Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Case File: Tainted Dream Catcher

This is my true experience with a cheap dream catcher of uncertain origin…

Time: Multiple Days

Date: Uncertain, probably 2011 or 2012

Place: VPM’s Home

Witnesses: VPM

What happened:
My mother gave me a dream catcher, just a cheap little thing she got in the mail from some charity looking for a donation. I don’t know if she did. Actually the free gifts are generally annoying, it’s like admitting that you won’t spend the money wisely. Worse is when they send money.

So, it was cheap, but the only dream catcher anyone had bothered to give me, so I hung it up. I can’t say I actually believed in it, it didn’t even look like a traditional dream catcher, with the chimes and all, but I thought it looked nice enough from a distance. Though up close it just kind of looks pathetic.

For the next few nights I had nightmares, and the only change I’d made in my room was the dream catcher, so I took it down. This was spatial/chi troubleshooting, as much as it was suspecting there might be something wrong with the object itself. After two nightmare free nights, I hung it back up in the interest of Science, or some such thing. That was apparently my second mistake because again, I had a nightmare. So now, it no longer hangs on my wall.

It’d be interesting to know if anyone else got nightmares from it, but I don’t really want to subject anyone else to that. However, from what I can tell, I’m not the only one that’s had this problem with a dream catcher:

I also found reference to actually putting curses on dream catchers:

So apparently, there’s a lot of speculation as to what can go wrong with a dream catcher including; who made it and how well, where and how you hang it, if you believe in it, and that it could be purposely cursed (perhaps it’s purposely cursed, and will only catch dreams properly if the charity gets a donation). There’s also some suggestion that they’re demonic. I actually find this kind of sad, based on one ‘Christian’ site where they quote the description they found on a dream catcher’s retail tag as evidence, and the description was mostly about them representing the unity of the native people. Several times I saw a common Christian suggestion for dealing with a cursed or possessed thing, which is to burn it. I’ve heard stories in the past of Ouija boards that wouldn’t burn, and of ones that literally screamed when they were burned. Actually, resorting to burning things kind of seems like the possessing force won, because basically saying it has so much power that you’re unable to cleanse/exorcise it. It could also be dangerous, as that would free the spirit to posses something else, wouldn’t it?

Notes & Evidence:
Here’s a picture of the cheap little trinket in question (I think it was always missing the bead at the bottom left):

It’s currently house in the box I call, “my box of things man was not meant to possess.” I may share some other entries into that box in the future, but I think this is enough for now.

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