Monday, June 24, 2013

What is the Cultural and Geological Effect on UFOs?

When I think of UFOS, silver disks, bright white or multicolored lights, and black triangles are usually the first things to come to mind. I haven’t seen any personally, but when you live in the USA, these are the sorts of UFO stories you hear.

( * I’d like to retract my previous statement, as it occurred to me in the last few days that I did in fact once see something in the sky I could not identify, it just did not make a huge impression on my mind, and I do not believe it to have been a space ship. I was walking to work and I saw two orange and silver masses which I at first thought to be helicopters, but they moved more like bunches of balloons as they rose, twisted, and circled around one another. It seemed like a strange color for balloon bunches and too early for any celebration, but the activity hardly seemed like a manned [or aliened] flight.)

The UK MoD has recently released the last of it’s UFO related files. (You can download the declassified files free at: if you’re interested.) The MoD has decided that cataloging and replying to such inquiries and reports is a waste of it’s resources, so future UFO inquiries and reports are going to be round filed after 30 days.
So, I downloaded a couple of interesting sounding files (there’s a points of interest guide). While orange orbs/fireballs were among the featured items, these files contain several more reports of them. One in particular caught my attention:

I’m not really sure what was so special about it, because the reports I downloaded were full of orange orb/fireball sightings, but I decided to check Mufon for reports on the same day (2009, Sep. 19) in the same area, as the MoD reply hadn’t mentioned if there were any other UFO reports or not. (You can check Mufon out at: if you’re interested.) There were Mufon reports for that date, but they didn’t match.

However if you expand the search to include more dates, there are several orange orb/fireball UFOs reports in both the Archives and Mufon, for the UK/GB.

So that got me wondering, is the excess of orange orb/fireball UFOs cultural or geographical? If you look up the USA on the Mufon Map, you’ll probably find a large cluster of UFO sighting in Miami, I always do. I think this deserves further investigation.

What do you think?

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