Thursday, September 5, 2013


We’ve had a lot of thunder storms lately. Some people claim natural phenomenon, like extreme weather such as lightning, and geological formations such as quartz in the bedrock, can give strength to spiritual activity.

Some even claim that ball lightning may be manifestation of spirits. These spheres pop in and out of existence as quickly as ghost orbs. Of course the vast majority of recorded ghost orbs appear to be dust, but that’s not so say all orbs are.

Last night was exceptionally fascinating, with sideways cloud to cloud lightning. Normally all we get here is thin single vertical bolts. It’s funny how different locations seem to get different types of lightning. The lightning I saw in Montana was really thick, and the lightning I saw in Florida (accompanied by 15 minutes of rain each time) was the beautiful upside-down tree shaped sort of lightning. 

So far I haven’t experienced anything particularly paranormal in relation to lightning, but that probably okay.

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