Thursday, February 13, 2014

MUFON’s Jan 2014 Statistics

MUFON’s statistics for Jan 2014 were just released to it’s eMail subscribers. And well, they’re kind of suspicious. Out of 747 UFO reports; 639 took place in the USA, followed by 26 in Canada, and 19 in the United Kingdom. Now the USA is a big place, and this trend would look to represent the areas of the world where tech and the English language are commonly spoken, until you scroll down to Japan’s 1 sighting, and realize that Peru has 4. While speaking English may be slightly more prevalent in Peru, much Japan’s younger generation has been taught English and it’s ahead in the area of technology. I can’t say for sure what that means, but I suspect it’s partially cultural, as is the case with many paranormal subjects.

California was also the most popular state for extra terrestrial visitors, followed by Texas and Florida. Florida being in the top three does not surprise me in the slightest, seeing as every time I visit the MUFON map I see a cluster of UFOs over Miami. Texas is a big place, so the disproportion there is perfectly understandable, but California? I can’t say I’m surprised, but I can’t explain it properly at the same time. Surprisingly New Mexico, the location of the best known UFO related event, only had 7 sightings.

Oh, and 7 people out of 747, were apparently at sea, in space, or just didn’t bother to report their location.

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