Monday, July 1, 2013

Possessed Objects

Many believe that objects can sometime be possessed by spirits. There’s a whole category of haunting activity that is attributed to a single possessed or emotionally charged objects.

The following paragraph contains spoilers for Paranormal State:
Episode 15 of Paranormal State (a show which is admittedly bias and overly dramatic) chronicles the team’s experience with a possibly Haunted Piano. In this episode the State team interviews Paranormal Investigators Lorraine Warren and Tony Spera to gather information on what they believe should be done with possessed objects. They assert to get rid of possessed objects, they should be exposed to a binding ceremony, broken up, and buried. Then the ground should be consecrated. They also cite a case where a woman burning an Ouija Board suddenly felt like she was on fire herself, claiming that burning objects can increase or pass on the problem.

However they don’t seem to take the stand that all possessed items need to be destroyed, as Lorraine herself runs museum in Connecticut where a collection of possessed artifacts are housed.

The show Haunted Collector goes even further, claiming that nearly all haunting are caused by a possessed or negatively charged object. John Zaffis also keeps the possessed items he collects from cases in a museum (which is also in Connecticut). 

(Note: If you follow the link to his site and click on FAQ, you’ll find that he also does not advocate burning/destroying possessed/cursed items, stating that it can be dangerous for the person destroying it.)

One particularly famous possessed item, is Robert the Doll:

Activity reported by witnesses ranges strange from footsteps and laughter, eerie and bad feelings, to expression changes in the doll, including it supposedly blinking on film, (it doesn’t really look like a blink to me, but to be fair, it was not the highest quality device for watching videos either).

(The above image of Robert was made available for use via Flicker by LongLiveRock)

As far as possessed toys go, I may have one of my own:

L. E. De Font, as we call him, came to us when I was a baby or toddler. My parents and uncle originally made a game of moving him and then pretending he’d moved on his own, until one day when they realized none of them had moved him. I seem to recall him not always being where I left him when I was a child either, but I can’t say for sure that those are real memories, and not me having imagined he moved because of the story my parents had told me.

Even if he can move on his own, it’s not really that scary is it? I don’t get some horrible feeling around him either, if anything I’m happy to see him. We played with him when I was a little girl, which why he sits rather than stands now.

Can items have positive or neutral possession as well as negative ones? Western culture tends not to have may references to positive and neutral possessions.

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