Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Serious Warnings

I gather paranormal/mythical news to post on SPCS’s news section, but I don’t tend to double post them here the way some bloggers post every vaguely related new story. But this story has really caught my attention:

(Image is a WDSU screenshot previously posted on LifeScience, full article linked below.)

Seven self-proclaimed ghost hunters, decided to light a fire inside a historic building and destroyed it!

There are several things I always recommend when talking to people about Paranormal Investigation. Among them are these:
* Use common sense. It you don’t have any, bring someone who does.
* Always make sure you are legally allowed to be where you are! This goes for urban spelunking too.
* Do not panic, freak-out, or run. Far more people have been hurt running away than have been hurt by activity itself.

So, let’s add to that:
* Do not try to intimidate ghosts with fire! They are incorporeal, fire does not beat ghosts!

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