Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Well, yesterday I saw evidence that my suspicions about the recent crop circle were right, though apparently some experts were buying it. I don’t know anything about that, but as soon as I read that there were amazingly timed YouTube videos, that sent up a red flag:

Also, and amazingly relevant to my last post in content and timing, a hunter claims to have a Bigfoot body that he’s going to take on tour. My studies in Art and Anatomy kind of lead me to believe the fuzzy picture is a gaff, but from one picture it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re looking at beyond that. He claims studies have been done on the body, but doesn’t seem to be presenting any of this supposed evidence that the body is real. Instead he plans to take it on tour across the US like some modern Fiji Mermaid:

Then again, if I’m wrong… well, a world with proof of Bigfoot would be interesting.

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