Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bigger in Texas - Batsquatch

You’ve probably heard it before, everything is bigger in Texas. Well, it appears to apply to cryptids as well. I’ve already commented on how Texas seems to have it’s own version of Chupacabra, but it also seems to have it’s own version of Sasquatch, the infamous Batsquatch! Batsquatch is basically a Sasquatch with bat-like wings and a bad attitude. At least he was, according to Monsters and Mysteries in America, it was only seen there for 2 months.

However further research, really even just a quick web search, will reveal that the name Batsquatch is more closely associated with Washington, where it is apparently associated with the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens, the same way the Mothman is associated with the Silver Bridge collapse. There’s even a dubious picture that looks like a bat suit free-fall jumper photographed with an out of date cell phone, or possibly just an out of focus moth:

Furthermore, Texans can’t even agree that it was Batsquatch. Some describe it as having bird-like wings and talons, earning it the cute name Big Bird. Other witnesses describe it as a possible pterodactyl! Which would make it in essence a Thunder Bird, yes?

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