Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekly Update 2016/05/16 - 2016/05/22

I posted on the value of skeptisim. With that in mind I replace one of my normal research periods with some perusing of skeptical articles. You know, like a purge day for my mind, except I like reading both types of opinions and theories. Anyways, according to an article in the May/June Skeptical Inquirer, there's some study that suggests people with sub-clinical (I think that's fancy talk for not bad enough to medicate) disassociation are more likely to interpret images as having paranormal sources (which they then interpreted as belief/interest in the paranormal). Additionally, people with mild ADHD are more likely to believe in Bigfoot, aliens, and cryptids, 'because they're cool'.

Which naturally brings me to all the reasons I don't believe in Bigfoot, cool as they may be. Of all the tracks I've seen in woods of Bigfoot country; deer, elk, bears, dogs, birds, rabbits, feral goats, horses, humans, I've yet to see a Bigfoot track. Granted, there are supposed casts, but we all know this kind of thing can be faked. And the list of animals I've seen on the side of the road and trails is even longer; deer, elk, rabbits, horses, dogs, coyote, fox, beaver, otter, nutria, opossum, mice, rats, shrew, weasels, cats, raccoons, goats. . . and that's just the mammals, but it does not include Bigfoot. But just because I haven't see it, doesn't mean it isn't real right? Of course. But almost all the evidence presented turns out to be known animals or too contaminated to be useful. There's been a real boom in sightings lately, but historically, there's not enough to suggest a breed-able population of Bigfoot.  

It's not evidence I don't have ADHD, but that's not the point of my rant anyways. I just feel like I would have seen it by now, even if it is rare. Hey, but maybe I'm wrong. How long has it been since Gravity Falls ended? Because I feel like someone's more likely to stumble upon that supposed statue than Bigfoot.

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