Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Egyptian Statue Seems to Move on it’s Own

Yesterday, an interesting story hit the internet. An ancient Egyptian statue that only recently seems to have started moving on it’s own:
Some are attributing it to ‘differential friction’ despite the fact that it apparently didn’t used to happen. Others accuse museum workers of hoaxing it. And still other are convince there’s sprit activity involved.

The Paranormal Enthusiast in me says:
* It could be a spirit, such as a ghost or demon
* It could be some magical magnetic power
* Someone may have accidentally initiated a curse

But, the Scientist in me says:
* It could be a hoax, there could be a turntable hidden underneath
* It could be vibrations or seismic activity
* The building or display case may have settled, allowing for differential fiction at it’s new angle

And the Animator in me says:
* It’s be really easy to use a time-lapse video to make a stop-motion animation

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