Thursday, May 28, 2015

Own some Mythology - Shop Update

It's that time again, time for some shameless self-promotion of my etsy shop (CleverKraken). So, here's the newest stock that has a paranormal flair:

First off, here's a few ink and mixed media drawings, most of which feature mythical creatures, and with more illustrations coming in the future -

There's also this nostalgic piece of wearable art, featuring a lion and unicorn drawn in a heraldry inspired style. Lions generally represents valiance, royalty, and righteousness, whilst Unicorns represent strength, courage, and innocence -

And then there's this adorable Cerberus Plush, that sits up all on his own! Cerberus is the guard dog of the realm of the dead in Grecian Mythology - 

And lastly, there's a new listing so that you can order custom Jackalopes (and friends), as well as several wire wrapped stones, for those of you that believe in the power of crystals, or just find them pretty like I do -

You can also get fairly frequent shop (and blog) updates by following me on Twitter - @CleverKraken


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