Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mischief Managed

A lot of online entities are doing pranks today. And I’m cool with that, tempted even, but since this blog is about finding the truth… it kind of seems like poor taste. So instead, here’s me rambling about some things that are real, but may sound fake:

First off, there’s a species of bat that has fleshy little suction cups on it’s wings. No joke, they live in colonies inside folded-over slippery leaves, so the suction cups help them grip.

How about another weird animal fact, Koala babies eat their mother’s fecal matter. Yep, poop, it helps them get the bacteria in their gut that they’ll need to digest eucalyptus. Koala are also some of the few non-primates that have fingerprints.

Speaking of fingerprints, really you have a whole unique palm print, and toe/foot print, which is why the hospital takes baby’s footprints. Twins as you know, have different fingerprints, that’s an environmental development factor, but they’re more likely to have the same type or fingerprints (whorls, spirals, arches), which is a genetic developmental factor.

Speaking of twins, sometimes one twin (in identical twins) will develop with situs inversus, a condition in which your internal organs are on the opposite side of the body from normal. No wonder identical twins are also called mirror twins.

Okay, that’s all for now.

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