Sunday, May 15, 2016

Double Weekly Update 2016/05/02 -2016/05/15

There was no time to post last week. It is what it is. Read into that whatever you like.

I've continued my studies into Past Lives, found new leads I need to look into. One point of view is never enough to trust. Trust no one. Also, there may be a statue of Bill Cipher out in the woods somewhere, Oregon, California, or Toronto. I figure it wasn't still out in the woods when the Gravity Falls finale aired, but there's some convince arguments I spent a couple hours sifting through today.

There's some fun stuff one the internet. There's also nightmares, wonderful nightmares. Apparently to some the lowest level of conspiracy theory's hell is The Despair Code. I'm looking that up as I type this. - It appears to be some coding via telephone/etc that causes prolonged depression. Details are vague. There's probably a reason for that. Slenderman.

Fave quote about it so far:
You don't have to believe things that are true.”

I'm not really sure whose side thon is on (note: thon is a genderless pronoun, a contraction of 'that one'). But it linked here:
So read into that whatever you like.

I had stuff I was going to tell you guys, stuff I could still remember hours ago. . . but okay. Along the lines of conspiracy theories, I've also recently encountered one called the Phantom Time Hypothesis, which basically suggests three centuries didn't happen. Fun.

See you next time!

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