Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Having watch two specials on the Rendlesham Forest Incident in 24 hours, I had to admit it was quite an interesting event, that I wanted to learn more about. There’s a summery of the events in my Paranormal Phenomenon list, but basically US airmen stationed at a base in Suffolk, England, witness UFOs in Rendlesham Forest multiple times. Unfortunately  there’s some major discrepancies between the two accounts presented, and I feel that knowing more myself is the only way to clearly understand the timeline of events.

So, I first checked Highlights Guide for the UK NA’s release of MoD UFO files (you may remember this from my previous post). Which yielded this:

(This is a screenshot of the Highlights Guide PDF, available at: )

However, downloads of the files now cost about three and half pounds, which does not seem worth if for what appears to be nothing more than notes explaining that the MoD no longer finds these events relevant. So, onto the next source!

My next stop was Wikipedia:

Which includes a copy of the Halt Memo:

From there I followed the links to the transcripts, analysis, and MP3 of the Halt Tapes:

This will be enough to keep me busy for a while on it’s own, and there’s at least 66 other sources to check out!

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