Sunday, February 9, 2014


Yesterday, approximately 2/3 of the US was covered in snow. Here in the Northwest, it was due to winter storm Orion. If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s the name of one of the most commonly recognized constellations in the night sky. It takes it’s name from Greek Mythology, in which the goddess Artemis places his and his hunting dog’s images in the sky after his death. There’s some discrepancy as to how he died however, as in some tales Artemis is tricked into killing him, and in others he’s killed by Scorpio, the giant scorpion.

Some theorize that the Ancient Egyptian pyramids at Giza are aligned to mirror Orion, with the Nile River filling in for the Milky Way. Some even believe it may have some relation to aliens having once visited Earth. Skepticism of course, abounds, in both the accuracy of the alignment, and the exclusion of the rest of the stars in the Orion constellation, particularly the bright stars Betelgeuse and Rigel.

Neither argument concerns me, as I feel both of these are easily explained. First, humans built the pyramids (and all the other monuments Ancient Aliens refuses to attribute to man), they’re not perfect, but they’re pretty damn good considering the limitations of technology at the time. And, furthermore, we know that the positioning of the stars in the constellation may have drifted over time.

Second, while these stars are seen and recognized all over the world, they are not always seen as the hunter Orion. For example; in Japan, Orion is seen as two overlapping constellations, a row of three new years cups (Orion’s belt), and two samurai preparing for battle (Betelgeuse and Rigel). Likewise, the Ancient Egyptians saw the belt stars alone as the god Osiris, representing them as a vertical line rather than a horizontal one. You can see a diagram on this site:

Therefore, is perfectly reasonable that three large monuments to the dead could be aligned to represent the god of the afterlife. Well, there we go. Nothing alien about it, but there may be a thread of truth in the theory after all.

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