhouse. Activity includes; upset dogs, apparitions (a young girl in red old fashion clothing around the cemetery, an angry looking man with a suitcase in the jailhouse), and a young girl's singing.

- A prison worker saw an apparition of Chattel, and ran to tell her coworker, and later she and he found Chattel's file and realized who she'd seen.

[Location: Listowl, Ontario, Canada]

[TV: Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 1]

Little Green Men of Kelly (aka The Hopkinsville Incident, Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, Kelly Green Men Incident) - The Sutton family claims aliens visited their farm house in August of 1955. One of the guys (Lucky) went out to get some water from the well, and saw lights in the sky. When the other guys join him, the lights are gone, but there were creatures at the edge of the woods, silver-green with large eyes and long ears that somewhat resemble wings. They went back for their guns and had the kids hide under the bed. They shoot the creatures that came to the doors and windows, but they dropped, rolled, and got back up to come again. Once the creatures leave the guys drive out to get the police. Police could find nothing but gunshot damage and a glowing liquid. Some accounts say the aliens returned latter that night. Several other alien and UFO encounters followed.

- Some blame these encounters on meteor showers and horned owls. One police officer claims to have seen three meteors traveling that direction just before the first incident.

- Original sketches, police reports, and photos are now archived at the Penny Royal Museum in Hopkinsville. No samples were taken of the glowing liquid, which evaporated overnight. Elmer Sutton claims Lucky Sutton took the older kids (including his sister) to see the indents from the craft, but these no longer exist.

[Location: Christian County, Kelly & Hopkinsville, KY]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 1: Appalachia + Mysteries at the Museum - Episode 31: Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter; Lincoln Brass… + Hauntings and Horrors/Creepy Canada - Season 1, Episode 4]


(USS) Little Rock - A decommissioned US navel ship. Activity includes; black silhouettes, a mysterious blue light floats around the ship (possibly just a reflection), apparition of a admiral/captain, apparition of a sailor that follows visitors, odd sounds, lights flashing in Morris code, reply knocks.

[Location: Buffalo Navel and Military Park, Buffalo, NY]

[TV: Ghost Hunters - Episode 230: Phantom Fleet]

Lizard Man (Reptile Man) - A monster believed to roam the Scape Ore Swamps near Bishopville. It has also been spotted in the old growth forests of the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s supposedly a 7 foot tall, tailless, greenish-brown scaly humanoid, with three black clawed fingers on each hand, and red or glowing yellow eyes. In the first known event, teenage boy (Christopher Davis) was attacked by 1988, and several cars in the area were smashed and chewed up in the following weeks. Christopher had stopped to change a flat tire, and after he put the tools back in his car, the lizard man started coming towards him, he drove off, but it jumped on his car. He swerved and braked until it was thrown off his car. It chased him further, but he speed off. Sightings tapered off after 1988, but encounters are still reported every couple years.

- There are tales of 'men with tails' living with the Native Americans, who once they ate all the fish from the river, headed off into the swamps.

[Location: Bishopville, Scape Ore Swamp, Great Smoky Mountains, South Carolina]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode13: Skunk Ape, Pascagoula Aliens, Lizard Man + Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 7: Carolina Reptile Man, Succubus, Napa Rebobs]

Lizzie Borden House (Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast) - This house is the sight of the gruesome double-murder of Mr. Borden and his wife. His daughter, Lizzie, is commonly believed to have committed the murder (either out of hate of her stepmother, revenge for abuse, or for money), though she went free at the time. Many now believe the location to be haunted by Lizzie herself, either out of guilt, remorse, rage, insanity, or the desire to clear her name. Her father’s spirit is also said to be present. Activity includes, sleep paralysis (possibly unrelated, but some believe spirits can cause it), the sensation of being hit, seemingly unusual fly activity (though I’m doubtful this is paranormal), shadow people and shadowy mists.

- I’m sorry, but The Dead Files psychic is not very convincing here…

[TV: The Dead Files - Episode 10: Lizzie Borden House]

Lobizon - Argentina's version of the werewolf, which is said to be the seventh son in a family with only boys, who turns into a large ferocious wolf or dog (especially during the full-moon, Tuesdays and Thursdays). Seventh sons are baptized in an effort to prevent this (usually by the president), and named Benito. The curse is not transmitted via bites, as it is in modern werewolf legends. However, some people claim to be Lobizon, who are not Seventh sons. Lobizon can apparently be beaten off relatively easily.

- Similar tales say that seventh daughters will become hags or nightmares (it's unclear if they meant the dream demons, or the carnivorous horses).

- Some believe the sightings can be attributed to the aguará-guazú, an indigenous canine.

- A rope presented as evidence, by a farmer who claimed to have captured and beaten a Lobizon, tested positive for human blood, but not canine blood.

[Location: Argentina]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 1, Episode 6: Lobizon and Pombero]

* SEE Werewolf

* SEE Rougarou

* SEE Dogman

Loch Ness Monster (aka Nessie) - A possible surviving Plesiosaur that may inhabit a lake in Scotland, sometimes formerly described as a kelpie or demon. The first reported sighting is that of 6th century Saint Columba (who scared if off with a cross), on the site of fort, where the historic Urquhart Castle would later be constructed. Much later, Marmaduke Whethrell was hired by a local paper (The Daily Mail) to find evidence, and he faked the prints using a hippopotamus’ taxidermied foot. Later, Robert Wilson takes a plesiosaur-like image and sold it to the paper, but this too is revealed as a hoax (strangely the image is said to be of a model made from plastic wood, which had not yet been invented when the picture was taken).

- Some scientists believe that most sightings are logs dragged up by underwater currents, and moved along by waves.

[Location: Scotland]

[Books: The World of the Unexplained (Bord)]

[TV: Strangest Weather on Earth, Castles Secrets & Legends: Episode 4: The Tichborne; Washington Resurrection + Finding Bigfoot]

Lone Pine Mountain Devil - A West Coast equivalent of the Jersey Devil, derived from Native American legend. It is a bat-like carnivore, with extra wings, venom, and talons.

* SEE (The) Jersey Devil

Lonergan Farm - 1989-91, the Lonergan/Dale family is tormented by great Uncle Will, whose house/barn is further back on the property, in disrepair. Shadows, bad feelings, whispers in the well, holes in Will’s basement where your hand gets grabbed, photo anomalies, chased by spirits, baby ends up in woods in middle of night.

[Location: Nebraska]

[TV: Paranormal Witness]

Longfellow’s Wayside Inn - This inn is believed to be haunted by Jeruha, who died waiting for a lover that promised to come back. Room 9, used to be hers and is believed to be particularly haunted. Activity includes; being touched, banging on the window, misty apparitions, and spirit box hits.

[Location: Sudbury, MA]

[TV: Ghost Adventures - Episode 94: Do Not Disturb]

Loran Petershin - It is believed the ghost of this murdered Amish woman seeks revenge on taxi drivers. A taxi driver fooled into picking her up during the blue moon, will be asked, “Where is my Bible?” after which, she will attack, and strangle them to death. She is even said to show up at their funerals.

- Loran was engaged to be married to a man from another amish community, but the other community would not endorse the marriage. Loran snuck out, with her family's Bible, and calls Donna, a taxi driver. Donna get an urgent call from her daughter and asks Larry to pick her up. Hesitantly Loran agrees, knowing she'll be shunned if she stays, but the driver drives right past it. The driver started to get verbally abusive, and when she demanded to get out, he pulled over and let her out, but refused to give her her bible, and then chased her down with his vehicle.

[TV: Amish Haunting - Episode 6: Goat Baby; Evil Taxi]

Los Angeles - The city’s proximity to a major fault line and the resulting fluctuation in the Earth’s magnetic field is believed to attract UFOs.

- In March 2014, Hangar 1 suggested the increase in UFO sighting indicated CA was due for an earthquake, and one occurred mid April 2014.

[Location: California]

[TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Episode 5: American Hotspots]

Lotus Cocktails - One time brothel, now nightclub and corner coffee shop (Floyd's). Haunted.

[Location: Portland, OR]

Louisiana Swamp Woman - Apparition in woods, screaming, wailing. Native American artifacts found in lake during a recent draining. Tries to lure people into the lake/swamp to drown. Similar to the Woman in White at Manchac Swamp, Louisiana.

[Locations: Cotile Lake LA, Alexandria LA]

[TV: Haunted Highways]

* SEE Manchac Swamp

Loup-garou - Alternate spelling of Rougarou, a were-beast or possessed person with dog, hog, bird, and/or demon traits.

[Location: Terrebonne and Cutoff, Louisiana]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Episode 5: The Swamps]

*SEE Rougarou

Loveland Frog - A giant frog that lurks on back roads in Ohio.

[Location: Loveland, Ohio]

[Web: All Day (click bait warning) - http://allday.com/post/4469-creepy-regional-american-monsters-you-havent-heard-about/pages/2/ ]

Lusca - A humongous octopus rumored to live in the Bahamas. Said to have 85 foot tentacles, which may be as thick around as tree trunks. Locals claim the creature to sink ships. Some believe it may live in the maze of Blue Holes caves.

[Location: Blue Holes caves, Andro's Island, Bahamas]

[TV: Destination Truth - Season 3, Episode 2: Island of the Dolls, Lusca]

Lydia the Hitchhiker (aka, Mary, Mary-Anne, Mary-Jane) - A young woman (Lydia, Mary) who is one of the many that died in accidents at Jamestown Bridge, is now said to haunt it. Legend says she and her boyfriend were coming home from prom, when they crashed. In the first recorded account (1924) Burke Hardison is said to have given her a ride home, wonder if someone has beaten her, felt a sense of dread, got out to talk to her mother who explained she was dead, and returned to find his car empty. The story is repeated many times, and in more recent stories she is sometimes seen as sinister, with a evil face and unearthly shriek. Some also claim to have seen her mother's ghost (in a house on Johnson's St. on High Point), who appears to girls that look like her daughter Mary.

- A similar legend is told in the song, 'Bringing Mary Home', and while many women named Mary have died at the bridge before 1924, but the only Lydia was elderly. It is believe their stories somehow became intertwined.

[Location: Jamestown Bridge, Jamestown, North Carolina]

[TV: Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 3, Episode 5: Vermont Pigman; Bridge where I Died; Proje. . .]

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