Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Case File: Crystal Ballroom in Portland

The following case was originally posed on the Portland Paradex Website (R.I.P.) and the Portland Paradex Forums, by myself and Mudfish.

First Visit:

Time: Midday

Date: 08/18/08

Place: Outside the Crystal Ballroom

Witnesses: VPM

What happened:
I walked through the Crystal Ballroom, taking pictures of both the ballroom and elevator. It is a
beautiful building. I noticed during my walk that the floating floor made footstep like noises.

Notes & Evidence:
Some tiny bright blue orbs showed up these original pictures, but they turned out to be a camera malfunction. Images below:

Second Visit:
Time: Early Afternoon

Date: 07/07/08

Place: Outside the Crystal Ballroom

Witnesses: BatMaster and Mudfish

What happened:
I was showing Mudfish some Paranormal Investigation basics so we walked by the Crystal Ball Room and took pictures (with a different camera) showing the tree reflections, which can be mistaken for figures (especially on cloudy days), as well as the McMenamins below.

Cui Bono, who benefits from this supposed haunting? McMenamins of course. Many (almost all, I think) of the buildings owned with McMenamins are supposedly haunted.

Notes & Evidence:
Images of the reflections and store front below.

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