Saturday, June 29, 2013

5 Things That Aren’t Paranormal Anymore

Paranormal - it means something is impossible to explain with science. So, if science manages to explain such phenomenon (be it a hoax or a misconception), it ceases to be paranormal, because apparently it can be explained with science.

Here are a few phenomenon that have now been explained by science:

* Georgia Ghost Car:
Footage from a police car chase shows a car turning and accelerating at what seems to be impossibly fast speeds, and at one point the car is seen on the other side of a fence with no apparent means of having gotten there except intangibility.

The TV show ‘Fact or Faked’ tested this one and was able to recreate the footage. They were able to proved that there was enough time for the car to drive under a loose fence while the police vehicle was turning.

* Mercy Brown Vampire Incident:
The year is 1892, and the Brown family has just lost a second daughter to illness, Mercy. Both her elder sister Mary Olive, and their mother (Mary) had died of a similar illness in 1988. Her brother Edwin is also very sick, having contracted the disease shortly before Mercy.

Rumors spread through the village that one of the dead is responsible, therefore there are three suspects; mother (Mary), Mary Olive, and Mercy. Their bodies are exhumed, and Mercy’s body is suspiciously unchanged, with blood still in the heart. Their perpetrator found, the villagers burned her heart and have Edwin drink the ashes mixed with water. Two months later, he dies.

Because the Mercy Brown case was so well recorded at the time, modern investigators have been able to conclude the reason for her lack of decomposition. Having died in January, the hard ground forced the family to bury her in the crypt, which kept her body cold into spring when she was exhumed. The mysterious disease is now understood to be tuberculosis.

* Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance:
Earhart and her co-pilot (Fred Noonan, incase you were wondering) were not abducted by aliens or transported into an alternate dimension. Instead, we now know they crashed on a small island, lived as castaways, and terrorized the local turtle population. Human remains, artifacts, and anomalies on old aerial photo have provided the necessary evidence.

* African Fairy Rings:
Large rings of barren ground in Africa had scientist stumped. Grassless and almost perfectly circular, it seemed something odd was afoot. Scientist now know, after surveying the content of the soil in the rings, that they were caused by sand termites. Through their tunneling behavior and eating grass roots, they killed off the vegetation above them.

* The Face on Mars:
In 1976 Viking 1 snapped an overhead shot of what many interpreted to be an alien monument, The Face on Mars. I recall fist seeing the face (years after it was taken), on the front of a tabloid at the grocery store.

Not long after, in 1998, a second photo taken by Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) was revealed. It was blurry, but clearly not a face. In 2001 the MGS was able to snap an even clearer picture, and it was clearer than ever that this was no face.

Of course there still are some conspiracy theorists that believe the second set of photos to be altered...

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