Sunday, June 5, 2016

Double Week Update 2016/05/23 - 2016/06/05

I keep missing updating alternate weeks, so I'm not sure the Sunday update plan is working quite as I intend. Sometimes I'm just busy, you know?

I finished that book on reincarnation. It got a little new age-y and psychedelic at the end, though I think the author may have mentioned something about not being new age. . . I'm not sure, I fell asleep a couple times (which is not a comment on the quality of writing). I'm thinking I might be done with book reviews, I'm not sure if they're doing me or anyone else any good. I'm still going to read them, and I'll still be adding books to the alphabetized list as sources to find out more info on subjects, but I'm not sure rewriting my notes is helping me, nor am I sure they're being read much by others.

Speaking of which, while I still have a lot to add to the list, I think I'll go update it, because I've already added a lot.

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