Thursday, March 5, 2015

Orange/Red UFOs vs. Topography

I was driving home one night, on a road I don't normally travel at night, and as I neared the turn I needed to take, I saw several reddish-orange orbs between the trees in the darkness ahead of me. They seemed to be moving in formation, and soon disappeared. I wondered about it as I made my turn. Had I just seen the orange/red UFOs that are more commonly reported in the UK? Was I overtired, and my mind playing tricks on me? Was it just a reflection on my windshield? Then I remembered something, there was a hill there, what I had perceived as sky, being above the normal horizon, was still land, and those were obviously just tail lights. It seemed so simple, embarrassingly simple, but I was not familiar with seeing that.

You may also recount my story of how Spooky saw orange orbs over a nearby hill, and learned there were roads they didn't know about up there.

So, I started to wonder, just how hilly is the UK? How many of our orange/red UFOs are actually taillights? Well, it turns out some areas of the UK are pretty hilly:

If my theory is correct, then there will consistently be more orange/red UFOs reports from the hilly regions of the UK, and not much from the flat area in the east. As expected, the flat area is relativity clear of UFO reports. I may be on to something, but a single check does not constitute evidence, so I'll have to do a few more checks before concluding that there is indeed a correlation.

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