Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chupacabra and Twitter

Chupacabra is making the news again, recently a couple claimed to have caught the creature and had it put to sleep (which PETA had a hand in, sending them a letter, telling them it probably had mange). Clearly though, the creature is a hairless Raccoon.

Now, raccoons are pretty smart (as I’ve already posted on SPCS and Twitter, oh yeah, I’m on Twitter now, I’ll be posting notes on paranormal news and my etsy shop, so if you’re on Twitter, check it out: VPM @CleverKraken ) and they sit up in a pose that chupacabra is often depicted in.

Apparently this isn’t the first time a hairless raccoon has been mistaken for chupacabra either, in 2011, on showed up in Florida, was mistaken for chupacabra, then properly identified as a mutant raccoon, and moved to a wildlife sanctuary (this makes me wonder if PETA got it right or not, so I feel bad for the raccoon, but I assume the vet looked it over first. - This post was not meant to be a smack against PETA).

#Chupacabra yah’ll

I’m still getting the hang of this Twitter thing, got to remember there are hashtags and a way low letter limit.

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