Friday, July 5, 2013

Barebones Ghost Hunting

A common question when pursuing a new hobby is “How do I do this without spending a fortune?” Like most hobbies, Paranormal Investigation has a cheap route and an expensive route.

A while back I visited the TAPS Forum. There was a list of suggested (and expensive) equipment, under which it was stated that if you couldn’t afford this much ‘you should find a cheaper hobby’ [1]. That was profoundly disappointing coming from a site connected to such a popular show, as it suggested that this was solely a rich person’s hobby. Fascination with the paranormal knows no economic class, therefore I say, start with what you have and work your way up to the full kit as your budget allows.

A Cheap/Starter Paranormal Investigation Kit:

* Camera - Digital or film is fine, a disposable camera or cell phone camera works if it’s all you can afford. A cell phone is a good thing to have on you anyways, just incase there is an emergency.

* Notebook - With writing utensil. Taking notes is important; interview witnesses and record any unusual occurrences.

* Flashlight - Because you’ll probably need it wandering around in the dark. It’d be pretty sad to not bring the expensive equipment because you can’t afford it yet, and end up tripping over a low-lying tombstone, resulting in a hospital bill for twice as much.

* Compass - To look for EMF changes. It won’t give you a measurement, but the needle will stray away from north if there’s significant electro-magnetic fields.

- I was going to check and see if this was still on there (and if it came from one of the cast), but both the
TAPS site and the forums were down while I was writing this.

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