Thursday, June 27, 2013

Case File: Demon Photo (Sept 1987)

This story was originally posted on the Portland Paradex website (which no longer exists) and the adjacent forums (which still exist but are not really in use), by myself (BatMaster) and a woman known there as darkmoon.

Time: Night?

Date: September 1987

Place: Columbia Boro, Lancaster County, Pa

Witnesses: Darkmoon

What happened:
While living in an old Farm house Darkmoon experiences several instances of paranormal activity. This is her original statement:
“I lived in a very evil haunted farmhouse, located at the edge of Columbia Boro in Lancaster County Pa. My bed would shake all over my bedroom at night. I would hear footsteps going up and down the steps when no one was home but me. Our cupboard doors would open and slam shut. I had a tree catch on fire, just burst into flames for no reason. After the fire was put out there was the face of the devil burned into it. Nothing would cover it up, it just bled through every time. We eventually dug it up and removed it. And once I had something sit on top of me when I just laid down to sleep. I was fully awake, I just had my eyes closed. No one was home at the time but me. When I opened my eyes and yelled it was gone. But I have a picture here taken inside the house of my sleeping son. The fiery thing is a demon I am sure of it. You can see the face and little horns, arms and tail. It was taken by me in September 1987, it was a normal September evening, the house faced south and the cradle was by an east facing window. no lights were on at the time and it has not been tampered with. I have had it in my possession for 19 years now, and it has never been posted or shown to anyone outside of family.”

Notes & Evidence:
The image is below, I uploaded it to my photobucket account as Darkmoon had trouble uploading it after scanning it in, and instead e-mailed it to me. After that, I removed it from my computer, because I didn’t really want it hanging around in there.

Note not only the orange demon/entity, but also the merciless expression we thought we saw on the care bear. It took me until recently to realize we were misinterpreting this, as it’s not actually a bear, but rather, Lotsa Heart Elephant. Knowing that the shading on him is not quite so creepy.

I do not believe the image to be altered, but have not personally studied it. Darkmoon received a email from stating they could find no evidence of alteration:
"Hi, Melanie. Great story and interesting picture. The picture of the fiery thing on the porch was sent to us by a kid who has sent us several fake pics - and we busted him (he admitted it). Your pic, we believe, has a great ghostly anomaly. We will post it later this month with your comments and a link to your website."

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  1. Hey, this is an interesting litte case here and i realize it was from some time ago.
    Thanks for uploading it.

    1. I thought so, because even though it happened quite some time ago, it's still relevant. Be sure to check the update (March 2014) if you haven't, because I did some study on the photo and learned a couple things.


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