Saturday, August 2, 2014

What to do if You See a UFO

People report seeing UFOs all the time, you need only look at the live MUFON map to be aware of that. But often they cannot recall very many details and/or fail to get a picture despite almost everyone having a camera on their phone nowadays. So how can you help?

If you ever see a UFO(s):

Step 1:
Take that phone out of your pocket and snap a picture. It may not show up or properly represent what you saw, but at least you tried.

Step 2:
Mentally note the color, shape, location, and apparent size of the UFO. To get the apparent size, fully extend your arm and 'pinch' the UFO with your fingers. You can then compare the size of your 'pinch' to everyday objects such as aspirin and pennies.

Step 3:
Got a better camera, camcorder, a tape recorder, or a digital recorder on you? Use it! You can get this device out while making note of the properties in Step 2.

Step 4:
Keep track of what the UFO does, and make mental notes on any other details; such as the UFO's surface texture, direction of flight, aerial maneuvers, emission, and sounds.

Step 5:
As soon as possible after your experience, write down or draw any details, and submit a report to UFO reporting agency such as MUFON or NUFORC. Include any photos or recordings.

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