Friday, August 23, 2013

Chupacabra vs. Satanic Sacrifices

So, since I regularly browse the news to find paranormal articles (because I like to read them and I post them for our club), they rise to the top when I look at news. Websites are designed to spy on your interests and supply what they think you’ll like best. Anyways, because of this, one of the first new stories I saw today was about a dead pony in the UK that had been assumed to be the victim of a Satanic Sacrifice.


Why? Because it was missing it’s ears, nose, and internal organs. Well, to me, that sounds more like Chupacabra! Apparently the interpretation of what was actually a perfectly natural death by predator, is effected by local legend and lore. In England that was Satanists performing dark rituals, and in the US flesh eating Demon-Beasts.  

Of course, in reality, it was predators and corpse eating bugs.

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